Do you know this fact that Instagram is becoming extremely important from the traffic point of view? If you don’t have Instagram account, then you should start this today only. Instagram has increasingly become an important and effective tool to tell a visual story. Here brands get a chance to connect with users through images. It has now more than 300 million active users. When Facebook purchased it in $1 billion, it was considered a stupidity, now it looks a bargain.

It has emerged as an excellent tool for establishing a brand identity and keeping customers in the loop about company news and product launches. You should understand this fact visuals will play even more important role in driving traffic in times to come. So, it will be very difficult for SEO experts to ignore the importance of Instagram. I mean to say that if you are not on Instagram, you are losing something every day.

The social media can give you great return for all your efforts. With this fact in mind, you should think who and what to engage with. Your message should be visually appealing and engaging.

You can tell a visual story

Your photos should tell a story to customers. It should be clear what do you want to convey to your target readers. To make the best use of popular social platform, you need to think smartly in terms of images. In fact, Instagram must be an important tool of your overall search engine optimization.

Use of Hashtags makes the job much easier

Instagram has a number of powerful tools to engage with people. Hashtag is a great example. You can use Search Hash tags to find people who are already talking to your brand. This will help you pick I influencers within your industry. Creating a custom hashtag can help you to to track, organize and promote your content on Instagram. Don’t use excessive Hashtags as it will be counter-productive.

Share high quality images

Instagram is all about images. You must share high quality images and this is the only secret to increase traffic through this social platform. You should use photo editing apps such as AfterLight and Photoshop give brilliant effects to your photos.

Don’t need to always create infographics, you can beg or steal!

Does this mean I am prompting you to lift the article? Yes, you are absolutely right. You don’t need to be apologetic about it. Have you studied Mashable. They lift other people infograpics. The interesting part is that it receives more traffic than the original. But, you must give the reference to the source. I am giving you 29 wonderful tips to increase traffic through Instagram.

(Note: Below infographics have been taken from Jeff Bulals blog. Jeff Bullas is a great authority on search engine optimization)


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