Facebook is undoubtedly the king of all social media platforms. It’s no more just a medium of free social collaboration and promotion. You need to pay Facebook to promote your product or services.Facebook advertising, however,has fast evolved in a decade. For advertisers, things have become more difficult now as they have to consider many crucial aspects.

Advantage of Facebook Advertising

Following these 4 Facebook ad tips will help you reap dividends from your marketing campaigns:


# 1 Think Beyond Interest Based Targeting

Most advertisers are hooked to people’s interest while designing their ad campaigns. Facebook has rolled out a feature where an advertiser can target the fans of their competitors. For example, you can target the fans of both CNN or Entrepreneur.com simultaneously. You can even choose to exclude the fans of Forbes.com from your potential audience. This allows you to target your exact audience.

# 2 Understand the Traffic Temperature

What is the traffic temperature? Why is this important for advertisers? Rick Mulready, a renowned social media expert, says, “The cold traffic doesn’t know who you are, so you have to warm them up. Give them value and build that required relationship”

It essentially comprises those people who might not know your business, but they are active online. If you’re targeting other Facebook fan pages to introduce yourself, that also fall under this category.

Warm traffic comprises those people who are on your email list or maybe your website visitors. Hot traffic is people who have either bought from you or taken steps (opted in or interacted) with you. You should always try to convert the cold traffic into hot traffic.

# 3 Take Advantage of Pixels

Understanding how image pixels work is very important to take the full advantage of Facebook ads. This is particularly important if you are trying to promote your business through Facebook ads. However, it may seem odd to many people and can even trip their mind. But there is no way they can escape if they really want to succeed. According to Social Media Examiner, “A pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that gets placed on the pages of your website. It allows you to measure, optimize, and build audiences for your Facebook ads.”

What is important to understand here is till now Facebook has been using two different pixel types — conversion tracking and custom audience, which is also known as retargeting. All this is going to change as itis moving to one Facebook pixel type. The conversion tracking pixel will be removed from the 2nd half of 2016.

# 4 Experiment With Different Ad Placements

Keep experimenting with different kind of ad placements. You can split test by just choosing news feed right-column ads or you can go for all news feed ads. The best course of action is: set one ad for right-column news feed ads, one for news feed desktop ads, and another one for news feed mobile ads. It allows you to have a full control of the budget than if all ad formats were in a single campaign or ad set.

Wrapping it up

The crux of the matter is that you need to invest your time with Facebook ads ecosystem and understand the changes taking place. Apart from that, you will need to consider audiences, placement, split testing and much more if you really want to get better result.

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