Alright! You are keen on avoiding Google penalties that send website owners in a tizzy whenever they are released out of the blue. Google has so far imposed penalties on websites that were at fault through different algorithmic updates. The search engine giant can find numerous reasons to penalize your website. This is one reason why website owners have to be mindful of many things when they start to shield their respective sites against Google penalties.

To stay neck in neck with your competitors, you will ensure that you do not fail to emulate any of the steps that they take. However, to march ahead and be in a more advantageous position, you have to pull out all stops and prepare as thoroughly as you can.

Below, you have tips for avoiding Google penalties whose knowledge and implementation can actually work wonders:


1. Link Earning

The name rings a bell, doesn’t it? But hey, it is not the same as link building. It is more natural and more organic. For example, when an active user and not a fake one share a high-quality content piece of yours with others, you earn a link that you can actually be proud of and that will have not any risk associated with it.

“The objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural’; the objective is that your links are natural.” — Matt Cutts

Now you may be wondering that earning a link may not be that easy. Ironically, it is not that difficult. Issue press releases, write reviews, update your blogs and you will be getting links in the most lawful way that you can.

Link earning no doubt is an effective way of keeping Google penalties at bay.


2. Your links must be relevant too

Earning a link alone, however, will not suffice. The links that you display on your site need to be relevant also and if they aren’t, all your hard work will go waste and you will stand a good chance of being penalized by Google.

In the words of James Agate of Skyrocket SEO that conducted a link building survey in 2014, “The fact remains that if you want to score big with decent organic search visibility, then you need links.” And the relevant ones at that is what we say.


3. Show That You Are a Trusted Brand


And how will you do this? To come across as a genuine brand, your website must look soothing to the eye and offer a good user experience. You must not be hesitant in sharing your physical address on your site and back the whole thing up with a strong media presence. All of this will be construed as a positive signal by Google. Not doing so means inviting a crackdown from the search engine giant which may then have to look for other reasons to launch a crackdown.


4. How About Taking the Trust Factor a Bit More Seriously?

There is no denying the fact that the more trustworthy you are, the greater will your chances of avoiding Google penalties. After you become more conscious about the trust factor of your website, you can start seeking for links that belong to .gov and .edu domains. And of course, there are sites that belong to the renowned brands, which already enjoy goodwill in the market. The links that you get from their portals should definitely come in very handy to you.

So, you see that avoiding Google penalties also requires one to take steps that may not feature at the top of your priority list, but that do hold a significance of their own when you take the bigger picture into account.

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