The search engine giant Google is all set to launch its much awaited ‘Buy’ button on its shopping ads. When users will click the buy button, they will be redirected to a landing page to complete the purchasing process.
The sources close to the development revealed that the products will be sold by the retailers directly and Google is in discussion with the retailers such as Macy’s.

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However, the majority of retailers are worried about this move since they fear that it will impact their volume. The move is expected to take on Amazon and EBay head on.

A particular worry of retailers is that in future Google may start receiving orders without ever sending buyers to their site. It could affect their relationship with customers.
Initially, the Google will tread at small level, but it is planning to take on retail big-wigs such as Amazon and eBay very soon.

However, the move may backfire since research has proved that people generally react negatively to sponsored advertisements on the internet. Google aims to become a transactional hub from a source of redirective search result.

Google to Introduce ‘BUY’ button in Mobile Shopping Ads by