Google has shown a penchant for naming its algorithmic updates based on the names of black and white animal. Last year, It rolled out a major update named Google Panda update.

It affected millions of sites across the world which relied mostly on low quality link or duplicate content. It was a huge success. After that Google launched made several updates in the Google Panda updates based on feedbacks and testings.


On 24th April Google rolled out another major update named, Penguin Update. This update penalized over optimized sites. This update went utterly wrong. Realizing huge criticism Google has started accepting feedback from people about this update.

You can share your opinion about Google Penguin update with Google in a very short form here. Or click this link:


Google Penguin has been an utter failure. Pray Google launches Google Zebra ( another black and white animal) soon thus taking back it recent Penguin update.

Fortunately each client of SEO Corporation saw improvement in ranking after each update. This shows our high work standards and ethics.

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