It’s finally confirmed. People have been guessing about it from the earlier of the May. So, It was not the figment of their imagination. Google’s results have drastically changed since the beginning of the month. The ranking of many websites has changed because of the new algorithmic update related to the quality assessment methodology of the content. So, you can call it The Quality Update.

The webmasters across the world started witnessing changes in Google’s search results. When Google was asked whether it’s due to Panda or any other update. But, it did not reply. But, the speculation was rife and people even dubbed it as a phantom update.

However, when more webmasters started inquiring, it came with an explanation that the ranking changes are due to changes in the core algorithm that processes the quality of the content.

The change is highly significant as it is producing noticeable changes in the ranking. For example, viral nova type sites have been hit hard., an Indian version of, was around 3000 in the beginning of the month, but it is around 7000 in alexa ranking. It’s like a free-fall situation for many such sites.
Hubpages have informed that the Google is particularly targeting ‘How to’ pages.

Though, Google has declined going after a particular class of website, but it has tweaked its overall algorithm that could potentially mean increasing weightage of few parameters or decreasing lower score few other parameters.
However the surprising fact is that more than 22 percent of Google search traffic has disappeared, according to Paul Edmondson.

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So, which sites lost badly and which gained because of this sudden May Update. Below is the list:

Losers:,,,, Gainers,,,

Has Your Website Traffic Dramatically Fallen: Here Is the Reason by