Inbound marketing Strategy for Free Traffic

The web space is like a galaxy where there are many websites and with each passing day, a new website throws its hat into the ring for doing business online. If launching the website and completing the basic formalities for kick-starting has given you nightmares, then on a comparative term you are bound to have harrowing experience while driving traffic to your website especially during its initial days.

Just placing the website on the Internet and expecting potential customers to pour in isn’t a sane idea. You need to take productive efforts for enticing readers and potential customers to your website. Following are few steps which can give positive returns:

Start with a Press Release: One of the most powerful techniques of attracting traffic is coming out with a press release. It is a highly effective way to launch your business website with a bang.

Come up with a Pay-Per-Click Campaign: If you crave for a sustainable traffic, then starting such campaign is the best way out. There has been thorough research done to prove that one can receive high ROI from pay-per-click services when compared to other modes of promotion.

Start a Free or Low Cost blog: Once you are done with the PPC campaign, then you need to start focusing on long-term traffic and it can be done by creating a Free or Low Cost blog. Blogging is truly a powerful technique to drive genuine traffic to your website.

If you are able to create a high quality blog, then it can turn out to be a goldmine for you, as it can give you a ready made source for quality back links. The procedure involved in starting a blog is extremely simple and can be done by a layman quite easily.

Submit your website to high authority websites: Back links are the building blocks for the SEO of a website. Getting links from high authority websites, which receive high traffic, can benefit you drastically. Over the years, people have been submitting their website randomly on different websites, but this has changed considerably after the improvement in the Google’s algorithm.

You have to consider various things before finally getting a back link from a website.

Post High Quality Content on your website: Last but not the least you have to have quality content on your website. Google Panda has changed the ballgame of doing business online. Therefore, focusing on quality content needs to be your top-most criteria.

Well-written SEO content is truly adored by Google, so try focusing on this aspect and get traffic.

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