The importance of right keyword selection is soul of any SEO campaign. Everybody wants to choose the best keywords that could bring the tons of traffic. This rush is even more in the travel industry. Travel industry is highly online sensitive. The business depends largely on the online traffic. Big travel companies splurge millions of dollars on PPC campaigns with their deep pockets.

The life for smaller tour operators has become really difficult since they can’t compete on the budget. What does this mean-Should they leave the dream for getting leads? The most important and popular keywords have become highly competitive. Certainly not. You can still have lot of good keywords for PPC campaign for your travel firm.
Our suggestion is that you should not hanker after highly competitive keywords, rather should focus on long tail keywords. It’s almost futile to target the most popular keywords; rather it’s always a better idea to target long tail key words.

For example, Best tour operators Europe will certainly be difficult to target. However, if you target Places to visit in Europe in May or 5 best tourist attractions in Europe or Top 5 Tourist Cities in Europe will yield more result. The competitions for these keywords are relatively low and you can easily target your potential customers.
To make it more clearly, let’s take another example, vacations Europe is a high-competition keywords, but Best Resorts in Europe is less competitive, so you can easily rank on these keywords. If you vouch for the Best ski resorts in Europe, the result will be even better.
Therefore, the key is to search for the perspective for travelers. It’s not a good idea to just compete for the most sought after key words.

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