Why are press releases important? Because your SEO Expert or SEO Consultant tells that publishing press releases are an important part of link building strategy??

If this is the case then you are severely undermining the effectiveness of this mode of self-advertisement which can bring you a lot of direct traffic and help you gain contextual back links and add to your brand value.

Press releases are the mouthpiece of an organization which can be used to showcase a new brand, service or any company related news. There are few case studies below which can show the usefulness of a press release:

A new site is launched. Although SEO is being done for the new site it is still not ranking near the first twenty rankings. You can run PPC campaigns or other advertising campaigns to get traffic and exposure.

Bit these kind of advertising campaigns costs a lot. Some time it is not possible for small and medium sized companies to divert funds to these modes of advertisement due to cash crunch. What you can do in this situation, get a well written press release from anywhere.

You can write it yourself but it might look more professional if you get it written by any SEO Firm. Try to make this press release keyword rich but do not break the flow of the content or do not stuff keywords.

It’s better if you use your targeted keyword in Title, in the beginning of paragraphs and at the end of last paragraph. If you want to know how to write a press release contact me through the quick contact form on the site of SEO Company India, I will help you out.

My press releases have never missed a chance to rank on #1 for my targeted keywords. Sometimes, a single press release rank for several competitive keywords which got thousands of clicks in a day.

If your press release ranks #1 for your targeted keyword in Google News then it will appear on the first page of web search of Google besides ranking on #1 on Google news. It can give your brand a lot of exposure and traffic.

Sometimes your press release can be picked up or chosen by a news agency for being news worthy. Featuring in news can make your service or product an instant hit.

Google gives links from press releases lot of importance and it’s better to populate links to your site with links from press releases as well. It will increase your page rank and rankings.

If you are looking for press releases get in touch with the #1 SEO Services India provider, SEO Corporation for Press release writing services. If will help you create a strong brand with lots of traffic.

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