How to prepare yourself for the ever-changing SEO environment?

With Google’s search engine algorithm churning out new surprises on a regular basis, it has become the SEO moto of every SEO Company to stay on their toes and embrace the change. Nobody can bet their money on the fact that they are not lagging behind in the seo game and their seo strategies are not taking a beating. Keeping the search space land at your grip is tough. You have to be have an evolving mindset and experiment with new ideas to drive results. You have to learn a brand new set of seo hacks which will propel you ahead of your competitors.

SEO Strategies

Well, mastering the basic seo strategies is a piece of cake and even the average Joe can achieve success in it by creating his own website and writing regular blogs in it. But maintaining that consistency is a tough proposition and that’s where your real test starts. You must have a card up your sleeve to weather out any misfortunes that may befall your website. We have stacked up some strategies in this regard. Let’s jump in.

  1. Have an eye on changes: In an organization, things are bound to go haywire (unless humans are replaced by robots). For example, the development team decides to update a portion of the website without informing the team. Website pages get an overhaul, content strategies change and you have no inkling of this. You come to know after a month when the rankings have plummeted and traffic has diminished. The wise thing is to prepare for this.

Install change alert tools: To avoid any uncanny situations, install tools like SEO Radar and Visual Ping that will notify you once any changes are made to the website. Also, you can customise the notification alerts.

  1. Spruce up your knowledge: SEO is not a piece of cake. You have to understand its core strategies and how it creates the magic. You need to imbibe sufficient knowledge about SEO to experiment with it.
  2. Structure your content: Structure your content in a way that entices Google to use it for its rich cards and rich snippets. Your content should have specific information which will be easier for Google to understand. Google searches for data which is structured and has a rich set of features (including images, reviews and recipes). Google creates a knowledge graph search result to display your information. With rich cards and rich snippets you can increase the visibility of your website and brand.

4.Optimize content for voice search: The world is loving voice search and is slowly getting used to it. As a seo marketer, optimizing your keywords according to the voice commands of users is paramount. A study by Emarketer indicated that 35.8% of millennials use voice-enabled digital assistants once a month. Mobile users account for the biggest voice search user base and so leaving them out can be a costly mistake. It’s time to start working voice commands into your content for better results.

Optimize content for voice search

  1. Continue creating high-quality content: Seo rules will come and go. But what will remain as the top priority is the creation of high-quality content. Quality content is crucial to help your website rank higher. Irrelevant content which does not educate or entertain the audience serves as a dampener for your Google rankings. Not putting effort in the content isn’t taking you anywhere in the SERP rankings. Rich, fluent and engaging content will be loved by the audience and will bring traffic to your website.

The key to survive in this ever-changing seo race is to adapt and adopt. Adapt to the new changes and adopt new ideas to weather any misfortune. Learn, evolve and make yourself a better marketer. You will win the race.

A sweet smile and gentle manner is what comes to mind when you look at this guy. However, his polite demeanor hides a razor sharp mind and he is the one responsible for client projects.

How to prepare yourself for the ever-changing SEO environment? by

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A sweet smile and gentle manner is what comes to mind when you look at this guy. However, his polite demeanor hides a razor sharp mind and he is the one responsible for client projects.

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