The term of “Inbound Marketing” is getting infective day-by-day. Prospective clients often ask, “What is Inbound Marketing?” or “How to do Inbound Marketing?” Inbound Marketing is just the opposite of outbound or forced marketing strategies.

Outbound marketing is often considered too intrusive and consumers don’t like something to be forced upon them. An example of intrusive marketing is here.

You are into a serious meeting and a girl from some sales department calls you up in midst of the meeting to sell bathroom tiles. Isn’t it disgusting? Yeah, It is but we have to often face this situation.

On the other hand inbound marketing has great prospects as consumers come to you through different channels with a positive state of mind. Since people are inquisitive to know about the product or services being offered, there is always a higher rate of call conversion.

Inbound marketing:

• Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO– No doubt, SEO is one of the best advertising investments a company can make for free traffic. Ranking higher on search engines bring watershed traffic and brand value with minimal investment.

• News/Media– Getting mentioned in a reputed newspaper or digital media not only makes you a household name but also brings tons of traffic and links. A single link from CNN can bring thousands of qualified leads in a single day.

• Press Release marketing– If a press release makes to top two in Google news, it appears in Google web search too. Hence giving brand exposure and bringing free traffic even though your site might not be ranking anywhere on top for your targeted keyword.

• Blogging or Guest Blogging– Yeah, this is very powerful online marketing strategy only IF your content is interesting.

• Comment Marketing: Participating constructively attracts other bloggers to link to your site.

• Video Marketing: Videos climb in Search Engine Result pages (SERP) quite fast. Indeed a very effective online marketing strategy. If a video goes viral over social network, it will act as a constant source of traffic. Read more about Video SEO and Video Optimization Tips and Techniques here.

• Forum or Discussion Board participation: Read about comprehensive advantages of forum posting or advantages of discussion board participation here.

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