Google Panda update

One of the biggest news to have come in the recent years, in the world of SEO , is the arrival of Google “Panda”, which has changed the dynamics of online business. The basic intent for the arrival of Panda was to curb the huge influx of crap content on search engines.

Content farms are the worst sufferers of the change in Google’s algorithm. Many content driven websites and online businesses have been penalized, so it is highly unlikely that there would no change in their link building strategy.

The basic thing we got to understand that low quality content is a strict NO, and since this basic thing changed, so the entire strategy of SEO India needs to be reworked upon, which also includes link building.

Be miles away from the so-called “low quality sites”:

This simply means, you need to avoid websites such as  wise-geek and others , which were hot property before the Panda came into being. You need to bear in mind that whatever be the case, getting links from these websites need to be strictly avoided, instead look for websites, which rank high in eyes of Panda.

Article submission sites have had a reputation of accepting poor content, which backfired them big time.

Parts ways from Sites Banned with Google Adsense:

Getting links from such websites is like voluntarily inviting trouble. Have you ever heard a farmer putting food for weeds? I hope you would not have heard about the same, so how can you do the same with your websites.

Getting back links from infected websites is like feeding weeds, which have potential to damage your website.

The website having no Moderator needs to be avoided:

There are certain websites, where the comments are approved instantly without being moderated. If this is the case, then getting back links from such a website can be deadly. These websites are haven for spam links and absurd posts.

By now, you would have serious doubts about the future of link building but if you try to stick with websites having quality content, then you are safe. The best option is to have pinnacle level Quality SEO Content for your website and focus on what your readers expect from you.

You can even create videos and try making them viral, as this can create lots of buzz. You must not think even in your wildest dreams that the era of link building is over.

No doubt the task has become tougher but Google Panda wants one basic thing, Quality Content and if you are able to meet this requirement, then Panda would love your website.(Link Building Services)

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