As we move into the future, we are all looking at what new trends that will affect our online marketing, especially SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technologies. With new updates being released and hot trends popping up, new strategies are needed.

In 2014 alone, there were 13 updates to the Google algorithm and those were just the ones made public — there are changes and refreshers that occur daily behind the scenes at the search giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. SEO is constantly evolving to address these types of changes and other notable events occurring on the World Wide Web.

Google Trends 2015


Anyone that doesn’t recognize the importance of mobile marketing in 2015 and beyond has completely missed the internet boat and didn’t even bother to show up at the dock. The figures for the sale, use and connectivity of handheld mobile devices and their downloadable apps will continue to explode in 2015 and beyond. Unless you want to drown online, SEO strategies need to be aimed at mobile optimization for creating and trafficking online customers who are constantly on the move.

GET MORE – Bing, Yahoo and others

Although Google is still the leader in search engines, they are losing ground to Yahoo and Bing. With the breakup of Google and Mozilla in November of 2014, Firefox will now be employing Yahoo as their default browser provider. Google’s relationship with Safari is also up for debate in 2015 and this has Bing and Yahoo scrambling for that possible vacancy. With other search options gaining in popularity, it is important to have visibility across a number of other search options in addition to Google.

SWITCH FOCUS – From Keyword to ROI

If your SEO is still focusing on keyword rankings rather than ROI, this strategy is long overdue for a wakeup call. Ranking reports can be made to look successful, but they don’t translate into dollars. Think of it this way, if your company is selling robotics and spending money every month on SEO marketing, what would you rather hear from that agency:

  • Congratulations! You are ranking number one for in searches for “buying red robots online” but we don’t have any sales or earnings reports to offer, or
  • Here’s a detailed report that shows how 85 links were responsible for 27 conversions that led to an increase of $27,634 in revenue last month.

Would you rather see a puffed-up, inflated rankings report or have clear-cut data presented to you on how your SEO investment paid off?

LINKING – Earning rather than Building

Given all the updates and algorithm changes, one thing remains the same, inbound links are still the most trusted and authoritative influence aboard search engines. The days of building endless links to irrelevant blogs and chasing down countless links to trick the search engine are over. Earning one valuable link to high-quality, relevant website will go much further in more than just SEO. The rewards will also be afforded through increased brand recognition, attracting more referral traffic, strengthening leads and gaining new sales.

STAY SOCIAL – Keep engaging

As you’ve probably already heard, some of the new algorithms used by search engines, like Google’s hummingbird, are focusing more attention on the importance of social media sharing. Not only is your online audience expecting you to engage with them there, it will also help boost your SEO. It is often more effective to fully engage in two or three platforms rather than attempt to conquer a multitude of them and be less accommodating.

Before continuing your own search engine strategy, paying for another month of service or consider hiring a new SEO management firm, consider these tips moving into 2015 and beyond.

Nick Rojas is a business consultant and writer who lives in Los Angeles and Chicago. He has consulted small and medium-sized enterprises for over twenty years. You can follow him on Twitter @NickARojas.

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