Next google update google seal update or google zebra

The whole SEO industry has been confused since the last Penguin Update. Know one knows what should be the course of action exactly.

You can read the so-called SEO experts or you can yourself claim to know the antidote for any Google algorithmic update.

In any case you are just fooling yourself.  So enjoy the time of blissful ignorance and pass time shooting pebbles in the eerily serene pond.

Last time I speculated that the next update will be Google Zebra but just like the great theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking and his speculative  bet about black holes, I didn’t believe my own predictions.

If you noticed Google put the name of the last two update on Panda and Penguin. Both live in cold /snow areas and both are black and white. Google might be spreading awareness about these endangered species to help boost conservation indirectly.

According the trend Google might name it next major update as Google Seal instead of Google Zebra.

Its a matter of great satisfaction for the SEO team of SEO Corporation that not a single client was penalized during any updates either be it Google Panda update or Google Penguin update.

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