In This blog SEO Experts at SEO Expert Agency India points out the importance of fresh and original content on your site. Read the following blog to know what the experts at SEO Expert Agency India have to tell about Google’s penchant for quality content.

This is a fact that Google loves nothing more than fresh content. Thousands of SEO experts around the world may predict hundreds of effective Search Engine Optimization strategies but none of them will ever dare to undermine the importance of original and quality content.

Quality content is the heart and soul of an effective SEO strategy by SEO Expert Agency India.

Let us look at Google’s perspective and try to find out why it is that Google gives so much importance to content and how can we utilize this knowledge to optimize our site for better rankings on major search engines.

According to the experts at SEO expert Agency India, Google’s primary priority is users’ experience. Google always looks at the sites from users’ perspective and if it finds the site useful and relevant it places the site on top in Google. In determining the relevancy it looks at the content which gives it a pretty clear about the theme of the content.

If you are a regular Googler, you might have noticed that those sites whose content changes frequently rank higher those other sites with a good page rank value. Page rank is the degree of importance of a site in Google’s eye.

So if you want to have a robust ranking keep sharing you knowledge through your site or blog and if your content has quality that will certainly get recognized by the best search engine in the world.

The other advantages of quality content on your site is that if your content is really informative and useful people will link to it and share it. Thanks to the power of social media, if your stuff is really interesting its distribution will go viral and it will not only establish you an expert in your field it will also add back links to your site.

SEO expert at SEO Company India says that you can also post fresh content on reputed article sites like ezine, hubpages, buzzle etc and establish you as an expert of your niche, besides you will be getting quality back links and traffic through these articles as well.

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