Do you know that more than 1.5 lakhs websites are created everyday in the world. The bad news is that every one of the them is vying to come at the top. Good news is that you can still come at the top. However, you should answer the few questions. Which type of website do you like? A website whose content is keyword stuffed and which has been at the top by employing all of the SEO tricks or a website that has genuinely authoritative content? Your answer will be obviously later one. This is the irony of the industry that everyone wants to come at the top, but nobody wants to invest in content!

Google is all about providing right kind of content to its users. Its algorithms are being tweaked in a way, which keeps spammers at bay and promotes genuine content creators.

I can say from my experience that search engine optimization cannot be answer to all of your traffic related issues. My idea was affirmed in the year 2013, as it was when Google desisted from providing keyword popularity data.

In the older days, things were pretty easier for SEO Industry as we just had to make the article keyword rich to get on the top. There were people who made millions just by copy-pasting the article. This situation has completely changed. Now, the quality of content and originality of idea matters in the SEO world. The importance of keywords has diminished.

Despite that many SEO mavericks believe that they have the brain to fool the Google algorithm. Obviously, you can reach at the top of the page, but did this result in any tangible business profit or the traffic increase is at the cost of higher bounce rate. No doubt basic SEO principles will always be important. For example, importance of page title and proper site architecture will always be important for Google. However, to believe that you will take a glassful of SEO juice and your site will zoom to top, it is not going to happen.

SEO will keep losing its relevance as Google will always keep ahead of the shady marketers. The reason is: these so called ‘SEO experts’ have third rate brains in their company whereas Google has best of the brains of the planet working day and night. There is no reason to doubt that beating or fooling Google algorithm will be possible. Believe me; it is not going to possible even in the next 10 years.

One should understand that SEO tricks and tips might work for a short time, but to sustain the position, you will need continual investment. This is because, your objective behind doing the SEO is wrong.

Though, It is possible that one can enjoy top spot fooling Google. That can also remain on the top for few months (not more than that), but that is it. The moment Google notices that it has been cheated, your days are over. Your site will be permanently deleted from Google index.

Change Your Mindset

From my experience of dealing with more than 500 clients, I can safely say that quality of content is of paramount importance. The importance of SEO service provider will always be there. Out of these hundred of the sites, more than dozen sites are at the top of the category, though we employed the same kind of effort in other sites as well. The reason of their spectacular success is their great content.

A dishonest SEO method does not go unnoticed from the eyes of Google. If you stop to find the ways to manipulate the system, you will start getting the result. Unethical methods make it difficult for people who are trying to do SEO the proper way, which is one of the reasons why Google keeps monitoring the system constantly and carefully. If people stopped trying to find ways to manipulate the system, it would be much easier for them to give positive results.

Words of Wisdom

Always think of the user and not the search engine. Provide the content people are looking for. Don’t write for Google search engine. It will never help, believe me, I am saying this with my personal experience. If you dare to deviate from what I have said above, take my words Google will eat your ranking for ever.

Vishal Vivek began his entrepreneurial career at a very young age of 24 after leaving his job in IBM. Despite facing lots of hardships at an early age and loss of his dad in the first few months of launching his cash starved start-up SEO Corporation, he managed to emerge as a winner. He single handedly took a one man start-up to become a reputed brand in search engine marketing industry. Vishal has a lot of admirers in form of his clients, friends and colleagues. Though he still works more than 16 hours on week days and 10 hours, he still manages to maintain his passion of reading voraciously. He loves writing and motivating others to out do themselves. His life is indeed an example for many who wish embark on a journey of unknown after leaving the comfort of a secure future.
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