SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a group of cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network! If it went over your head or didn’t make any sense then, in simple words, SSL is responsible for making your information entered to a website encrypted and safe from evil intent of hackers, spoofers, spammers and other ill-willed souls lurking over the Internet to benefit unethically from sensitive personal information.

Websites make use of SSL and TLS security protocols to secure all types of communications between the web browsers and servers. There are a number of uses of SSL across email, instant messaging services, Internet faxing, web browsing, VoIP, online financial transactions, et cetera.

With the increase in web activities and the web itself, there is an increasing need of providing web users with safety and security so that they can securely surf across the vast reaches of the Internet. Hence, businesses opt for SSL to ensure that patrons and clients stay safe and secure from all kinds of undesired online activities.

SSL Certificates to Enhance SEO Rankings

Reasons for the Popularity of Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

There are several reasons responsible for popularising the use of SSL. Businesses across different markets and niches use SSL as a means to safeguard client privacy and sensitive information. Some of the most opportune reasons for adding SSL certificates are:

  1. Webpages with HTTPS Receive SEO Boost
    Google recently changed the working and functionality of Google Search with algorithmic updates that focus more on quality and secure content. Google Search looks for websites with SSL certificates to build trust for such web businesses. Any website having an SSL certificate has web address something like than merely
  2. Having an SSL Certificate is the new Convention
    Whether you like it or not, having an SSL certificate installed on a website is the new standard. It’s much like the trend of supporting a responsive design. As online security has become a rising issue, providing secure access to users is must for every website owner.
  3. SSL Protects against Identity Theft and Hackers
    SSL assists in providing assistance against hacking activities, spams, identity theft, and other types of notorious activities. Secured Socket Layer is a safety protocol that allows businesses to communicate with their clients securely. It also allows users belonging to the same website or web service with an SSL certificate to communicate securely with each other.
  4. Better SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) Standings
    Employing an SSL certificate assists in having better SERPs standings than those without any SSL certification. Businesses with SSL certificates are given a green signal in terms or reliability and safety. For, the web sphere is growing enormously and, unfortunately, there are lots of opportunities springing up for spiteful activities.
  5. Increase in Online Financial Transactions
    Over the recent years, there has been an exponential rise in the degree of financial transactions made online. As such transactions are money-related, it’s important to secure them with some kind of safety measures that make these transactions confidential and secure. And SSL is the key to make this happen. All banking, financial, e-Commerce, and other online services dealing with sensitive financial data employ SSL to ensure security to payers and payees.
  6. Websites with SSL Certificate are less likely to Being Hacked or Spammed
    Unsecured websites are not only harmful to clients but the content and details innate to the businesses are also at high risk of becoming a victim of hacking, phishing, spoofing, spamming and other types of unethical online activities. Hence, by adding an SSL certification, a business not only safeguards its users and visitors but also the business itself.
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