Top 20 SEO Companies in India according to their Domain Authority

It has almost become unreal to speak of marketing without Search Engine Optimization. A new business can’t afford to ignore the power of SEO anymore. If done right, it can even result in millions of dollars of ROI.

But, it’s hard finding a legit company that delivers exactly what it promises using white hat SEO techniques. To make your struggle easy, here’s a list of 20 best SEO Companies in India based on their website domain authority:

*Domain Authority is a score that Moz developed to indicate the ability of a website to rank on the search engine. The higher the score, the better their ability to rank on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

*Domain Authority as calculated using Moz Open Site Explorer (out of 100).

  1. Bruce Clay India (Domain Authority: 61)


Company: Bruce Clay India


CEO: Bruce Clay (MD: Siddarth Lal)

Founded in: 1996

Location: Gurgaon

Top Clients: L.L.Bean, Sportsman’s guide,, Academy (Sports & Outdoors), Zoom Brazil, Condenet

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Website Design, Content development

Review: Bruce Clay India ranks #1 on this thanks to its high domain authority. The higher the domain authority, the better a website’s chances of ranking on the Search Engines.

As far as the reviews are concerned, the Indian division pretty impressive and has recommendation worthy rankings. Bruce Clay India has handled a number of high-profile clients and thanks to its global position, it has made itself a name as a reliable SEO company in India.

  1. Wildnet Technologies (Domain Authority: 47)

Company: Wildnet Technologies


CEO: Nitin Aggarwal

Founded in: 2006

Location: Noida

Top Clients: Flower biz, Eureka Forbes, FernsNpetals, HCL, Tecnova, Barefoot

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Design and Development Agency

Review: Ranking just after Bruce Clay India with an impressive domain authority of 47, Wildnet Technologies has clients from across the world. The company enjoys particularly high rate of positive reviews too.

With renowned clients like Eureka Forbes, HCL, Barefoot, Wildnet Technologies is surely a company worth trusting your website with.

  1. Blurbpoint (Domain Authority: 46)

Company: Blurbpoint


CEO: Sankat Patel

Founded in: 2007

Location: Ahmedabad

Top Clients:, Tide, NHS Realy LLC, Alton J. Duder, Stern Law Offices, London Dermatology Clinic, Redstone Healthcare

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Design, Link Building, SEO copywriting, Press Release Distribution

Review: Blurbpoint is among the leading Indian SEO companies and they haven’t just made themselves a name in the SEO world but are also frequently featured by high domain authority outlets like Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, SalesForce, ProBlogger owing to their innovative content.

Blurbpoint has worked for an array of industries like e-commerce, health, fashion & retail, manufacturer, etc and have time and again delivered the promised results. Given the cost, consistency of results, ratings by previous clients, Blurbpoint is highly recommended.

  1. Brainpulse Technologies (DA: 46)


Company: Brainpulse Technologies


CEO: Tarun Gupta

Founded in: 1998

Location: Noida

Top Clients: JeevanSathi, Voonik, Searons One, Money control,

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Link Building

Review: In addition to cost, consistent results, duration of the campaign and testimonials, experience is another major factor. Brainpulse Technologies comes heavily recommended owing to their impressive 17 years of experience. Their SEO Strategies have evolved with time and so has their reputation and results delivery.

Brainpulse Technologies is another big name among India’s top ranking SEO Companies with a reliable reputation and a neat record.

  1. Page Traffic (Domain Authority: 46)


Company: Page Traffic


CEO: Navneet Kaushal

Founded in: 2002

Location: Delhi

Top Clients: Ansal University, Mera Events, Nino Bambino, Stalkbuylove, Raj Lakshmi School of Business, HCL, Tata, Zovi

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Design, Link Building

Review: Page Traffic CEO, Navneet Kaushal has become sort of an unofficial celebrity in the Indian SEO circle. The company has definitely made itself a reputation and is counted among the most dependable SEO companies of India.

Page Traffic doesn’t disappoint with their proven SEO techniques and thoughtful campaigns and often delivers more than the promised output. More than a decade and a half old, Page Traffic maintains offices in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Chicago and London.

  1. Techmagnate (Domain Authority: 45)


Company: Techmagnate


CEO: Sarvesh Bagla

Founded in: 2006

Location: New Delhi

Top Clients: Ibibo, LG, Network18

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Design

Review: Award winning agency, Techmagnate has worked with a variety of clients from all over the world and has an imposing presence in the Indian SEO industry. Their clients tell the same story on Google and other reviews and they rank rather well on the ratings score.

Moreover, Techmagnate is very particular about the type of strategies it uses and offers a variety of services including helping brands out of the penalty rut.

  1. SEOValley Solutions Pvt Ltd. (DA: 43/100)

Company: SEOValley Solutions Private Limited


CEO: Shabir MS

Founded in: 2000

Location: Bhopal

Top Clients: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, HCL Technologies, Nokia USA, Park South Hotel

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing

Review: This Bhopal based SEOValley has rave reviews from everyone including its clients overseas. The agency has won numerous awards and been around almost two decades which definitely makes it a better choice since they have witnessed the evolution of SEO up and close.

With positive reviews and a decent domain authority, SEOValley has established itself as a remarkable name in the SEO industry.

  1. Ranking by SEO (Domain Authority: 42)

Company: Ranking by SEO


CEO: Lalit Kumar

Founded in: 2008

Location: Noida

Top Clients: Revamp Wholesale, Digital Scales AZ, HNI, Rapid Color, Brikk

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Web development

Review: Ranking by SEO is another well known name in the Indian SEO Industry. It is among the leading Indian SEO companies handling the biggest online marketing accounts like Rapid Color, Digital Scales AZ and throughout their decade long existence, they have delivered.

Their reviews on different aggregator and review websites also speak of a favorable reputation worth investing in.

  1. SEO Corporation Pvt. Ltd (DA: 40)

SEO Corporation

Company: SEO Corporation


CEO: Vishal Vivek

Founded in: 2011

Location: Delhi

Top Clients: Shape of Water, Swiss Village, Blue Cloud Tech, Seal Excel Fittings

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, SEO Reseller

Review: Primarily catering to overseas clients, SEO Corporation is among the leading SEO companies of India offering guaranteed SEO services. With SEO Services plans starting from as low as $299 and guaranteed results service with money back guarantee is what makes it a trustworthy and reliable SEO company.

With offices in Australia, UK and USA, the company has a range of personalized SEO plans for an array of industries like plumbers, car rental companies, photographers, travel agencies, etc. Clients have confirmed that they saw rank improvement from the first week itself and got the promised results within 4-6 months.

  1. eBrandz (Domain Authority: 37)

Company: eBrandz


CEO: Milind0 Modi

Founded in: 2003

Location: Mumbai

Top Clients: Mercedes-Benz, IndiaBulls, Surat Diamond Jewellery, PRISM, Big Banyan, Disney World, Elgin Hotels, Union Diamond

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Website Design, Affiliate Marketing

Review: More than a decade old, eBrandz has established itself among the pioneering SEO company of India. The company has major brands like Mercedes-Benz, Union Diamond, PRISM, Disney World, etc to its credit and maintains clients throughout the globe.

eBrandz has positive reviews and several accolades to its name and with its reputation and domain authority, it has made it to our list.

  1. SEO Peace (Domain Authority: 37)

Company: SEO Peace


CEO: Sunita Biddu

Founded in: 2006

Location: Gurgaon

Top Clients: Auto Parts Toys, Imperial Gadgets, Move And Stay, Gawzus

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Local SEO, SEO Reseller

Review: SEO Peace is a reliable SEO services providers with a high client retention rate. They have been around for more than a decade and have helped a number of companies grow their business and expand their markets.

A fairly lesser known name, SEO Peace has 100% (5 star) rating on Google reviews and is a well known name in the domestic market.

  1. SEO Experts India (Adreno Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, DA: 36)


Company: SEO Experts India


CEO: Susanta Bera

Founded in: 2008

Location: Kolkata, Bengal

Top Clients: Kimberly Smiles, Adam Wydman, Revosa

Services: Search Engine Optimization

Review: SEO Experts India is another big name of the list and delivers guaranteed SEO results. They are 100% white hat and have worked for a range of industries in the domestic and international market. While the leading team generally stays out of the limelight, the company is definitely worth trusting your website with.

Compared to certain other names on this list, SEO Experts India also offers affordable pricing.

  1. Adlift Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (Domain Authority: 36)

Company: Adlift Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


CEO: Prashant Puri

Founded in: 2009

Location: Noida

Top Clients: Nyka, Panasonic, Lenskart, MagicBricks,, Airbnb, Dainik Bhaskar, PayPal

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Design and Development Agency

Review: Adlift Marketing is a reputed name in the Indian SEO Industry. They offer guaranteed SEO services for attractive monthly rates and have received consistent 5 star ratings from a number of clients and employees. While most of their clients are concentrated in India, they also cater to overseas clients and just as adept at international and local SEO.

  1. (Domain Authority: 36)



CEO: Ajay Khosla

Founded in: 2002

Location: Delhi

Top Clients: Tree House, Flying Bison, Expedient, Espada, Rivercity

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management

Review: is regularly counted among the top SEO companies of India and has specialized SEO plans for small businesses, enterprises and agencies. offers some of the best customized plans for small businesses and agencies and offers guaranteed SEO services. With an impressive client retention rate of 98%, has established itself as a reliable brand for SEO solutions.

In addition to growing their domestic client base, the company also also branched out to cater to overseas clients through their offices in Australia, USA, UK and Canada.

  1. Performetris (Domain Authority: 35)

Company: Performetris


CEO: GR Rajesh Kumar

Founded in: 2007

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Top Clients: IMRI, LendingStream, RoyalSundaram, Invensis,

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing

Review: While a trustworthy, reputed SEO provider, Performetris doesn’t maintain a huge online presence but is definitely worth the stock. It delivers guaranteed SEO results through 100% white hat techniques.

Moreover, they offer a variety of services other than SEO like online reputation management, Social Media Marketing and help you build a brand online and grow your sales through an all-inclusive strategy.

  1. Profit by Search (Domain Authority: 31/100)


Company: Profit by Search


CEO: Abhinav Girdhar

Founded in: 2000

Location: Noida

Top Clients: Fuji Xerox, Infosys, Hilton

Services: SEO Reseller, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing

Review: Profit by Search maintains an impressive balance of domestic and overseas clients and has helped a number of local and bigger businesses find new markets. According to Google Reviews, the company has 5 stars and ranks among the best SEO companies based in Delhi-NCR region with a global clientbase.

  1. SEO Discovery (Domain Authority: 27)

Company: SEO Discovery


CEO: Gurwinder Singh

Founded in: 2007

Location: India

Top Clients: Engineers Job Board, Reeshma, Live Pine

Services: SEO Reseller, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

Review: SEO Discovery is a leading SEO service provider dealing with companies selling everything from dietary supplements, medical supplies, retailers to photography services. They have consistently performed and have been rated top (5 stars) on numerous rating websites.

  1. Sigma SEO Solutions (Domain Authority: 26)

Company: Sigma SEO Solutions Pvt. Ltd


CEO: Sonu Yadav

Founded in: 2008

Location: Gurgaon

Top Clients: VLLC, su-kam, firetrainingaai, daninfo

Services: Search Engine Optimization & Website design and development

Review: Sigma SEO Solutions is a dependable SEO provider offering cutting edge SEO, SMO, SMM and website design solutions. Based on the positive reviews and testimonials, the company has made it to our list. The icing on the cake is the competitive pricing that lets clients track their investment monthly and get results simultaneously.

  1. Briefkase (Domain Authority: 24)


Company: Briefkase


CEO: Mandar Marathe & Purab Mehta

Founded in: 2013

Location: Mumbai

Top Clients: GOQii, Suburban Diagnostics, True School of Music, Vidyalankar Classes

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing

Review: With happy clients expressing their wish for Briefkase to be their in-house team to booking the company for back-to-back projects, Briefkase has definitely developed a large following. A fairly new player on the market, Briefkase played its cards well and is already beating its competitors with quality services, reasonable rates and authentic SEO strategy and techniques.

  1. Indeed SEO (Domain Authority: 22)

Company: Indeed SEO


CEO: Gurpreet Kaur

Founded in: 2009

Location: India

Top Clients: Confidential

Services: SEO Reseller, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing

Review: A fairly smaller company and a newcomer, Indeed SEO has grown itself a loyal market of domestic clients with their innovative take on SEO. They have repeatedly helped their clients rank on the first page of Google and follow updated techniques to ensure that these ranking brands make the most out of this top ranking position. With a 95% client retention rate, Indeed SEO has indeed

A sweet smile and gentle manner is what comes to mind when you look at this guy. However, his polite demeanor hides a razor sharp mind and he is the one responsible for client projects.

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A sweet smile and gentle manner is what comes to mind when you look at this guy. However, his polite demeanor hides a razor sharp mind and he is the one responsible for client projects.

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