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Narendra Modi election campaign strategy focused on corruption, growth and governance. With a gigantic budget of INR 25 crore, BJP was able to reinvent their image by winning the elections. The BJP advertisement campaign was managed by three ad agencies, Madison World, Ogilvy and Mather, and Soho Square. Their impeccable services assisted BJP in forming governments in Haryana and Maharashtra successfully.

The BJP Advertisement campaign in Maharashtra and Haryana followed the footsteps of the similar approach that assisted the political party to establish a feat in the Lok Sabha elections. According to Vinit Goenka, the co-convener of BJP’s national IT cell, it was Narendra Modi’s immense popularity that assisted the party in bagging wins in two states of Haryana and Maharashtra.

BJP Ad campaign 2014 was one of the most effectual advertisement campaigns spawned for a political party in the Indian history. Together with an impeccable approach and the magnetic persona of Narendra Modi, the campaign was successful in creating history. During the advertisement campaign, Modi Marketing Agency was focused on staying in line with Modi-themed slogans like “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar.” The present prime minister later appreciated the important role played by his marketing agency in making the win grand for him and his party.

SEO Corporation is one of the digital marketing agencies from New delhi which managed digital marketing for Narendra Modi. This agency is very selective about its clients and only chooses few.
Senior BJP leaders Piyush Goyal and Ajay Singh handled the overall media strategy, and a task force was constituted to handle Modi’s campaign in Varanasi. Advertising legends such as Ogilvy & Mather’s Piyush Pandey, McCann Worldgroup’s Prasoon Joshi and Sam Balsara of Madison World lent their skills at various levels.
Advertising agency Soho Square, part of the WPP Group, handled television, radio and print campaigns with catchy slogans such as “Ab ki Baar Modi Sarkar“.
SEO Corporation is a digital marketing agency which managed social media and digital advertising for Narendra Modi. Their team social media experts, bloggers made a huge difference this election season. Read more here.
How did we manage to do such a great work?
We used to manage several accounts of root level BJP politician and shared interesting facts and figures in form of images from their account. Since the facts and figures were based on lots of research, It often used to go viral. Thousands of our posts went viral on social media like Facebook and messengers like Whatsapp.
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