Does your website loads quickly?

Have you ever tried to know the page load time of the website? Probably not. It may put your hard work in the website in vain. It’s great your website is mobile –friendly, but it’s equally important that your website also loads quickly. Do you know this is one of the best kept secrets of the top SEO companies in India and other parts of the world?

Why page load speed is important for Google?

In 2010, Google had announced that page load speed will be an important factor in the search engine ranking. They had also introduced specific tools for webmasters so that they could know the page load speed easily. Page load speed matters a lot for Google, because it attaches a lot of importance to user experience. Do you know that 1 second delay in the page drops 11 percent traffic?
It has been found that consumers don’t wait for more than 2 seconds on a website loading process. According to KISSmetrics, more than 18 percent mobile users abandon the site if takes more than 5 seconds to load.

Tools to check website speed

There are two important tools for the purpose: PageSpeed Insights tool Site Speed Insights in the Google Analytics report. When you enter your page URL in the PageSpeed Insights, it will generate speed score for both mobile and website. The best part is that it also gives suggestions on how to fix these issues. Jaspreet Singh, a noted SEO expert in IT Czar, one of the best website development companies in India says, “Page load speed is very much important for users. If it does not loads quickly, people migrate from the site quickly.”

How to check the site speed report in Google Analytics?

1. Open the Google Analytics
2. Click the Behavior section in the left side pane
3. Click Site Speed

You can get the comprehensive report about the page load, redirection, domain lookup, server connection and its response and page download time. You can also check the site speed in relation to various browsers and countries. Google also recommends to use YSlow and WebPage Test.

Take care of website Hosting

Do you know that the service of the website hosting provider and its technology has a significant effect on the page load time? That’s why you should opt for a dedicated hosting than a shared hosting.

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