Yesterday, I was chatting with an SEO Client of mine. In course of his discussion, he wanted to check his rankings for his keywords on Google. I asked him to have a look at them himself. He uses rank checker tool of  SEObook.  As soon as he checked his rankings, he started congratulating me. Although I knew that his rankings have increased considerably.

Bbut I didn’t imagine that he would start jumping with joy as he is still on the lower part of first page.  A bit alarmed, I wanted to make sure the reason of his happiness.  He said that almost all keywords are showing rank 1 or 2 .  I repeated the search on my rank checker too too. It still shown the the same wrong results.

Than I started checking manually and then only got the exact rankings which was still around 7 instead of 1.

Since that day several tools which send automated requests to Google are not working properly. It might be due to recent algorithm change in Google or due to older version of the tools. The usefulness of tools like rank checker of SEOBook or Rank tracker of SEO power-suite is undisputed. Thousands of worldwide use these tools to track rankings of their clients with ease.

We at the legendary SEO Company, SEO Corporation too use these tools quite often and wish this problem ceases soon.

Why the Rank Checker Tool and Other SEO tools are Not Working Properly by