The world of search engine marketing is quite opaque. You can see it in action, still you can’t claim to know it completely. No matter how many tests you run; how much you read; you can never know how Google functions. It’s only Google that knows what’s transpiring inside algorithms. Backlink profile is one such area in SEO. Here we have discussed 4 such common misconceptions about backlink profiles.

# 1 “Rel=nofollow” links do not help

“Rel=nofollow” is a tag that instructs Google “do not crawl this link” and “do not pass PageRank,” according to Google’s webmaster tool. However, many marketers in the search engine marketing industry are not sure whether it really helps. The answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. If a website has a majority of ‘No Follow’ links, it won’t see a boost in ranking. However, there are a few key areas where such links impact positively. Achieving such links from high authority websites in the form of blog comments, forum links, and editorial placements starts showing the result in couple of months.

# 2 Quantity does not matter

Quality matters, but not more than quantity. If there is a website with domain authority 80 linking to your website with more than 50 links. And on the other hand, if your competitor website has more than 1000 links from websites having domain authority around 60, it will have an edge. Brian Dean’s Google Rankings guide also showed that the total number of external backlinks helps and that it’s a large correlating ranking factor.

# 3 Only high quality backlinks are important

Many people take the adage of quality over quantity too seriously. The truth is that you can’t build a good backlink profile. Google prefers a good and healthy balance. They are more in favor of a natural link profile. Having all super link profile also sounds fishy. The point here to understand that Google is not necessarily a smart algorithm. It does not see the process; it just sees the end product and tries to make an intelligent guess about it. So it’s a mistake to disavow links which are not 100% quality, they would disavow them.

# 4 Bio Links do not help

It is another misconception that guest posts or editorial submissions are “rel=nofollow” links and they don’t help. Reality is that they are cornerstone of great content creation using the website’s viewer base. Even if you get links from biography from the same site, it hardly matters.

Summing up

So by now you must have got rid of some misconceptions about the backlink profile of your website. Most of these misconceptions are due to assumptions. Reality is that nobody knows how Google algorithm functions and they just assume about it. And those assumptions can be wrong.

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