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Ultrawalls Website design and SEO Services


Challenge: Streamline extensive data and offer all information in one place

Goal: Design a top-notch website with well-categorized wallpaper information had been around since 1975 and was plenty successful in the real world without having a functional website any online ordering system.

But as marketing climate changed, decided to up their game and explore the online marketing sphere in addition to operating from their base in Delhi.

They faced a challenge; how to grow reputed online? How to cut back on the physical processes like exhibiting wallpaper catalogues personally to each client?

Manoj Jain of Ultrawalls contacted SEO Corporation in 2012 to successfully launch their online space effectively.

Campaign Strategy

The expert designing team of SEO Corporation decided they could cut back the time spent in showing catalogues to the potential clients in person by uploading the catalogues online.

Another strategy was to design a vibrant, dynamic and all-inclusive website that had strategized content and wallpapers tagged with specific keywords like floral wallpapers, nature wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, etc. This was done to cater to the search demand and help ultrawalls exhibit a more categorized and organized collection.

Impressive Results

The team at SEO Corporation managed to design an incredibly functional and beautiful website for Ultrawalls.

The website had extensive content with over 100+ pages (excluding blog) and strategized content that was keyword rich.

The website was delivered within 10-15 days without any functional, design or content errors. The blog operates through a simple CMS that allows the siteowner/business owner to regularly update the website and blog with least hassle.

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