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IFBC Branding and Website Design

Service by SEO Corporation

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Project Detail

Challenge- Develop an online imprint

Goal- Have a cutting-edge website and personalized branding

IFBC, Imperial Fernando Ballet Company is a leading dance studio based in Delhi and Mumbai. The studio was started by the well-known choreographer Fernando Aguilera and Rafi Khan. The founders wanted to take ballet training to new heights in the country and introduce the Indian public to an art that had long been confined to the western hemisphere or the elites.

But Aguilera and Khan faced a whole new set of challenges when they started: How to brand themselves in the market?

In 2014, IFBC contacted SEO Corporation to get personalized branding solutions and an effective online imprint.

Campaign Strategy

Back when IFBC contacted SEO Corporation in 2014, it didn’t have a website to start with. So, the team at SEO Corporation devised a simple strategy: Develop a dynamic online studio for IFBC to exhibit their work virtually.

Various drafts were designed to devise the right color scheme and virtual imprint for IFBC. A team of 5 designers-developers and 2 visualizers was given the responsibility to give IFBC the online image the duo craved.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

Impressive Results

With the help of inputs from the founders, the team at SEO Corporation designed and set up the website for IFBC in 2014. The campaign was carried out just within 3-4 days with the website being fully functional and complete with all the details and media.

SEO Corporation delivered a dynamic, functional and highly sophisticated website with SEO friendly content just within 3-4 days.

Unique imagery and designs were used while setting up the website to a distinctive reputation. Now, IFBC is among the most recognizable brand in ballet dancing in India with a respected website.

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