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Namakwala (Web Design and SEO Services)


Increased a salt exporter’s revenue by 1200% and expanded marketing opportunities in 6 new territories

We helped rank top in the biggest overseas markets to build better international trade and relationship.

Namakwala was established in 1945 and maintained a broad presence in the market for decades.
They deal with international exporters and are associated with the biggest Salt Refinery in Kutch District of Gujarat, India.

The marketing team at Namakwala raised some concerns about the growing online marketplace that they hadn’t explored. The directors contacted SEO Corporation to help gain a stable market base online in 2017.

Campaign Strategy

The marketing team at SEO Corporation analyzed the business and decided that search engine optimization was their best bet for exploring and claiming the online marketplace.

More than 30 keywords were finalized from the research and the team at SEO Corporation executed a balanced on-page and off-page optimization strategy.

The team worked on every element of the website, optimized everything from the design to content, ensured that it offered a user-friendly experience and had it submitted for indexation.

Extensive content distribution and publication and link-building campaigns were carried out to build authority for the website.

Impressive Results

Following an intensive content and SEO strategy, SEO Corporation managed to increase traffic to the website by 7890% within just 3 months.

Further reports revealed that not only the website now ranked on the first page of Google for 36 keywords but also raked in 1200% more revenue.

For the majority of main keywords like salt manufacturing companies in India, salt exporter in India, etc, now ranks on the first page of Google not only in India but also overseas.

The company now exports salts and spices to 6 new overseas markets.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

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