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Shape of water (Web Design and SEO Services)

Shape of water

Created a beautiful, responsive website complete with all information for a leading Pool Contractor in Florida

The challenge was to create a website that resonated the theme of the company. We developed a website that not only pleased aesthetically but also helped The Shape Of Water establish themselves online.

Shaper Of Water is among the leading pool contractors in Florida with 42 years of experience and has built more than 60,000 pools across the state.

But a few years back, they couldn’t be found online.

They didn’t have a website, didn’t list their company with any directories and generally conducted business offline.

But the owner felt that they needed to explore the online world and create themselves as a recognizable brand.

In 2017, they contacted SEO Corporation to get a website that reflected the philosophy of their business designed.

Campaign Strategy

The design and development team at SEO Corporation visualized themes around which they could build the website for The Shape of Water.

They settled on a cool color theme and decided that it would be best to inculcate shades of blue into the website design and graphics.

The team wanted a simple, non-complex website that presented information in the easiest way. So, customized navigation design was finalized and specialized pool photographs were accumulated for the purpose of uploading on the website.

Impressive Results

Within 5 days, the website for the Shape of Water went live and the owner was incredibly happy to see his imagination come to life with SEO Corporation’s responsive design work.

Various elements of design proved to be highly sophisticated with the cool color theme adding to the brilliance. The website was not only designed for aesthetics but also for practical applications like SEO.

The website is among the best Florida Pool Contractors websites as of now.

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