Swiss Village

Project Detail

Established the online presence of a luxury resort in Mukteshwar, increased traffic by 5000% and helped expand luxury market online.

We designed an alluring website for the Swiss Village and handled their online marketing to propel them to the first page of Google.

While the Swiss Village was a well known name in Mukteshwar and surrounding cities, it didn’t have an online presence. The famed resort and spa targeted a very specific segment of the market: the upper middle class or the upper class.

In 2017, the luxury resort and spa contacted SEO Corporation to setup a responsive, functional and beautiful website and widen their market.


Campaign Strategy

The Swiss Village Project was handled by two teams: Online Marketing and Design and Development.
First, the design and development designed a website keeping the viewpoint of the traveller in mind.
The website was designed to cater to the primary needs of someone looking for a luxury resort and spa in Mukteshwar and surrounding vacation spots.
From the color and graphic theme to the content, the design team kept functionality and user experience in mind. Numerous pages were created complete with video and image content.
For the digital marketing part, extensive competitor analysis was done to finalize the main targeted keywords.

Since The Swiss Village only provided luxurious accomodation, optimization and marketing campaigns were created to target the growing demand of luxurious holidays in Mukteshwar.
An intensive on-page and off-page optimization campaign was carried out to build a reputation online and garner high rankings on major search engines.
The SEO strategy also focussed on maintaining a squeaky clean profile online so the resort could appeal to the holidaying families and couples. This entailed managing online reviews and numerous local and global citations.

Impressive Results

Within less than a week, a website with a naturalistic theme was set up. The color green was largely focused on to build the resort’s association with the scenic Mukteshwar. The website was responsive and received great response online post launch.

Within just 3-5 months of implementing the SEO strategy, the Swiss Village website reached the first page of Google for major keywords like Premium resorts in Nainital, Luxury Resorts in Mukteshwar, etc.

The website ranks for more than 200 highly competitive keywords.
Within just 5 months of setting up the website, the Swiss Village observed more than 7826 hits. The Resort and Spa receives more than 50% of its business from online search and queries and has seen a revenue boost of more than 1300%.

Thanks to the success that followed the digital marketing campaign for Swiss Village, the resort and spa was featured prominently in the Lonely Planet and Qnatas.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI