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Ultrawalls (Search Engine Optimization Services)


Challenge: Claim a place among mainstream online wallpaper suppliers

Goal: Attract more traffic, convert more leads, become a leader

Ultrawalls by Sonu art had a stable market offline and often dealt in promotional activities traditional until 2012. They had been around since 1975 and as the market shifted its attention online, Ultrawalls decided to get their fair share of it too.

But they faced a problem. Just having a basic website with some categories wasn’t enough. They wanted to interact with their customers, get more distributors and be able to maximise leads but they weren’t getting the traffic they needed. In 2012, Ultrawalls contacted SEO Corporation to maximise their business opportunities online through online marketing.

Campaign Strategy

The expert team at SEO Corporation performed keyword analysis and with inputs from Ultrawalls, finalized 200-250 keywords.

Extensive on page strategies were used to make the website as search engine friendly as possible. A content strategy was devised to maintain regular updates, draw in more traffic and optimize opportunities for website indexation.

Specialized professionals created an off-page campaign and focussed heavily on building authority and trust for the website through inbound links and better relationship with content websites.

Impressive Results

Within just 3 months of intensive SEO labor, SEO Corporation managed to show positive ranking results. The traffic multiplied 5 times and Ultrawalls managed to quadruple their business. Afterfew months of SEO campaign by SEO Corporation, Ultrawalls reported a hike of 75 million in their overall business.

The website now ranked on the first page of Google for more than 200 keywords that the experts targeted.

Not only the traffic arrived on the website but it also helped Ultrawalls find numerous opportunities that it converted. Moreover, they were able to simplify their client approach strategy by uploading their wallpapers online. The process digitized and this helped in opening new markets for Ultrawalls not only in Delhi but throughout the country.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

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