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Computer Based Trainings and Web Based Trainings

Whether the bunch of employees would become the strength of the company by working as a team depends a lot upon proper training. But training the employees is not an easy task as it seems. The trainers must have thorough understanding of the technicalities behind the concepts as well as ability to make the trainees understand in an easy, simpler, &comfortable manner. But, this isn’t always possible and yes, it demands heavy resources& great investments in terms of money as well as time.
As a solution to all these, the tools like CBTs (Computer Based Training) and Web Based Training  come up as a rescue for every organization. Developed with technological advances from the field of training and education, these tools create special training programs that are simple to understand & easy to learn.

What is CBT & WBT?

CBT is a form of education that students learn by computers. It is specially designed for training the candidates regarding computer applications. It is integrated with different applications that allow candidates to practice as well for proper learning.Web Based Training is a tool that is designed for creating delivering instructions over the Internet or an intranet using a Web browser for better training.

Both CBT and WBT can be customized to planning & implementing various projects.
SEO Corporations’ Specialization:

We, at SEO Corporation hold expertise in designing &developing theCBTs and WBTs tools for unique learning experience. The cost effective& user friendly tools are compliant with global standards& thus best suited for every company.The CBT and Web Based Training solutions that we provide are backed by effective animations, illustrations, games, puzzles, and quiz that make them more interactional.

We develop customized computer based training development modules for training purpose. These can be designed on CD-ROM, Intranet or Internet or a mix of different modes of training, depending upon the users’ need.

Our technical support for creating perfection:

  • High End Pentium I7 & Pentium Core 2 Duo Machines
  • High End Graphic Cards up to 2 GB
  • Resource rich library
  • Latest CBT & WBT development tools
  • Advanced Animation Tools
  • Simulation Tools

CBTs and WBTs positive points:

  • Reduces training costs
  • Visually rich experience
  • Greater flexibility
  • Interactive learnings
  • Caters multimedia elements like 2D/3D animations, audio-video etc.

These tools have in-built content management system that is easily scalable and quickly deployable.

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