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The concept of Flash in web designing has always captured the fancy of millions around the world. In fact, it is human nature to get drawn to moving objects. So, when it comes to the creation of an engaging website, the importance of flash is second to none. And who could be better that SEO Corporation! Our artistic vision and commitment to perfection makes us the ideal choice for flash web designing.

We don’t just create sites, but prepare a platform for our clients to interact & gain new clients. We strive to bring your website to life employing flash technology and a splash of creativity. The Internet landscape is adorned with innumerable sites, and your business faces the danger of getting lost in the crowd. That’s why; we always employ originality and ingenuity to put forward the finest solutions for you. We are not prepared to push the limits.

By joining hands with us, you avail the services of artistic professionals, who will revolutionize your site for better. Our aspiration is to allow our clients personality & message shine through their sites.

Why a Flash-based Web Design is Beneficial for You?

  • An effective way to express firm’s message or philosophy in a better way.
  • Strike the right notes with visitors through compelling animations
  • Support for every possible web browser on the planet.
  • Navigation is far more convenient and enthralling
  • It adds a wow factor to your site.

Why Only Us?

There is no dearth of reasons to join our ever-growing client base. Have a glance at few of them:

A unique Way to View the World:

Designing concerns a fresh and unique way to see different things around us. Only a few privileged ones are sanctified with such vision. And these individuals work for us! Our designers are well-versed with flash technology, and their skills will even surpass your imagination.

Design for Success:

While other only design sites, we pave the way for our clients to success. It’s no hidden fact that a great design is synonymous with equally impressive business. And we don’t walk on the preset paths. Our professionals always bring something new to the table; so, there is no dearth of solutions in our kitty. Whether it’s a start up or an established brand, our smart designs will definitely sweep you off your feet.

Unparalleled Experience in Catering to a Global Audience:

Numerous clients from every continent have joined our client base. For us, there’re not just mere clients, but part of an ever-increasing family of contented businesses. Whether it’s USA, UK or India, our aura of excellence has affected numerous lives. We don’t believe in making mistakes; for us, perfection is the only way of life. Our clients respect our passion and shrewdness in offering great results. Lastly, we never deviate from timely delivery of projects. If we’ve promised something, we will deliver it!

Cost-effective Solutions:

Excellence and affordability go hand to hand. Hence, we have made cost-effectiveness an integral part of our corporate policy. This affordability does not come at the price of quality. In fact, our client base has only augmented in the recent time. In fact, we are quite confident about our tempting packages. If you posses any query, our experts will never hesitate to explain the entire process. In this manner, you will feel confident that your investment is in right hands. Contact us for further details.

Our Flash Designing Services Comprises of:

  • Static Flash web design
  • CMS based Flash web design

Static Flash Web Design:

Static flash web design holds the prowess to offer an immersive experience for your visitors. Our years of experience also acts as catalysts in coming up with the finest solutions. Give us a try, and witness our veterans weave a fabric of magic for you. Remember that our solutions comprises of right amount of practicability and aesthetics.

Salient features of Static Flash Web Design:

  • Integrated image manager for better control.
  • Stipulation of HTML background color system
  • Incorporation of Meta Tags for benefitting your rankings.
  • Option to incorporate background music
  • Select from numerous fascinating templates.
  • Support for color adjustment via image manager
  • External .swf files are supported.
  • Select color for background and borders.

CMS Based Flash Web Design:

When it comes to web design, CMS based Flash design holds a significant place. This technology permits web designers to update site without meddling with the core flash source file. Hence, provisions of convenience and swift up gradation are made possible.

Salient features of CMS Based Flash Web Design:

  • Support for different image formats, be it .jpg, .swf, etc.
  • Text editor brags imposing organization potential
  • Support for internal and external link administration
  • Convenient update facility for content
  • Easy to operate.
  • Provision of Polyglot content management

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