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Why Choose SEO Corporation for SEO Services India

I, SEO Corporation, can give you a 100 reasons to choose us, none of them is the generic reason SEO companies keeping on copying from their competitors’ websites.

First and foremost, we are a company purely based on search engine marketing and we have never used paid ad to promote our business. You will be surprised to know that we don’t have a marketing team yet we have clients in almost every continent of the world except Antarctica (where penguins are still learning the basics of SEO).  You will be surprised how an SEO company India can claim have such a big clientele and a team of 48 full time employees without any marketing team and any kind of investment.

We DID it by purely promoting our blog and website using white hat SEO techniques laid down by Google. Since we were bootstrapped, we started with nothing and leveraged Search engine optimization in a big way. In just 8 years, we  have an industry wide respected blog and a great company.  Since our existence solely depends on SEO promotion of our website, we are always ahead of our competitor in the SEO game and leverage that deep understanding of SEO for our clients and perhaps due to which we can boast to have client retention of 84% while our competitors struggle at less than 42%.

We are we,  WE are SEO Corporation and we are EXTREMELY PROUD of our results.  We want  you to challenges us and demand the results achieved by us for our clients or ask us what we can do fort you and even that very answer will WOW you because we are as serious as YOU about your business. Last but not the least, we are SEO Corporation- #1 SEO India Company and we rank for super competitive keywords like guaranteed SEO Services Company , Guaranteed SEO or website speed speed optimization services and scores of keywords. We rank for more than 100 keywords on 1st page for our own website and more than 6400 keywords for our clients. Feel free to ask for proof.

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SEO India

Our SEO Process starts with YOU!

If you want us to work for you then don’t treat us like an SEO vendor but consider us an extension of your company’s marketing team. Tell us everything. Tell us what you expect from us. Tell us what kind of visitors you want to attract to your website and then leave the rest to us. We will lead you from here, just follow us and if we dis-appoint you then we are ready to lay our lives as any man of honor does after losing a war.

Don’t think that we are being boastful and if you think It then please read our reviews and you will know what kind of results we have achieved for our clients. It is just a fraction of compliments we usually receive. We get an adrenaline rush in pushing  your website to the top in search engines and love to see the joyous smile on your face because 60% of our clients have had a bad experience with some snake oil selling SEO Company. We will give you ranking improvement from the very  first month or refund it. We have never failed and hope we domn’t fail in your case too.

Ask us for a detailed plan of action even before you hire us and will give it to you for free without any obligation.


SEO Services

Our Services by SEO India Company

We provide you all the services related to search engine marketing & website development at one place so that you don’t  need to waste your time searching vendors instead you can utilize that time to grow your business.

SEO India

No one will give you the trust & ranking guarantee we do. Besides, our rates are extremely low compared to our competitors.

Web Design Services

We give you a website which will WOW your customers. Our design standards are super high & yet costs are almost half  of the market price.



Content Writing Services

Aren’t  you yet hooked to  the content of this page? If yes, we believe in the same kind of persuasive writing which sells and informs. It starts from as low as $15 for 500 words!

Online Reputation Management

Bad reviews hurt and no one knows It better than you as you must have landed here being stabbed by some competitors or some angry customers. We have the remedy. get in touch and we explain. It works.

Google Places Optimization

You see this map thing everywhere but don’t understand but you must know that leveraging it will make you strandout your competitors. It is especially useful for local businesses looking for local customers.

Website Speed Optimization

If your design sucks then still users can bear with it but if your website speed sucks then only Donald Trump can save you and after his presidency your website is doomed to fail. Decide what you want and tell us.

SEO India

WordPress is to the website as fast food is to food. Easy to develop, easy to manage and easy to scale up,. Wordpress is the most popular platform which is super cost effective and hence preferred by hundreds of million people around the world.

Link Building Services

As It is not easy to get endorsement from famous people in real life & if you manage to get then you become  famous overnight. Same happens with website. It is not easy to get mentioned by famous websites in your industry and here we come to help you. We are king makers, sorry link makers!

Your Website will go through the following process once we start working on its SEO

There are dozens of items which needs work when we start optimizing a website so we have created a standard checklist and made it public for you so that you ca cross check us and question us if you find anything missing. We are just not an SEO Company but we are SEO Corporation!

SEO Reseller

On and Off Page Optimization

  • Website optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Google Webmaster/Analytics
  • High Quality Link Building
SEO Guidelines 2018

In depth Site Audit/Analysis

  • Is website keyword optimized?
  • Are URLs SEO-friendly?
  • Is content unique?
  • Is website responsive?
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

  • Unique, valuable content
  • Keyword Optimized
  • Persuasive content
  • User Experience
Technical SEO

Technical SEO Services

  • Mobile Friendly Site
  • Strong Site Architecture
  • Engaging Content
  • Coding And Usability
Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

  • Define Brand Value
  • Understand Target Market
  • Competition Analysis
  • Branding Visualization
Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

  • Google My Business
  • Online Review Management
  • NAP Consistency in Citations
  • Personalization and Links
Mobile Search Strategies

Mobile Search Strategies

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Unordered Lists, Images
  • Social Signals
  • Responsive Design
Competitors Monitoring

Mobile Search Strategies

  • Competitors’ Keywords
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Social Signals
  • Responsive Design

India’s Largest Media Group Honours Vishal Vivek by Publishing His Story in Its Book- I did It! Vol 2

The Times Group recently published the second collection of brief biographies in its latest book “I did it! EXCEPTIONAL STORIES OF PEOPLE WHO MADE IT LARGE! Volume 2. Authored by former journalist and acclaimed writer Prachi Raturi Mishra, I did it has immortalized 20 stories of struggle, sorrow and success one of which belongs to Vishal Vivek.

Let Us talk a bit more about our past, present and future

We started from a small room. Grew organically through SEO and blogging. 42 full time employees. More than 4800+ keywords on First page of Google, yahoo, Bing. Excellent reviews and tens of millions of sales generated every month for our clients. If UIt is still not enough then our young bachelor CEO featured and awarded by the largest media conglomerate as one of the most inspiring Indians. We want to see a day when we become a household name in search engine marketing industry and we will reach there. Nothing can stop us. Nothing.

SEO Corporation, one of the leading SEO Companies of India, doesn’t have a secret sauce. We are a family of like-minded people who believe that businesses aren’t exploring their potential of finding a new market online well enough. We intend to help businesses explore and efficiently use this potential.

As a premier SEO Company India, we exist to help you grow. Our job is to improve your prospects and we do it by helping your website rank on the first page of Google. The sole purpose behind our SEO Strategy is ranking your website and help you beat your competitors.

We are the ultimate wingman your marketing strategy will ever need. And, just in case you thought you have no online marketing strategy, don’t worry. We will take care of it. We have the most experienced SEO, PPC and Content marketing professionals who understand individual needs of every brand.

We tailor our strategies to suit the distinct, individual needs of your brand and make sure that you benefit the most with our transparency. Not sure what kind of help your website needs? Don’t worry, send us your website and our SEO Experts will diagnose and give you the best, unbeatable cure.


SEO Corporation's rankings

Why you should consider hiring an SEO Expert India?

SEO Companies have cropped up almost everywhere but India has turned into a leading provider of professional-grade SEO services. More and more businesses and brands are now turning to Indian SEO companies to fulfil their online marketing needs

Wondering what brought about the trend? Read on.

While SEO isn’t exactly very old, it isn’t exactly new to the world either. Ever since search engines made waves almost two decades back, marketers knew that they had new promotional and marketing platforms worth optimizing. Gradually, SEO became a real thing and soon during the later part of the last decades, plenty of Indian SEO companies began offering reselling services to global digital marketing giants.

SEO India

Step 1

Our own website ranks in top on Google for the following keywords:

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SEO Company India

Step 2

Our SEO Services India team creates necessary pages, designs a content strategy for the website, optimizes the website and starts building inbound links.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 3

Our SEO Services India team helps promote your website with a comprehensive review monitoring system so your reputation online grows.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

See what our clients are saying about our SEO company

  • I have worked with many, many coders and developers over the years. I am rarely impressed as I am with SEO Corporation. I have given them projects that other developers have failed at, time and time again, and Vishal and his staff handle my projects with ease, and quickly, I might add. On top of that, he is an excellent communicator, which is also a blessing. I am so impressed with them that I am giving them additional projects to work on and I am totally confident of their ability to meet and exceed my needs. Highly recommended.

    Arnie Abrams
  • I have worked with Vishal and his team for many months now on multiple projects. Vishal has very creative staff and they designed my latest website. He is very proficient and knowledgeable and has effective processes in place to handle multiple projects simultaneously. He is very knowledgable in his field and knows the industry.

    Janice Cyrenne
    Vishal is a consummate professional! -Very high quality work and fast too. It’s hard to find someone who will go the extra mile to make sure things are done right. Vishal is not only trustworthy, but an asset to any business. I absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants their business to thrive.


SEO Service Plans

Check out our different Best SEO Services India packages for every budget:


Price per month
$299/ MO
  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • 12 Keywords
  • No Minimum Contract Period
Plan page


Price per month
$449/ MO
  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • 20 Keywords
  • No Minimum Contract Period
Plan page


Price per month
$ 849/ MO
  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • 35 Keywords
  • No Minimum Contract Period
Plan page
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