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SEO for Travel Agencies

Sell Holiday Packages Throughout the Year
Proven Techniques that will skyrocket your traffic and leads online
  • Get on the first page of Google, Yahoo & bing
  • Rule the three-pack Google Maps results
  • Pile on more organic, targeted traffic
  • Earn more leads & bookings
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More travelers need to find out about your unbelievable holiday packages.
Be more searchable online with SEO.
We will help you maintain your reputation too!

According to research, more and more people are now beginning their travel and booking process with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

As a travel agency, you should make the most out of this opportunity by getting on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo and attracting maximum leads.

Your Competitors are leveraging the power of SEO, why shouldn’t you?

Why SEO for Travel Agencies?


Lead Generation

Generate more actionable leads from your preferred area with Local SEO

Scale Your Business

Reach more travelers online and scale your business with targeted keywords and content strategy
Dedicated SEO Expert

Save Ad Spending

Make more sales without spending a fortune on epic advertising with Organic, Local SEO

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SEO for Travel Agencies

Local SEO & Google Maps

Leverage the power of Local SEO, Google My Business & quality Citations to target your preferred audience. Why rank in Malaysia when your audience is in New York? Let your targeted audience find you.
● Rank in the 3-pack Google near me results
● Optimized Google My Business Listing
● More targeted local & organic traffic
● Relevant local leads

Competitor Analysis

We will determine why your competitors are ranking and you are not and design a fail-proof strategy based on the findings and our proven techniques.
● Determine your competitors strengths and weaknesses
● Design a strategy better than them
● Keep an eye on their next move
● Reverse Engineer the process to succeed

Link Building

Inbound links or other websites linking back to you is a big signal that influences Google rankings. We will maximise your high-quality links to rank your website and listing better.
● Maximum connections
● More mentions of your brand throughout the internet
● Build authority with high-quality links
● Get referral traffic

Social Media

Millions of people are joining like-minded traveling communities on Social Media. Make the most out of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and every relevant Social media network out there.
● Boost your traffic & rankings
● Reach targeted traveler audience
● Engage your prospects, join communities for exposure
● Get more conversions
● Increase brand awareness
● Build a brand reputation, connect with travelers
● Leverage social proof to attract more leads
● Validate your business’ authenticity and quality service

Content Marketing

Use blogs, listicles, itineraries, videos to your advantage and excite travelers around the world with phenomenal content to create a demand.
● Retain your traffic, Engage prospects better
● Build relationships with visitors/readers
● Expand your audience
● Boost conversion chances

Optimize Categories

Book more with optimized services pages of your website and listings.
● Get more traffic to your destination pages
● Make your property pages more discoverable
● Attract more leads with strategic optimization

Digital Marketing

What after SEO?

Soon as you are on the 1st page Google, half of your job is done.

Now, make an offer that your voyagers won’t refuse.
Hook them with exciting copies, thrilling videos and brilliant photographs emphasizing wanderlust.  

Sell the perfect escape with the perfect imagery and your bookings will go through the roof.


Till couple of years back, I got a decent amount of queries during summer. But business was bad 8 months a year. SEO Corporation’s travel agency package did what brochures, billboards and taxi decals couldn’t for me. Now, I get bookings 7-8 months a year. I’d recommend these guys!

Abdul Ansari

Till 2014, I was making this big mistake of not leveraging the internet. I am not a very old man but I certainly didn’t like the Internet but after a period of no bookings in 2013, I hired SEO Corporation. I have to say while I am still not a big fan of the internet, these guys have helped me accomplish something remarkable. From my website to my listings, everything is bringing me more clients.

Richard Armiduilace

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