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SEO Services for Law Attorneys in Miami

How to expand your business as an attorney in Miami with SEO?

If you google Attorneys in Miami, you will get more than 30,000,000 results. This is the amount of competition you are facing online. Are you ready to let the competitors seize your opportunities?
With strategic Attorneys SEO, you can earn the edge you need and bag all the opportunities by appearing on top of search engines.
It’s good practice to make yourself as visible as possible online locally by consistently listing yourself with directories.

If you are aware of the online market scenario, you’d be aware of PPC campaigns.
The cost per click for a keyword like accident attorney Miami is around $33-$97 (according to the keyword planner).
So, if you want more than 1000 people discovering you online and landing on your website via the ad, you may have to pay anywhere around $33000-$97000.
As an attorney and a businessman, do you think the cost is acceptable? Sure, Google can charge as high as it wants as there will always be takers but really? Would you be willing to pay such a gigantic amount?
You could pay thousands of dollars but PPC still won’t guarantee you conversions.
It doesn’t matter how many people land on your website. What really matters is how many of them get converted. Sure, traffic is good but not at the cost of $33,000+.
That’s not the price you should be paying to get traffic. What’s the guarantee that these people visiting your website would actually hire your services?
Perhaps, 50% of them will. But would that be enough to cover the money you have spent on the cost per clicks.
This is why, Attorneys SEO is a better option and helps you land on your feet online.
By maintaining a high rank on the search engines, offering service oriented content to prospective buyers and monitoring online reviews, SEO can help you develop a wider customer base.

KeywordMin search volumeMax search volumeCompetition
miami personal injury attorney1,00010,000Medium
miami personal injury lawyer1,00010,000Medium
miami injury lawyer1001,000Medium
miami personal injury law firm1001,000Medium
birth injury attorney miami10100Low
accident lawyer miami1001,000Medium
miami injury attorney1001,000Medium
miami car accident lawyer1,00010,000High
motorcycle injury lawyer miami10100Low
miami law firms1001,000Low
miami accident lawyer1001,000High
lawyer miami fl1001,000Low
accident attorney miami1001,000Medium
miami accident attorney1001,000Medium
personal injury miami1001,000Medium
miami car accident attorney1001,000Medium
personal injury attorney miami fl1001,000Medium
bankruptcy attorney miami10,000100,000High
divorce lawyers miami10,000100,000High
divorce attorney miami10,000100,000High
business lawyer miami1001,000Medium
dui lawyer miami1,00010,000High
accident lawyer miami10,000100,000High
disability lawyers miami10,000100,000High
family law attorney miami10,000100,000High
injury lawyer miami10,000100,000High
dui attorney miami1,00010,000High
malpractice lawyers miami10,000100,000High
divorce lawyer miami10,000100,000Medium
free attorney miami1,00010,000High
immigration lawyer Miami10,000100,000Medium

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