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Top Online Marketing Trends in 2014

World Wide Web or the internet has definitely made this world a smaller place to live in. Internet has not just made the process of sharing information unbelievably faster and more accurate, it has also had a profound impact on marketing. With SEO and internet marketing becoming more and more focused on using techniques that are quality centric rather than quantity centric, most of the outbound techniques are losing their charm while inbound techniques are becoming more and more interesting. Now businesses try to go with original, interesting and quality content instead of content that is junk and meant only for advertisement, as the former is able to provide businesses top class branding and audience growth.

I have an SEO company of my own and I have tried to keep my business abreast with all the latest trends in the business. Let me tell you my predictions on the top online marketing trends that are going to take the world of internet by storm, based on my own personal experience in business.

Content will become more image-centric

Content posted on blogs or even social media sites has had a bad reputation for being complete junk as clients have had the distasteful experience of being hit by useless advertisements. In order to hold the attention of consumers it has become extremely important that the content is not just eye catching but also easily and quickly digestible. If you are a regular visitor too social media sites that are on the rise, you will notice that out of every five of them at least four of them have one thing in similar…..images are an important part of their content. The power and potential of image based content can simply be explained with the success and rapid rise of sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed.

However, my experience also tells me that it is almost impossible for text-based content to go out of style completely; it is also true that most of the successful blog posts now believe in using well-placed pictures to emphasize certain points and break the content up. The rise of a new technique – info graphics, which uses an attractive fusion of images with minimal text to explain a certain topic is only one example that shows how the style of presenting content is going to change in the coming year.

Social Media Marketing will mean more variety

Once upon time, not long ago, social media network options that businesses could implement in their marketing campaigns were extremely limited, with big names like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook ruling the nest. However, with changing times and social media sites gaining popularity, new social media sites are cropping up way too fast. Although, some of them diminish as quickly as they pop up, others like Tumblr, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are now becoming a rage amongst businesses as they provide them with a medley of alternatives to produce interesting content in diverse media forms which allows them to build a loyal base of audience across more channels than was possible before.

Moreover, with each passing month it has become extremely common for businesses to move out of their comfort zones and experiment with a variety of networks to secure the maximum amount of customers. This technique of diversification proves successful as it means that a larger base of customers now recognize a particular brand which in turn means that a strong brand equity is built.

Content Marketing Will Rule

If we do a survey today, then we will find that the most successful businesses are those that are regularly designing and creating important content through a diverse network of channels. Content marketing if done the right way is the key for companies to gain trust of consumers and establish authority amongst consumers. Content help companies to provide relevant information about their business which is focused on providing either insight or entertainment to the audience. This strategy works well as it not only help you secure a loyal following but also help in developing a steady rapport with its demographic. This point is proven in a survey recently done by the Content Marketing Institute. The survey results say that the top B2B content marketing strategies are eNewsletters, articles and videos on other websites, social media and articles on business websites.

With interesting and quality content on these channels, it is seen that businesses are able to build a strong reputation and a positive brand image in their concerned industry. The growing popularity of content marketing is outdoing the past marketing to the masses trends that involved techniques like radio ad and television adds. If you want to build a loyal audience base as well as strong brand equity in the coming future then inbound marketing is the way to go and creating engaging and valuable content designed for a niche audience.

Mobile friendly content will become a necessity for success

These days the trend of smartphones and tablets is growing quickly and is becoming quite widespread as a report from Forbes proves, according to this report, 87% of the total sale of connected device will include solely of tablets and smartphones by the year 2017. This report proves that in order to be successful and expanding its reach to wider customer group, businesses must utilize responsive web design as it is extremely important to give users that are browsing via mobile device a positive experience.

If businesses do not create alternate mobile versions for their websites, then in the future it will mean that they will easily lose customers to their more up-to-date competitors who are keeping up with this latest trend. With people becoming more and more tech savvy and their interest shifting from heavy PC’s and laptops to mobile devices, businesses who are onboard with the shifting moods are likely to be successful while those who will not bother to catch up will definitely suffer.

Less will be the new more

Consumer preference in today’s market is quite dynamic and one very notable trend that is sure to effect the way marketing of a business is done, is the interest of customers towards a brief, accurate and on the mark marketing message instead of cumbersome, in-depth messages. The growing interest of consumers to all things simple is glaringly obvious if you take a look at top brands like Google and Apple. These brands believe in and value simplicity and do their business on this principle. Another example of a clean, uncluttered and minimal aesthetic technique is Pinterest, a large part of appeal in this site lies within its motto of less is more.

Customers are growing tired and jaded with all the overload of information and loud advertisements, which has made the more innovative and intelligent marketers take the exact opposite route of keeping things simple and clean, with most of their efforts going in toning-down their campaigns instead of overwhelming consumers with all the loud hype.

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