Yahoo! Store Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to getting the Yahoo! Store Search Engine Optimization services, SEO Corporation is the perfect name that stands high on the parameters of experience, results, & industry-oriented approach. With the support of our SEO professionals we create a unique & focused strategy for development of comprehensive SEO program catering specifically Yahoo! Store. The appreciations that we receive for successful execution and notable results boost our confidence and make us more capable of handling different projects without fail.

To boost your online business SEO ranking, we provide different programs & enhancements, specifically for Yahoo! Store. Our services include:

  • Yahoo! Store Search Engine Submissions
  • Yahoo! Store Search Engine Optimization Reports
  • Yahoo! Store SEO Tips and Ideas
  • Yahoo! Store SEO Enhancements for Your Store

What separates us from others?

The experts working with us are the biggest strength of the company. Our special team of Yahoo! Store experts hold substantial experience in working upon different Yahoo! Store Design Services. Everything that we develop, form or introduce is specifically for Yahoo! Stores, & this makes us expert in this segment.

2) X-Cart Search Engine Optimization

SEO has its own importance in online business, and so does X-Cart Search Engine Optimization. With our meticulously compiled X-Cart SEO services, the experts come up with result-oriented solutions to raise the search engine ranking. By using the best suited SEO tools, modules & software, we have made a track-record of handling successful projects. The well worked upon X-cart based applications are judiciously optimized by the team for effective SEO, increase indexing & generate in-bound linking.

Our X-Cart Search Engine Optimization Services includes:

  • The use of keyword-rich phrases in ALT attributes for images
  • Using genuine keywords for product images
  • Set up both regular and XML sitemaps
  • Change all relative links into absolute URLs
  • Converting large table codes into compact div-based layout
  • Well-structured SEO friendly URLs
  • Removing dynamic links for categories, products and static pages links
  • Facilitating dynamic links
  • Tips & tricks to prevent duplication

Our professional search engine optimization services for your X-cart applications have made us set new milestones in the industry, and we work hard to maintain it & fetch profit for client’s business.

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