11 Tips to Optimize Your Website That Can Improve ROI By 200%


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11 Tips to Optimize Your Website That Can Improve ROI By 200% - SEO Corporation

11 Tips to Optimize Your Website That Can Improve ROI By 200%

In today’s competitive landscape, online marketing is a key to achieve great outcomes for any business. And the game starts with the website speed optimization. Optimizing big websites is much easier as compared to small websites. The reason is the budget. As big websites carry heavy marketing budget, marketers have more options. On the other hand, it is a bit tricky to optimize small websites that tend to rest on a low budget. Let’s see how you can do wonders with your small website in an impressive way without creating a hole in the pocket.

The first thing to keep in mind while doing any such thing is that you would have to take into account all crucial factors of the website such as site structure, links, keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, canonical tags, URLs, and content. Moreover, mobile and usability also should be in your head. Let’s look at other factors.

1. Try to make URLs user-centric

Today you have the option to change and edit URLs at any point in time. For example, in WordPress, you can easily embed your post’s title into the Title section, and it will automatically convert into a readable URL.

In a bid to optimize URL, you can choose to modify the slug in the Yoast SEO plugin. The whole purpose is to let users understand the inner data just by reading the URL.

2. Embed Target keywords in Title

This is an easy job. However, including multiple keywords into a page’s title can be a bit tricky.

Choose the prominent keyword to put into the title. It is not feasible to use Google’s Keyword Planner. Fill a spreadsheet with keywords, sift out keywords that match with your objectives, and move forward with content creation. You also need to go deeper into user interest. Nowadays, keywords on their own don’t mean a lot; a user’s intent when they put in certain queries matters much more.

Try to get an attractive title. You need to make right balance between a headline that appears and feels natural and one that highlights your targeted keyword.

3. Count on Visual Content

Visual content is really important. Images, videos, infographics, presentations, screenshots, GIFs, and memes are various elements that tend to make your content more effective and keep visitors involved.

Content that doesn’t highlight any imagery is less interesting. A majority of people don’t prefer going through large blocks of text; users will just click away.

4. Employ Heading Tags

This is an extremely important factor that guides search engines and users understand more about your post.

Try to use one H1 tag per page. The information mentioned here appears in the search results.

As far as H2-H6 tag are concerned, they don’t make any big impact on search engine ranking and help in easy digestion of your content.

It is suggested to keep your subheading revealing and expressive. Visitors love to scan, rather than carefully read most of the content. Make sure consumers can digest your content’s sense just by scanning subheadings.

5. Put one targeted keyword in the leading paragraph

This is a pretty old tactic used by SEO professionals since ages. And there is no doubt this is a good one.

The reason behind this trick is the visibility of the first paragraph on a page. Besides headline, keywords infused in the first paragraph help people find out the meaning of the following pages and drive their decisions further.

6. Ensure Linking To Relevant Pages And Sections

While optimizing a small website, ensuring easy navigation to other pages is a key to sure shot success. Not only it ensures enhancement of engagement metrics, it also directs google that the website is of high value.

Another reason is that it makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and its pages. This is seriously a big factor in the optimization of your website.

7.Don’t Forget to Optimize Image Alt Text

In your SEO list, don’t miss optimizing your Image Alt Text. This becomes more necessary if your site is full of visual content such as image, infographics, diagrams, and others. Make sure all the images on your website carry alt text and at least one image per page highlights your targeted keyword.

8. Embed Social Sharing Switches

Though social element may not be too effective from SEO point of view, social media could help in the easy discovery of your content. Moreover, it would also help visitors share your content on other platforms.

9. Prepare 800+ Posts

There is no hard and fast rule on this but it is generally assumed that Google prefers longer posts as they provide more value, reliability, and prominence to the page. Such content also attracts better quality backlinks.

10 Keep Site Speed in Mind

Page speed has been a crucial ranking factor for a long time. Nowadays, a page’s load time tends to make a huge effect on a website’s mobile ranking.

Page speed is of vital importance as users don’t wait for slow loading sites. Slow load time simply refers to poor usability and further poor engagement.

11. Check the Mobile-Friendliness Of Your Website And Pages

At a time, when the whole world is going mobile, there is no point in staying old. Consider facts.

  • Mobile optimized websites are likely to outrank in mobile search outcomes.
  • 71 percent of the total time in 2017 in the U.S. is spent on mobile devices.
  • The average American spends 87 hours per month on their smartphones browsing websites.

Though conversion rates on mobile and tablets are less compared to desktop, people still prefer mobiles for search due to ease of use. Therefore, these mobile devices could be an entry point for visitors to your websites.

Make a sagacious use of mobiles and give the power of mobile to your website.


While optimizing a website, considering both on-page, as well as off-page factors, are extremely important. Focusing on your website optimization is extremely necessary but don’t take user-friendliness lightly.

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