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    Why Should You Hire Our Social Media Marketing Services

    More than 3 billion people from around the world use social media and the average user is online for 6 hours every day. What does this data mean for you? It means that Social Media Optimization Service is a great place to showcase your business. It also means that your prospective customers are online. People are searching for products and services online. Effective social media marketing helps you to find out where your customers are, understand what they are searching for and helps you to create a trust for them. With our full-service bouquet of social media marketing services that include among others; social listening and real-time monitoring, social contest developments and deployments, social media optimization service, measurement and optimization services and a huge library of social media marketing case studies based on our past projects no project is too difficult for us.


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    Our Social Media Marketing and Optimization Services


    There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook and 42 % of marketers report that Facebook is critical for their business. Utilize our Facebook marketing services to unleash your business potential to the world.


    500 million tweets are sent here every day and 40% of users on Twitter make a purchase because of an influencer’s tweet. Our Twitter marketing services will help you grab your share of the pie.


    Instagram has 2 million monthly advertisers and 80% of accounts follow a business. Our Instagram services help you reach and convert your potential customers on this platform.


    Mobile and video marketing your business yet? YouTube is the place to be. The 2nd most visited website on earth with 1.9 billion logged-in visitors every month. The world awaits your business.


    If you want to reach niche communities for your business, Redditt is the place. Our Redditt specialists will engage with the community on your behalf.


    With our dedicated B2B social media marketing services, reach out to professionals who are actively looking for solutions. LinkedIn is the platform free of noise and dedicated to B2B leads.

    What do Our Social Media Marketing Services Include?

    You get the following features when you purchase our Social Media Marketing package

    Original Posts

    We develop original content for you that is not spun or copied from different places on the internet. These original and engaging posts related to your niche help to attract audiences to your website. This also increases your authority in the eyes of Google and you begin to be viewed as an expert on a certain subject. In the long run, this brings qualified traffic to your site and increases your domain authority rank on search engines.

    Setting up Your Social Media Profile

    We help you set up your social media profile from scratch. Right from choosing the right profile picture to composing you're ‘about us’, we ensure that you have a professional profile. Our optimized content strategy ensures that we provide the exact kind of content that users are showing search intently for. This results in more qualified traffic coming to your website.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    As a top social media Optimization Company in The United States, we understand that each business is unique. That is why we provide a dedicated account manager who will handle your social media account exclusively and help you build relationships with your customers and community.

    Quality Images

    We do not use generic images but use a combination of high-quality stock images and custom images that are sourced from our in-house photo library. The custom images are then optimized correctly for search engine rankings using alt-text. These images also help to bring in qualified traffic that is looking for your unique product or service. Our Social Media Optimization Company prides itself on this.

    Competitor Analysis

    Your marketing needs a solid social media optimization strategy to succeed. We make sure that you succeed by helping you plan, build and implement a strategy. This makes for In-depth competitor analysis. We come up with the inside info on your competitors. We analyze the social media and website pages of your competitors and see what they are going well and what they are doing bad. Next, we do some of that good on our social pages while we learn what not to do from their bad. We also identify areas that need improvement and work on it.

    Result-driven Service

    If you are looking to generate traffic, leads or video views; we can do it all for you depending on your business needs within your budget. We s one of the best social media marketing companies that will help you get the best bang for your buck.

    Social Media Optimization Service Offered by Us

    Instagram Growth Services

    We are renowned providers of Social Media Optimization Service in the United States. We help grow your Instagram account through genuine followers and organic growth so that you can stand out from your competitors and become the influence that you’re meant to be. We use a combination of advanced machine learning and AI to grow your account. Rest assured, we don’t use and bots but rely only on real followers to grow your account.

    Twitter Growth Services

    Say goodbye to bots and buying fake followers. We have all the tools and insider info on how to grow your Twitter audience and engagement organically. You can now focus on creating quality pots while we will help you gain targeted followers with content that is relevant to them. Our social media marketing consultant will be with you at all times to guide you through.

    YouTube Growth

    Our growth strategies ensure that your subscriber count, video likes and shares keep zooming ahead and your channel has regular, engaged and returning visitors. We bring in only real and active users to your channels who will associate with you for the great content you provide. Hire our Social Media Optimization Service today to see real results that grow your channel.

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    How is the Pricing of Social Media Marketing Decided

    There are a few key components that determine the cost of your social media marketing campaign. The first component is the number of posts. Posts here mean blogs as well as short snippet-like posts on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Depending on the frequency and number of posts required your price will be decided. Similarly, the number of graphic designs or high definition creative videos also influence pricing. A custom-created graphic could be anything ranging from a cartoon to a complex infographic and they will surely be expensive.


    Since high quality, high-definition videos with an engaging story can help you convert lots of leads and also build your fan following. Campaigns are the soul of any marketing strategy and the pricing will revolve around the number of campaigns created in a week or a month.

    What We Can Do For You in Social Media Marketing

    Being one of the best Social Media Marketing Companies in the United States we can help you in the following ways

    Drive Traffic on Your Website

    We are counted amongst the top social media marketing companies. Our laser-sharp targeted social media optimization for businesses means that we identify and reach out to each and every relevant cluster of your audience online. We engage in conversations keeping in mind the voice and personality of each platform. For example, Twitter has a short and snappy vibe. LinkedIn as a formal and serious air while Instagram has an artsy vibe. Next, encourage a habit of continuous interaction with your brand. This, in turn, brings them to your website on a continuous basis

    Run Advertising Campaigns

    You are in safe hands with us when you hand over the reins of your social media to us. We will run all your advertising campaigns based on your business objective. Whether you want – whether it is to increase your reach, your hashtag to trend on twitter, increase likes and shares, increase engagement or video views on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram we are there for you. We will also help you run lead generation campaigns that are measurable and impactful.

    Increase Reach and Shares

    Reputed social media marketing companies in the United States know that random posting on social media is just a waste of time and money. Our targeted reach and shares of content ensure that your content is distributed in the right channels on social media platforms. This ensures your content gets the maximum engagement, shares, and likes from the targeted audience. Therefore, we make sure that there is a consistency of value in the content so that visitors keep coming back to your brand.

    Promote Your Products and Services

    Social media management for small businesses can be implemented without spending tons of money or having millions of followers. We help you connect with your audience and potential customers. Our approach is platform-centric and focuses on first identifying the virtual zones where your target audience hangs out. This helps your audience build a strong bond with your brand. Our approach, businesses irrespective of size can create awareness, be present in new markets and drive sales.

    Promote Your Videos

    Good marketing is all about good story-telling. We help you to focus on the needs of your potential customers by telling them how your brand can solve their problems. Our social media marketing experts with years of experience behind them help to tell them your story. From live streaming to niche-based storytelling, we can help you create videos that are stimulating, informative, mobile-friendly and SEO optimized. It is no wonder that we are counted among the best social media companies for video promotion.

    Generate Leads

    As a top SMO agency, we help convert visitors into leads. Our experienced social media marketing consultants help you build your lead generation strategies for Facebook and Instagram. Starting with your Facebook page and Instagram business profile, we help you build everything including your lead generation ads, optimizing your bio, running contests, sharing user-generated content and overall Facebook and Instagram content strategy. At the end of the day, we track and measure everything so that you know you’re getting your ROI

    Why Hire Us

    1. Data-Driven Strategy

    We base all our social media campaigns in data-driven strategies that start with identifying the right personas and audience for your site. Next, we identify the social media platforms where your audience hangs out and improve social campaigns based on this. Lastly, we benchmark everything against your competitors to improve your social ROI.

    2. Custom Packages

    We understand that everyone doesn’t have the big bucks to spend on marketing and advertising due to varied reasons. For example, you might be just starting out on your business journey. Our social media marketing for small businesses is all tailored to suit your unique and specific requirements. Whatever be your budget, we will offer you the best social media for business marketing.

    3. Transparent Reporting

    At each stage of your campaign, we keep you in the loop by reporting to you. We let you know the status of the campaign so that you’re up-to-date with the real-time status of your campaigns. This ensures transparency and you are never in the dark about even the minutest of details that are part of your report.

    4. Result-oriented service

    We succeed when you succeed. We take a result-oriented approach where everything from social profile listing to the execution of social media campaigns have a specific goal of meeting your brand’s objectives. Everything is ROI driven and this is what will help you to spread your online presence and outgrow the competitors.

    Our Additional Services That Will Boost Your Business online

    Search Engine Optimizaion

    Take your website to the first page of the search engines with our SEO Services. We have a strong team of SEO Experts with years of experience to do that.

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    GMB Optimization Service

    Be on the top when your customers search your company name on Google. Our Google My Business Optimization service will help you discover on search results.

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    Website Designing Services

    Our Web Designing experts will provide you a professional and user-friendly website. Take your business online with our website designing service.

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    Content Writing Services

    Your website content decides your position on search engines results. Our Content Writers will provide you content with good readability.

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    Digital Marketing Services

    Make your business digital and boost your online presence. Reach your targeted audience easily with our digital marketing services.

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    Link Building Services

    Boost your website domain authority with high-quality links and increase your possibility to rank on your desired key-phrases.

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    What Social Media Marketing Services Do We Provide?

    SEO Corporation is one of the leading social media marketing companies in the US providing the entire range of services including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

    We follow a rigorous process that involves setting up your social media profile, performing competition analysis, providing creative and original posts with an eye on driving results, influencer marketing and so on. Our high-quality social media optimization services are designed to help you achieve your digital marketing objectives.

    Our tried-and-tested techniques have achieved great results for dozens of clients, helping them get more customers and improve their sales and revenues.

    Does Social Media Marketing Matter to Small Businesses?

    Social media marketing can be extremely useful for small businesses because it offers a cost-effective way to communicate with customers.

    Since social media is accessible to anyone for free (with the exception of paid services like ads), it offers an inexpensive way to advertise your products. It is also a great way to communicate with your clients and get feedback about your products and services.

    It is a highly versatile space that can be used to advertise your products, inform your customers about sales and discounts, get them to participate in contests and polls, and so on. Effective social media advertising leads to more inbound traffic for local businesses and hence more leads and conversions resulting in a surge in profits.

    If you are looking for a social media agency for small businesses, get in touch with us. We can help you create, optimize and execute an outcome-oriented social media strategy.

    How Can Social Media Marketing Help You to Build a Brand?

    Brand-building is one of the most important benefits of SMM marketing vis-à-vis businesses. A social media strategy spanning different platforms can help you raise awareness about your brand and increase brand recognition. A good social media optimization strategy starts with defining your target audience and helping you develop a voice and personality that appeals to this segment. Successfully creating viral videos and media could help you become known far beyond your immediate business territory.

    How Do Social Media Marketers Charge for Their Services?

    Social media marketing services pricing can vary greatly. It may cost anything between $1,000 and $20,000 per month depending on various factors such as the reputation of the agency you are working with, the experience and skill level of experts, the range of services you require and so on.

    Social media marketing is much more than setting up a social media profile and posting messages every day. It entails competition analysis, drawing up a proper social media strategy, social listening, etc.

    At SEO Corporation, we offer affordable social media marketing services for all types of businesses. Get in touch with us today for high-quality services.

    How Effective Are Facebook Ads in Generating Actual Sales?

    Social media advertising on Facebook is an effective means to reach out to your target audience. A 2013 study by the media intelligence firm Aggregate Knowledge found that media plans which included Facebook witnessed a 24% rise in sales compared to those that didn’t.


    (Source: Databox)

    The business analytics platform company Databox conducted a poll that revealed 54%marketers found Facebook ads to be “very effective” and 38% of them found them to be “somewhat effective” (only 8% said they were “not effective”). These results suggest Facebook ads can be effective if they are done right leading to more clicks, conversions and higher sales.

    How Effective is B2B Social Media Marketing?

    Many B2B ventures do not invest in SMM marketing because they are not sure whether it will work for them or not. But the fact is that these companies can reap huge benefits with the aid of a good SMM strategy.

    Social media marketing can help B2B companies advertise their partnerships, monitor their competitors, increase brand awareness and so on. Choosing the right platform is crucial in most cases. For instance, placing a greater focus on LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms might make more sense for a B2B company since most of the decision-makers are active on LinkedIn. But this tactic may not work for all B2B firms. After all, your choice of social media platforms is unique to you and should be determined based on your overall marketing goals. A professional social media marketing consultant can help you decide what platforms to focus on so that you can derive maximum mileage from your SMM activities.

    How I Get Leads from Social Media?

    Social media helps you get leads through clicks, likes, and shares on different platforms. Posts are written with the intention of persuading users to respond to a call to action (for example, asking people to sign up for a service or purchase a product from your e-commerce store).

    Leads come in each time a user responds to ACTA. The impact of your post could be greatly amplified through likes and shares which inspire more people to engage with your post.

    A seasoned SMO agency adopts many different techniques to help you obtain the results you want after a careful analysis of your business.

    How Many Hours a Week Do Social Media Marketers Work?

    The work hours of social media marketers are like that of any other professional and they work 40-50 hours a week. However, they often need to put in extra hours to meet urgent deadlines.

    If a social media marketer is working on your business, s/he usually puts in an agreed number of hours on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as stipulated in the contract.

    How to Advertise My Small Business on Social Media?

    Are you the owner of a small business? Thinking of opting for social media marketing? Here is a general overview of what you need to do to get started with social media marketing and reap its benefits.

    1. Identify your marketing goals.
    2. Create a social media strategy.
    3. Create profiles on social media platforms based on your strategy.
    4. Post interesting content.
    5. Post content on a regular basis.
    6. Respond to your followers.
    7. Build and nurture relationships with influencers.
    8. Share interesting content (attempt to strike a balance between shared/retweeted content and original content).

    As you may have noticed, many of these processes, such as creating a social media strategy or building relationships with influencers, require specialized knowledge and expertise. A good social media optimization company like SEO Corporation can help you get your act together by utilizing its expertise to create and execute a suitable SMM/SMO plan.

    How to Get Clients Through Social Media?

    If you run a business, it is possible to get new clients using a good social media strategy. The same principles that drive good social media practices work here as well. Posting regularly, engaging with your followers, posting high-quality content, following a consistent brand voice and so on are important tactics that assist with client acquisition. A good social media firm can help you build a comprehensive strategy to accomplish your objective.

    How to Grow a Twitter Account Organically?

    Use these tips to grow your Twitter followers organically and promote your handle:

    1. Engage your followers with replies and retweets.
    2. Ensure a high standard of content.
    3. Focus on trending topics (but don’t overdo it). Use the right hashtags.
    4. Promote your Twitter handle (mention it on your other social media accounts, website, letter pads, etc.)
    5. Engage with influencers—they might mention you in their posts or share your messages, thus leading many more people to follow your account. Our Twitter experts will do it for you if you find this hard and time-consuming.

    How to Improve My Instagram Marketing Performance?

    The tips below can help you increase your follower base and improve your Instagram marketing effectiveness.

    1. Promote your handle on your website, emailers, etc. to increase your follower base.
    2. Ask your customers to follow you.
    3. Don’t forget to complete your profile. Viewers should be able to tell what kind of business you are by simply reading your profile. Use your company logo or a good profile picture.
    4. Post regular, high-quality content.
    5. Don’t push your products/brands all the time. It can get annoying. Share interesting content about your industry or come up with funny or entertaining posts. The idea is to strike a balance between different types of content. But ensure that they are relevant to your sector.

    How to Integrate Instagram Stories into Your Marketing?

    The importance of Instagram Stories stems from the prime position it occupies on the screen which attracts much more attention than a regular post.

    You could use Instagram Stories in a variety of innovative ways such as putting up tutorials and “how-to” videos, user-generated content, behind the scenes videos, running simple polls and so on.

    It offers many tools such as emojis, overlay text, moving graphics, etc. to embellish and add value to your content. It can be a great addition to your overall Instagram marketing program.

    How to Make a Social Media Marketing Plan?

    An effective SMM marketing plan comprises the following key steps:

    1. Social media audit.
    2. Identifying your target audience (creating audience personas).
    3. Competition analysis and social listening.
    4. Identifying key metrics.
    5. Creating the actual plan.

    How to Promote a Small Business on Instagram?

    Since Instagram is a more visual platform compared to Facebook and Twitter, images and graphics play a key role.

    Small businesses can use Instagram to promote their brand effectively using the following tips:

    1. Adding a concise but complete bio including a link to your website.
    2. Choosing a username that’s easy to link back to your business.
    3. Using a good profile picture or logo that clearly identifies the business.
    4. Putting up high-quality posts.
    5. Engaging with your customers through comments etc.
    6. Using Instagram Stories to promote sales and discounts.

    SEO Corporation is among the leading Instagram marketing companies in the US. We can help you devise a suitable strategy to get more traffic to your website using this high-potential platform.

    How to Use Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

    Social media is a great tool for B2B lead generation. It can be done using the following methods:

    1. Promoting gated content—this will allow you to capture details like name and email.
    2. Targeted offerings—this will increase the chance of your viewers engaging with you.
    3. Running contests to capture audience data.
    4. Offering free trials—requiring your customers to log in.

    There are many more ways in which you can maximize lead generation from social media. Get in touch with a reliable social media marketing agency to help you with the matter.

    How to Use Social Media to Build Brand Awareness

    Try the following tips to build awareness about your brand using social media:

    1. Focus on visual content—it is usually more shareable.
    2. Establish a consistent brand design and tone (but customize your tone for different platforms).
    3. Focus on optimizing your social media profiles.
    4. Always put out great content.
    5. Engage with your customers through games and contests.

    Is Facebook Ad Campaign a Part of Social Media Marketing?

    Yes, Facebook ad campaigns are definitely an integral part of marketing through social media. Facebook offers many different types of ad formats such as Image Ads, Video Ads, Slideshow Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, and Instant Experience to suit different needs.

    SEO Corporation is a reliable Facebook marketing company that can help you efficiently utilize the platform to reach your target audience.

    Is Social Media Marketing Cost-Efficient or Cost-Effective?

    Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get your brand message across the online world. It allows you to communicate with your customers without spending huge sums of money. Social media marketing is more cost-effective than traditional forms of marketing such as print, broadcast and radio ads. It allows you to customize your campaign as per your budget. Furthermore, it offers potentially unlimited reach, unlike traditional media.

    Call us or write to us for affordable SMM services. We offer social media marketing services packages that are suitable for a range of different budgets.

    Is Social Media Marketing Different from Digital Marketing?

    Social media marketing is different from digital marketing because it is a subset of the latter. Digital marketing is a composite term that encompasses various functions such as SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing and so on. Many agencies offer the entire range of digital marketing services including social media services.

    Is Social Media Marketing Profitable?

    SMM marketing is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to advertise your brand. That explains why more and more marketers are turning to social media.



    According to statistics, 42% of marketers said they had increased their social media marketing budget in 2016. An increasing number of businesses are including SMM in their online marketing plans which indicates high profitability and good ROI.

    Is Twitter an Effective Marketing Tool?

    Twitter can be an excellent tool for online social media marketing. It allows you to communicate with your customers, engage with them, keep an eye on your competitors, build customer loyalty, help in lead generation, drive sales and do many other things that can help you market your brand in a better way. What’s more, Twitter is a free service that is accessible to anyone (though ads are not free).

    Should I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

    While even a layperson can set up and use a social media account, it takes a professional social media consultant to help you achieve specific business goals through targeted social media marketing. Social media professionals follow a rigorous and scientific process to help you achieve the outcomes you want. That’s why it is always a good idea to outsource your SMM to a reliable and reputable social media marketing agency.

    What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing for a Company?

    Social media can be an excellent marketing tool for businesses. It is a great means of brand-building and driving inbound traffic to your website. Some of its other benefits include improved SEO, higher conversion rates, higher customer engagement and brand loyalty, better brand authority, gathering market insights, and enabling thought leadership. To top it all, marketing through social media is a relatively cost-effective means of achieving these goals.

    What are Social Media Marketing Services?

    Social media marketing refers to activities carried out on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with the intention to drive traffic, build customer relationships or increase brand awareness. Its key components include identification of target audience, competition analysis, social listening, creation of an appropriate strategy, content creation, posting and execution, results analysis, etc. There are several high-quality social media marketing management services in the country that can help you with SMM.

    Social Media Marketing Strategy

    A social media marketing strategy is one of the key aspects of SMM marketing. Every social media activity you perform should be based on this blueprint.

    A good social media marketing strategy takes into account the nature of your business, your marketing objectives, competition analysis and so on.

    Read the answer to the question of “How to Make a Social Media Marketing Plan?” for a step-by-step guide on the topic.

    Social Media Lead Generation: The Complete Guide

    Used deftly, social media can be an important means of lead generation for your company.

    Scroll up to the question on “How to Use Social Media for B2B Lead Generation” for top tips on the topic.

    You could also get in touch with a reputable social media optimization service like SEO Corporation for expert lead generation services.

    Social Media Lead Generation Services

    Digital marketing companies generally offer social media lead generation services as part of their bouquet. SEO Corporation is one of the leading digital and social media marketing companies in the US. Get in touch with us now for high-quality lead generation services at reasonable rates.

    Should Social Media Be a Brand Awareness or Acquisition Channel?

    Social media can be used as both, a brand awareness channel as well as an acquisition channel. Though some experts prefer to see it as more of the former, we believe the balance should be dictated by your marketing needs. In other words, if customer acquisition is a greater priority than brand awareness, your social media strategy should be aligned accordingly.

    What Are the Best Facebook Marketing Tips?

    With 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook social marketing should be a priority of every serious business owner.

    Here are five tips to help you get the most out of Facebook.

    1. Be specific with your targeting.
    2. Fill up your complete business profile—users should know who you at a glance.
    3. Add a good cover photo and profile picture/logo.
    4. Respond to comments and messages.
    5. Put up high-quality posts and visual content.

    What are the Best Practices for Advertising on Twitter?

    At 321 million monthly active users, Twitter is nowhere close to Facebook. Yet there is a lot of benefits in advertising on Twitter. It is more cost-effective (you pay for performance on Twitter), it offers better targeting, and you get to place your brand before important and influential people (since that’s largely the profile of Twitter users).

    Here is a list of five best practices for Twitter advertising:

    1. Identify your goals.
    2. Create a plan based on your marketing needs.
    3. Optimize your ads using the platform’s wide range of targeting options to get maximum bang for your buck.
    4. Learn from your competitors.
    5. Use the correct ad format.

    Looking for help with Twitter ads? Contact us for effective and reliable social media advertising services.

    What are the Best Strategies for Social Media Marketing?

    Social media covers a wide range of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—each with different rules and syntax. Hence their strategies vary greatly. Nevertheless, here are some common rules for success in online social media marketing cutting across platforms.

    1. Identify your goals.
    2. Select your social media platforms.
    3. See what your competitors are doing (competition analysis).
    4. Optimize your social media profile.
    5. Create and post high-quality, compelling, engaging content.
    6. Draw up a social media calendar.
    7. Promote your social media handles on your websites, newsletters, etc.
    8. Enhance your strengths and address your failures.

    What Does a Social Media Marketing Agency Do?

    While setting up and operating a personal social media account is easy, achieving specific business objectives using social media is not so simple.

    That is where social media marketing companies come in.

    A professional social media agency can help you identify your goals. They help you plan and execute a social media strategy and allow you to achieve your SMM objectives.

    What is Facebook Marketing?

    Facebook marketing is a part of social media marketing. A good Facebook marketing plan involves utilizing the platform in various ways (posts, videos, live feeds, ads, etc.) to further your business objectives.

    What is Social Media Marketing and its Importance?

    As we have seen earlier, social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to achieve specific marketing or business objectives. It is an extremely vital marketing method for businesses in today’s day and age. Refer to the topics “How to Improve My Business with Social Media Marketing?” and “Is Social Media Marketing Profitable?” for a more detailed discussion on its importance for your business.

    What is the Best Strategy for Instagram Marketing?

    Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels globally and it is important to have a presence there especially if your business lends itself to good visuals (for example, if you run a fashion boutique, bakery, etc.).

    Different strategies pertaining to Instagram marketing have been discussed under previous sections. Refer to the topics “How to Improve My Instagram Marketing Performance?” and “How to Promote a Small Business on Instagram?” above to know how to enhance your Instagram marketing effectiveness.

    What is the Role of Social Media in Marketing?

    The rise of social media in recent years has spurred businesses to explore how it can be used to further their business goals and objectives. Consequently, more and more businesses are utilizing social media to advance their business interests. The practice of using social media as a marketing tool is called social media marketing. It has numerous benefits including brand awareness, lead acquisition, customer acquisition, customer engagement, feedback and so on. Its importance can be seen from the fact that an increasing number of companies are jumping on to the social media marketing bandwagon in recent years.

    If you too want to use social media marketing to drive business growth, get in touch with us. We are among the top SMO companies in the United States.

    What’s the Best Social Media Budget for a Startup?

    The amount of social media spend that is required for a startup depends on various factors such as the nature of the business, social media goals, number of channels, etc. This makes it hard to pinpoint an exact figure.

    When you are a startup, it is important to be careful about every penny you spend. Hence it is best to search for affordable social media marketing services. SEO Corporation offers quality social media services at reasonable rates. Contact us to find out more.

    Why is Social Media Management Important?

    Social media management is the process of operating different social media platforms with a view to advancing your business interests. It goes beyond setting up a profile and posting regular updates to encompass various ways of promoting a business. It includes activities such as goal-setting, identifying your target audience, competition analysis, audience engagement, social media listening and so on.

    Needless to say, it is a complex and sophisticated task that requires the aid of trained professionals. SEO Corporation is one of the country’s leading social media marketing management services with a large track record of successful projects.

    Why is Social Media So Important in 2020?

    Social media usage has grown dramatically. Pegged at 0.97 billion users in 2010, it reached 2.48 billion in 2017 and is expected to touch 2.96 billion in 2020. This puts a huge and growing audience base at your disposal which you can potentially reach free of cost. Furthermore, social media channels are constantly adding new features to enable advertisers to deliver their messages more effectively. These are some of the factors that make social media marketing imperative for business in 2020 and beyond.

    Get in touch with a reliable SMO service today—contact us now!

    Why is Social Media Effective for Marketing?

    One of the key reasons social media is so effective for marketing is versatility. Unlike traditional media, it is possible to carry out multiple functions through social media such as promoting brand awareness, customer acquisition, engaging the customer, gathering customer feedback and so on. To top it all, all this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. No wonder so many companies are making a beeline for SMM marketing!

    5 Social Media Lead Generation Tips to Double Your Conversions

    The following five tips can help you double your conversions across social media platforms:

    1. Ensure that your landing page offers a great user experience.
    2. Focus on product-related videos—they have a higher correlation to conversions.
    3. Write powerful calls-to-action.
    4. Offer high-quality content. Be consistent with your tone and brand image.
    5. Engage with influencers and share their posts. They could end up sharing yours in return leading to more followers and possibly more leads and conversions.

    6 Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness with Social Media

    Looking for a good social media optimization strategy to boost brand awareness?

    Here are six tips to help you achieve your goal:

    1. Have more visual content.
    2. Work on establishing a consistent brand image across platforms (while modifying your tone as per the needs of each platform).
    3. Maintain a high standard of content.
    4. Hold competitions and contests to get people talking about you.
    5. Use the right hashtags.
    6. Focus on creating viral content.

    Content Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What’s the Difference?

    Though content marketing and social media marketing are closely interrelated, there are important differences between them. Content marketing deals with the creation and sharing of high-value content while the latter deals with the use of social media channels to drive business goals. Though the goals of both content marketing and social media marketing are one and the same, they deal with different parts of the same larger process.

    A Guide to Social Media Management Pricing and Packages

    Companies offer a wide array of social media marketing services packages depending on your needs. Most companies offer templated plans as well as customized deals. The cost of social media marketing usually depends on a number of variables. Read the section “How to Do Social Media Marketers Charge for Their Services?” to find out more.

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