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Guaranteed SEO Services

guaranteed seo

Guaranteed Rank on First Page of Search Engines

See how we helped Ultrawalls and many others scale up their ROI by millions!

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Risk-Free SEO

100% Money Back Guarantee

We have specialized the perfect, customized plan for you. If a no-risk, Guaranteed SEO Services is what you are looking for, we have what you need.

As a business, you might be facing a lot of issues and if you doubt our claims, you can choose to pay for the results delivered.

If we fail to deliver, we will give you 100% money back.

Pay for the results you get:
No Ranking, No Cost

You can supply us the list of keywords you want to rank on. Or, we will do the research for you and devise a list of commercial and other keywords that your website must rank on.

guaranteed seo

We will place your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing even for the most competitive keywords.

We will use our proven, white-hat SEO techniques to rank your website on the first pages of search engines.

SEO is a crucial digital marketing process that promotes your business.
By ranking your website on Search Engines’ first pages, you will earn more exposure, traffic and leads.

You will start seeing ranking improvement from the first week itself.
Within a period of 3-6 months, we will place your website on the first page of search engines.

Our Process

We are a leading Guaranteed SEO Services Company offering the best of digital marketing. We have worked with a number of companies and helped them scale up their ROI with our customized SEO services.
Our process is simple and transparent. First of all, we start with your website and your competitors’ analysis. we analyze the current state of your website and determine the factors keeping you from ranking. Once we know the issues and have made an initial ranking report, we start with our rectification and SEO process.
We start optimizing your website with onsite optimization techniques and then use several off-page optimization techniques and content market to grow your rankings, audience and leads.
Note: You can supply us a list of the keywords you want your website to rank on. Or, we will do the keyword research for you.

Starting at $229*

The two phases of our Guaranteed SEO Service:

Our White-Hat, Guaranteed SEO Techniques

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On Page Optimization

  1. Meta Tag (Title, Description & keywords)
  2. H Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)
  3. Image Optimization (Alt Tags)
  4. Canonical Issue
  5. W3C Validation
  6. Webmaster & Google Analytics Setup
  7. Robots.txt file
  8. Xml Sitemap
  9. Deep Linking
  10. External Link Check
  11. Content Duplicacy Check
  12. Page Content Optimization

Off Page Optimization

  1. Article Marketing  
  2. Quality Directory marketing
  3. Classified Submission
  4. PR Submission
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Quality Link building
  7. Blogging
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Local Business Listing
  10. Search Engine Submission
  11. Video Promotions
  12. Answer Questions

What’s in it for you ?

  1. No Obligations
  2. No Hidden Fees
  3. No Obscene SEO Costs
  4. Guaranteed Results
  5. Customized SEO services
  6. We will give you the ROI you want
  7. Only pay for the keywords that we rank on the first page
  8. Get 100% money back if you don’t see promised results
“If you give us 10 keywords for your website and if we only get your website to rank (on the first page of search engines) for 8 of them, then we won’t charge you for the 2 keywords your website is not ranking for.”
What “being on the first page of Google” will do your business?

Core Guaranteed SEO Benefits


When your website appears on the first page of Search Engines, thousands of people will click on your link.
Use this traffic to grow your audience.


The traffic you get to your website also results in leads. Your business will thrive on these leads as they are crucial for your sales and market expansion.

SEO Company

Got Penalized by Google ?

Don’t worry if you got penalized by Google. We will remove the penalty and help you rank higher, on the first page of Google with 100% proven and clean white-hat SEO techniques


Millions of people have social media apps on their phone. Billions of people use social media every day. Leverage the platform and build yourself a solid audience and grow your market beyond geographical boundaries.


If you are not bothered about your website’s ranking much but would like to receive more traffic, sign up for our no-risk traffic plan.
You will just pay a nominal setup fee and we will use a customized SEO strategy to get maximum visitors to your website. This plan allows you to pay per visitor to your website during a specific period of time.


Being on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing will put ahead of millions of companies competing with you. This visibility will help you beat the competition.
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