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We comprise of the best SEO Professionals and provide high-quality SEO services with guaranteed ROI:

  • Fast rate of Reputation repairment
  • Promotion of Company’s Positive Image
  • Highly improved Reviews and Ratings
  • Close monitoring of Online Reputation
  • Online Reputation Manager for Assistance

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Greetings from team SEO Corporation

Why You Should Consider SEO Corporation The Best in the Industry of SEO India

As most SEO Companies do, we will not give you thousands of reasons as to why you should work with us. We do not want to impress any possible client with a fat amount of self-promotion. Because we do not believe in unnecessary boasting but factual modesty in work. In fact, what we wanna show and reach out to you with is the basic work nature of our company. We just wanna get to the point, as crisp as possible and be ready to assist you to achieve your goals.

SEO Corporation India is a SEO Company organically and entirely based on search engine marketing. In order to promote our business online, we used white hat SEO techniques laid down by Google instead of paid ads.

We also want to blatantly reveal to you the fact that we do not have a marketing team, as surprising as that may sound, we have clients at almost every corner of the world. Hard to believe, right? But with hard work and dedication, consequences are fruitful. We are an example!

With 8 years in the line and 48 full-time employees, our company is the top SEO Company in India which provides the best SEO Services. We initiated with baby steps and today we have a renowned website respected across the industry with client retention of 84% while our contemporary companies are at 42%. There is a solid reason as to why we are able to beat our competitors with a huge difference. And that is when we started our journey the company’s existence solely depended on SEO promotions which made the foundation of our SEO knowledge quite strong and firm as compared to other SEO companies.

Yes, we are proud to be known as the best SEO India Company that provides quality and Guaranteed SEO Services. Our website is ranked on the first page for more than 100 keywords and 6400 keywords for our clients.


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Discover The Services We Provide

How we work our engines to provide you with the best SEO services.

Digital Marketing India Digital Marketing Services

The marketing strategies of products and brands in digital platforms. Our SEO Company India will provide you with the best marketing services for your website to promote your brand via electronic media across the internet.

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SEO Services SEO Services

We work accordingly to how much effective online visibility we can provide you with. We are the middleman between you and your clients and we are good at it. Our SEO Services start at $199/Monthly.

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Link Building Services Link Building Services

It is one of our SEO services strategies which focuses on building a link back to your website from other websites. We at SEO Corporation provides professional link building services.

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Pay Per Click Management Pay Per Click Management

Another SEO strategy of getting inorganic visits to your site by posting ads from advertisers and also the fastest way for your business to reach a targeted amount of audience.

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Graphics & Web Solutions Graphics & Web Solutions

We manage it all from designing your website to branding it or developing and marketing it with the experts we have under our team. We also keep an updated latest version of software techniques to provide your site with advanced features.

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Content Writing Services Content Writing Services

We have a team of content writers who are available to provide you with quality content for your website with rich keywords to spike Effective & Affordable SEO Service.

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Reputation Management Services Reputation Management Services

It has everything to do with handling, influencing and controlling the search results of your site. To makes sure how to keep your company’s reputation intact and ever growing.

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Social Media Marketing Services Social Media Marketing Services

To assist you in building an empire on social media so that you get the kind of traffic you want for your site.

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I did It! Vol 2


The Times Group recently published the second collection of brief biographies in its latest book “I did it! EXCEPTIONAL STORIES OF PEOPLE WHO MADE IT LARGE! Volume 2. Authored by former journalist and acclaimed writer Prachi Raturi Mishra, I did it has immortalized 20 stories of struggle, sorrow and success one of which belongs to Vishal Vivek.
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Get To Know Our Journey From The Beginning

We began small and persevered to be the top company of SEO Services in India

  • What started budding from a small room in India is now running a full-fledged company of 48 full-time employees. We have more than 4800+ keywords on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Tens of millions of sales are generated every month for our clients with excellent reviews.
  • Our main prospect today is to help you grow and improve your website rank on the first page of Google with an SEO Strategy to help you beat your competitors at the same time.
  • The company’s inspiring CEO Mr. Vishal Vivek was honored as one of the most inspiring Indians by Times Group and published his story in their book “I Did It! Exceptional stories about people who made it large” (vol 2), written by Prachi Raturi Mishra, a former journalist.
  • Today we are proud to say that we are the company with the best SEO Services without a hunch. We aimed for it, strived for it so yes, we will take the credit for it as well. Our success story is one that can be categorized as a dramatic graph chart. The ones where an arrow points upwards and it just keeps on going. Miracles do happen, especially if you work for it.
  • In the near future, we hope to keep our reputation intact and keep building relations with clients everywhere and become a sustainable body of SEO team of the generation. Not only do we wanna see our company growing but also see the companies we work with reach its maximum goal.


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Top SEO Company in India can help improve your Digital Presence?

If you want us to work for you then don’t treat us like an SEO vendor but consider us an extension of your company’s marketing team. Tell us everything. Tell us what you expect from us. Tell us what kind of visitors you want to attract to your website and then leave the rest to us. We will lead you from here, just follow us and if we dis-appoint you then we are ready to lay our lives as any man of honor does after losing a war.

Don’t think that we are being boastful and if you think It then please read our reviews and you will know what kind of results we have achieved for our clients. It is just a fraction of compliments we usually receive. We get an adrenaline rush in pushing your website to the top in search engines and love to see the joyous smile on your face because 60% of our clients have had a bad experience with some snake oil selling SEO Company. We will give you ranking improvement from the very first month or refund it. We have never failed and hope we don’t fail in your case too.

Ask us for a detailed plan of action even before you hire us and will give it to you for free without any obligation.

Can a Top SEO Company in India help you upgrade your Digital Presence?

Yes, it can and here’s why; since the demand for SEO Companies is increasing worldwide, many companies have evolved around the globe. But believe it or not, India is the leading provider of professional-grade SEO services. Many brands are now turning to Indian SEO companies to fulfill their online marketing business.

Many services have risen due to the increase in the hype of SEO requirements. Nowadays, Voice Search SEO Services are also all over online marketing services. Voice assistance is the next big thing. It’s going to have a great impact over SEO services and we are already on our way of claiming our place.

Because of the fact that most Indian companies are backed up by individuals who are strongly passionate about their work, it ultimately becomes visible internationally. As we say ‘Tiny drops of water makes a mighty Ocean’ same way every enthusiastic individual in the company makes the company successful.

SEO Corporation’s Client Testimonials

The Worldwide Rankings of SEO Corporation in Google

Our own website ranks in top on Google for the following keywords

SEO Company India

Step 1

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SEO Company India

Step 2

Our SEO Services India team creates necessary pages, designs a content strategy for the website, optimizes the website and starts building inbound links.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Step 3

Our SEO Services India team helps promote your website with a comprehensive review monitoring system so your reputation online grows.


SEO Companies have cropped up almost everywhere but India has turned into a leading provider of professional-grade SEO services. More and more businesses and brands are now turning to Indian SEO companies to fulfil their online marketing needs


While SEO isn’t exactly very old, it isn’t exactly new to the world either. Ever since search engines made waves almost two decades back, marketers knew that they had new promotional and marketing platforms worth optimizing. Gradually, SEO became a real thing and soon during the later part of the last decades, plenty of Indian SEO companies began offering reselling services to global digital marketing giants.

Are we trustable? Is it as genuine as they mentioned? If all these questions are running in your mind while reading our content, we have answers for that too.

The world works by evidence, and that is why we are providing you with the results of our success below.

Here are the following keywords on which our website tops on Google: Guaranteed SEO Services Company, SEO India, SEO Company India, SEO Services India, Technical Content Writing Services, Website speed optimization services, Video optimization services, Responsive website design services, Google my business optimization services.

Be Visible, Be Known with SEO Corporation

We may be a young SEO Company but we have what it takes to thrive. With 24 full-time SEO Experts, 12 Content Writers, 20 Web Developers & Designers, 17 Link Builders, 15 Web Analyst, and 8 Project Managers we have been building businesses with many companies. We have designed and developed around 500 small business websites, 40 premium E-commerce sites and optimized more than 1200 sites.

In order to keep the business steady and make more relations, we would like you to join us as a part of our extended family. Working and building our business together hand in hand.

The SEO strategies we implement for our clients

Promoting your website with a comprehensive review monitoring system to grow your online reputation.
Our SEO Services team is responsible for:

Creating necessary pages for your website

Creating necessary pages for your website

Designing a content strategy

a content strategy

Optimizing the website

the website

Building inbound links

inbound links

The Process of How Our Services Incorporates with YOU

First things first, treat us like an extension of your company’s marketing team. Include us and keep us in the loop. Tells us the expectations you have from us and the kind of visitors you want to attract to your website. And from that on leave the rest to us.

We will analyze the information you provided us and get back to you with the result you want for your website. We have never failed with our previous clients and also hope to never fail in future business deals with you. There are many cases everywhere in the world where SEO Companies promise certain projects but fail to deliver. And to be frank, we do not follow such systems. Our company never back down as we always deliver the work as promised.

We will give our best by providing you the best SEO team you’ll need with services related to search engine marketing and website development at the same time. Thus making improvements to push your website to the top in search engines. Your website will get the ranking improvement from the very first month itself, if not we will refund you.

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