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We focus on results not on technical jargongs.

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SEO India

SEO Corporation which is the one of the SEO India companies has opened up its first overseas office in Texas, USA. Now, United States customers can find it easy to do business with this great Indian SEO company hence getting white hat result orinted SEO services at half of the usual cost.

SEO is the lifeforce of a website

Google experiences more than 160 billion searches every month and 63,000 searches every second! This means, you have millions of opportunities waiting for you to get discovered online.
In fact, 95.5% clicks go to the top 4 results on Google. So, if you are not among the top four results, you are losing an enormous amount of traffic and leads.

At SEO India, you will come to know how SEO services may pay the best result for you.

This is why, SEO is indispensable

Almost 70-80% of users move right past the ads to the organic results. There is a lot that SEO does for a website and here are top reasons why you shouldn’t ignore it:

Enhance Credibility with SEO

There is a reason why millions of online users search for answers online. The reason is trust. They trust Google and other search engines enough to get reliable, relevant and accurate answers.

The first listing on Google automatically invites more trust. If you are not investing in SEO for top results, you are forgoing a big opportunity to connect with your audience and get discovered.

Sponsored content is frowned upon, advertisements are labelled annoying, useless and redundant. This leaves business-owners and entrepreneurs with the simple solution: Claim the top spot online and find more ways to reach your audience with authenticity. Top SEO results help you build trust, authority and credibility among existing and potential market.

Higher ROI than ads

When you use paid ads and get 1000 visitors, you end up paying for all of these 1000 clicks in a PPC campaign. PPC charges you for every click on the advertisement but SEO only gets you high traffic. And, if this traffic proves to be relevant enough, there is a strong chance of earning higher leads every day with high traffic. It is possible that none of the leads generated through PPC campaign may convert.

And, even when there’s zero conversion, you end up paying the cost per click. But in SEO’s case, the only cost you are paying for the leads and traffic together is the SEO charges. Clearly, SEO emerges as a winner especially if you are on a budget.

Your Competitors are maximising business with SEO services India

It’s no secret that SEO is buildings businesses online. So you are a disadvantage if you are not indulging in SEO yourself especially if your competitors are. If you are a small or middle level business, it is especially important for you to check your competitors online and understand how the internet market works.

You simply can’t forgo the huge number of leads that you could easily be generating through top rankings and high traffic. Beating your competitors should be a part of your action plan and SEO helps you do just that.

One in a billion

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet so how do you stand out?

Just imagine the competition online!

Only making a website and posting content once is not enough. To get indexed, you need to keep updating your website and follow a specialized content strategy. You need to ensure that you become visible in a group of billions and this is where SEO India company enters the picture.

First Result on Search engines gets high traffic

A 2013 study found that the first listing in Google’s organic search results got 33% of the traffic and the second got 18%. Post the second position, traffic degraded in number.

In fact, page one results took home 92% of search traffic.

So, it is quite obvious to imagine what you are missing if you are not fully utilizing the power of SEO.

SEO is durable

Unlike Pay Per Click Campaigns, SEO results don’t stop immediately as the budget limit is crossed. In PPC campaigns, a maximum budget limit is set and when the limit is exhausted (through cost per click) with the maximum number of clicks, the ad ceases to appear.

SEO doesn’t follow the same rules.
The results don’t cease soon as your package ends. Since SEO costs fairly less, you can renew the service frequently.

Cost and Data

SEO is extremely cost effective as leads generated using cold calling cost 61% more compared to the leads generated using an inbound strategy such as SEO.

Moreover, SEO gives you trackable data that you can work with. On an e-commerce website, you can check analytics to evaluate engagement metrics. Webmasters can see what paths were taken to complete a transaction by buyers to understand buyer behavior. Non-e-commerce websites can also evaluate analytics to better understand search behavior on their website.

  • Local SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO

Why us?

We have plenty of clients who will vouch for us and there are some more reasons that make us the best:

We cost you less

We cost you 1/3rd of the market rate. Why? Because we don’t believe in charging superfluous rates that shoot through the roof. And we are committed to encouraging small businesses. While we cater to all businesses regardless of their size, we want to promote small businesses in the market and have introduced specialised discounts to benefit the cause.

Even though we charge less, we don’t compromise in terms of quality and make sure that our clients receive the best SEO service. Our service is goal oriented and heavily focused on organic search management. We don’t just promise results, we attempt and frequently succeed at the impossible.

We follow deadlines

While numerous SEO businesses take months to promote the service, we follow a strict deadline of 3-4 months and show results within stipulated time.
We have a long list of satisfied clients who have been with us for years now and will continue to seek our services, thanks to our professionalism.
We understand the value of time and we design our strategies to yield results as fast as possible. Our goal is not to just bring results fast but also to maintain top ranks and keep our clients’ websites on top for as long as possible. We work proven, genuine, professional and accurate strategies that keep the websites on top and drive higher traffic for as long as possible.

Higher Conversions

We aren’t just focussed on traffic but also conversions. Business is about reaping profits off a sale and we don’t just blindly follow high traffic. Instead, we reap relevant traffic to help our clients gain as many leads as they can. Our SEO strategy is centered around useful and valuable content that helps the website foster a loyal audience. We don’t chase meaningless traffic but rather engage an interested audience by nurturing entertaining, educating and inspiring ideas. We impart information and post updates to keep the audience updated about the industry.

We are believers and dreamers and we don’t let the worldly boundaries shun our imagination. We pour a lot of hard work into everything we do and another one of our favorite ingredient is love. We love doing what we do and we do it with passion, commitment and dedication. One of our main objective is getting our clients higher leads so we work our magic with the best, proven strategies.

Money Back Guarantee

We promise you results and we won’t charge you a single penny if we don’t deliver. It is religion at SEO India Corporation. that clients won’t be charged for any service unless they are fully satisfied with the results we deliver. We fulfil your demand, give you the results you need or return your money!

Our money back guarantee is applicable to all of our services. So if you are a wee bit dissatisfied with any of our services, let us know. But we promise you that we will always have a foolproof guaranteed satisfaction plan for you.

No Contracts

Unlike our counterpart s, we don’t bind you any kind of contracts. You are free to pull out if you feel the service is not for you. If you have the slightest bit of doubt regarding our services, you can speak with our representative. We are completely against binding our clients in any kind of contract and we offer complete autonomy to them throughout our services.

Regular weekly reporting

We offer detailed regular reports on friday every week along with monthly reports. We offer routinely reports throughout the process and make further detailed analysis available on demands. We conclude the package with another report charting the progress and results.

No setup fee charged

With SEO India Corporation, we offer you an advantage: No setup fee. It doesn’t matter how many services you are subscribing from us, we won’t charge you a penny for setting up the service.

Free SEO-Website Audit

Before we get down to business, we offer you the chance to evaluate our expertise through our free of cost SEO-Website Audit service.
In our SEO-website audit service, we conduct a careful, thorough audit of your website and SEO strategy (if you are following any) and tell you exactly what’s keeping you from ranking on top.
We also evaluate the factors that are responsible for making your competitors top and tell you exactly what are you doing wrong that’s keeping you from ranking.
Based on the thorough analysis, we design our comprehensive and tactical SEO plan to work on the website.

Process of SEO Services India

We play by Google’s rules and ensure that authenticity wins the battle of SEO with accurate, educating content and proven, appropriate strategies.

We focus on the user experience that a website offers. We ensure that it produces user friendly, valuable, educating and inspiring content and design. Google particularly values longform content so we recommend the same content marketing strategy to our clients for original, fresh and entertaining blogs. Relevant content also invites higher backlinks and sharing so we also recommend high quality content for improved rankings.

Moreover, people particularly prefer engagement from brands and businesses so we suggest that you participate in conversations and grow active on a social front to drive more conversions.
Other than content marketing, we follow certain on page and off page optimization tactics that help the website rank high. Take a look at the various On Page Optimization strategies we use:

Keywords Analysis Report: Before we get down to business with on page optimization strategies, we develop our keyword analysis report. Depending on whether the client provides the keywords or not, we develop the report. Initial Ranking Report: Before we start working on the website, we send an initial ranking report detailing the ranks and other metrics.

URL Mapping Report: We develop and send a detailed URL Mapping report based on keyword and web page prioritization.

Title Tag: We always mention the keyword in title tag and mostly try and begin the title tag with keyword. Like ‘Best gifts for girls: Top picks’, etc.

SEO friendly URLs: URLs are an integral part of the webpage and we try to keep them as much as on point as possible. We use keywords in URLs to make them relevant and searchable. Modifiers in title: Whenever possible, we try and add modifiers like best, top, review, 2018, etc to help boost ranks for long tail keywords of the target one.

Title and H1 tag: H1 tag is the headline tag and it is best to add it to the title. Engage audience with multimedia: Bounce rate is another one of our priorities so we promote engaging non-textual content on the website to retain the visitors’ attention.

Subheadings and H2: We mention a target keyword in one subheading (minimum) and then wrap the text in an H2 tag.

Internal Links: Two-three internal links on a webpage help visitors navigate through the website well. So, whenever developing content for the web pages, we ensure there are some links helping visitors understand topics in-depth.

Site Speed: A recent study by MunchWeb revealed that almost 75% people decided not to revisit a website if it took longer than 4 seconds to load. So, as part of our on-page optimization strategy, we focus heavily on the loading speed of the website. It ultimately leads to an improved user experience.

LSI Keywords: We sprinkle LSI keywords throughout the page content to boost content’s relevancy. Image optimization: We ensure that image file names also contain target keyword in the Alt Text for better indexing. Longform, engaging content: Google tends to give more value to longform content that explores topics in depth. So, we recommend and post longform blogs and web page content to improve rankings. Moreover, we try to keep it as engaging as possible to improve dwell time on the page through an effective landing page.

Meta Tag: We design/write an accurate, engaging, attention-grabbing meta description with keyword and optimise the title tag with keyword too.

H Tags (H1, h2, h3, h4, h5): We further utilise keywords in the headings depending on priority level.

W3C Validation: We ensure that technical quality of the website using W3C validation. Webmaster & Google Analytics Setup: As we start working on the website, we setup the google analytics with specific accounts and integrate webmaster with necessary tools.

Robots.txt file: We create Robots.txt file to instruct web robots how to crawl the website. Xml Sitemap: We use accurate XML Sitemap to help not just websites but also web pages rank higher on Google. Deep Linking: Deep linking further helps visitors reach relevant content better through easier navigation throughout website.

External Link Check: We evaluate external linking done on the website and check the amount of hyperlinking. We further use no-follow tags on external links and minimize them to retain visitors on the website for longer.

Content Duplicacy Check: As part of our on site optimization strategy, we check how accurate, relevant, fresh and original the content on website is. We evaluate content for factual errors, plagiarism and grammatical mistakes and further add or remove content as need arises.

Page Content Optimization: We use keywords to optimize content on webpages and design them to maximise user experience.

Canonicalization: We use canonical tags to inform search engines about which URL should it show to the users and the URL that it should redirect the search to. Off Page Optimisation Tactics

Article Marketing: We have an in-house team of writers for developing fresh and original content on relevant topics. We use their skills for cutting edge articles and distribute these articles among well known forums, groups, newsletter publishers, article banks, etc to gain a wider audience and higher conversions.

Quality Directory marketing: We search for relevant and high quality directories and claim the listing. We perform both local and industry specific directory marketing.

Classified Submission: We promote your website with regular classified submissions every month.

PR Submission: We submit press releases to high quality press release directories for promotion.

Content Marketing: We devise a practical content marketing strategy coupled with emphasis on user-experience, value and keywords. We generate engaging, original and fresh content regularly to keep the audience base engaged.

Quality Link building: We help your website gain popularity and significance through quality link building.

Blogging: Based on our content marketing strategy, we design a blog that focuses on user experience through its entertaining, educating and inspiring content.

Pay Per Click And Other Google Ads: Based on your budget, we devise paid marketing solutions for you.

Local Business Listing: Local business listing is essential for local business. We help small and middle level businesses foster an audience base and convert more with local business listings.

Search Engine Submission: Before we get down to business, we submit the website for search engine submission.

Video Promotions: Videos are widely famous with people as they are interactive, engaging and have better retention rates. Videos form stronger emotional connections and have a higher email click through rates. So, we try to drive higher conversions with video promotions.

Email Marketing: We also utilise email marketing tactics for better leads and optimized conversions.

How to get started?

The process is simple. You send us a requirement, we act on it. Just tell us what your SEO needs are and we will send you a detailed report on what steps we propose and what path we’ll be taking.
We will start the process with understanding your target market, detailed requirement and then devise our strategies. Based on the areas you want to grow in, we will share the plans with you and once you greenlit the plan, we will implement it.

It doesn’t matter how long you plan to stay with us, we won’t ever bind you any type of contracts for any specific period of time.

Social Media Marketing

The number of social media users is expected to grow by 2.5 billion in 2018. Social media is too big to be ignored. It helps you boost brand awareness, inbound traffic, search engine rankings, conversion rates, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, brand authority, etc. You can also use social media platforms for marketing insights. The incentive is that it’s highly cost effective. There is enormous potential in social media and we help websites tap into it through our specialised social media strategies.

Online reputation management

We help you take control of the conversation happening online. Businesses need to monitor if they are being talked about online and in what light. The virtual world is a great opportunity to establish and empower a brand image and counteract negative response. Business owners and representatives can use online reputation management to resolve negative experiences and turn the image of the business around.

We help businesses and websites monitor the kind of image they are projecting online along with reviews. We further help businesses develop a positive image online and foster better conversions through positive influence on leads.

Responsive website development

Responsive has become a dealbreaker for websites now. In fact, 57% of users mentioned that they won’t recommend a business if it didn’t have a well designed mobile site. So, responsive is the need of the hour and we help you drive better conversions, higher traffic through this trend.

We design responsive websites that gain more traffic and drive higher conversions and serve the purpose.

Advantages of hiring SEO Company India

The most important concern of a website or business owner, is to get customers for its products and services.

To get customers you need to be found on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex. But are you really visible to your customers? If not, then you are losing a big chunk of your pie to your competitors

To give you a perspective, Google processes 40,000 queries every second, which translates to around 1.3 billion searches a day!

People are searching for your products and for that you need to be found in top on Google. .

How to Rank in top in Google- Tips By #1 SEO Company India:

If you type this keyword in Google, you will find thousands of articles on this topic ranging from high quality in-depth articles to shallow articles. But only few of them answers the real question coz most of them don’t know that SEO is an evolving process and Google makes changes to its algorithm everyday.

To get good rankings, you need to follow the SEO guidelines of Google. If I try to summzrize what Google wants Websites owners to do is to make websites for real users and produce content for them. If you give good user experience to users then Google will automatically push your website in top.

Top 100 Google Ranking Factors for 2018

You might ask, Is this so easy?

No, It is very easy if you have the right intentions in mind but very tough if you want to dupe the search engines. Even you succeed in the short termle , Google will catch you and penalize you. So It is always good to follow the rules set by search engines.

Some basic rules set by Google, the most popular search engine in the world:

  1. Think about the end users and focus on improving their experience.
  2. Produce in-depth and long content to enrich your industry and to educate your users.
  3. If you produce good content, you will not need to worry about link building coz good content automatically attracts sharing and backlinks.
  4. Interact with your customers and participate in conversation with them on social media.

What is the practical action plan to get good rankings- Tips By SEO India Experts?

You need to take care of the following factors:

  1. Meta Data Optimization- You need to optimize the meta data and use the most important keywords in the title and description of the website. Having keywords in meta data, helps search engines identify the keywords and push your website up for those keywords.
  2. Canonicalization Error Check- Canonical tags tell the search engines which URL should be shown to the users.
  3. Content Optimization- Content optimization is one of the most important aspects of SEO India. Using keywords in the strategic places on page can boost the ranking considerably.
  4. Alt Tag Optimization- Google can not read images so we use Alt tags to tell It about the theme of the image.
  5. Heading Tag Optimization
  6. Anchor Text Optimization
  7. Adding custom 404 error pages
  8. Adding 301 permanent redirect
  9. Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Do You Want to Get #1 Rank in Google Search Result?

Our SEO Services and Digital Marketing Solutions Have Helped 2157+ Companies Achieve This Goal

Best SEO Services in India

50,000,00000 Searches Are Made Every Day. We Can Help You Get Discovered By Your Users.
Getting discovered or found by users is challenge. If your business is struggling, that means you are not found by your users. Our SEO India Services will help you rank on all important keywords for your business niche. You can sell more only when your website rank on important keywords. We Help You Sell More Online. Your competitors rank above you because they have done it right. If your competitor is ranking on the first page of the Google Search Result, it is not by fluke or some accident. They have achieved this by working in a right way. They follow the best SEO practices which makes the task of users easier.

We Adopt a Scientifically Proven Methodology That Produces Performance Oriented Results
We are almost a decade old SEO company India and have stood all Google SEO updates. We understand search engines better than many other SEO companies in India. Our proven methodology is a repeatable list of practices or methodology which brings sure shot result every time. This methodology has produced tremendous gains for our partners which is evident from results. In the last year alone, we helped 80% of our clients achieve first page results on the most important keywords for their niche.

We Provide the Most Affordable and Competitive SEO Services in India, But We Are Not a Cheap SEO India Company
Quality never comes cheap. The work of search engine optimization is time and resource intensive. We need to use a lot of high-end tool and data mining, which can’t be done at low cost. SEO is not a magic, but a highly process driven work. Therefore, you should not expect doing it at a cheap price. Even if you are outsourcing your SEO work in India, you should never expect that. The cost of quality talent is high here as well. So if you are looking for some really cheaper services, we cannot help you. However, if you want an affordable SEO India service, you are welcome. The harsh Truth Is That If SEO Had Been Cheaper, Ranking High Would Have Been Easier. But That Is Not the Case.

Our 95% Clients Are Small and Mid-Size Businesses, So We Understand Your Mental Dilemma Better Than Any Other.
We know what are you thinking? We can guess it correctly and you will be amazed with our accuracy. Without beating about the bush, let me tell you are you thinking whether it would make sense to hire these guys? Are they worth the money or they are just run-of-the-mill SEO companies in India? What if they are not able to deliver and I lose money?

Wait! I am giving you an example. They had the same dilemma than yours, but they are very happy with us. Let’s read what they have to say. Testimonial

You Get a Fully Data Driven Search Engine Optimization Service Provider in India Which is Always More Reliable
You get the SEO service which works 100%. It has worked with all of our clients; it will work for you for sure. Our process is fully data-driven and we make a strategy based on the outcome of the data. From competitor research to selecting keywords and creating blogs or articles.

Our SEO Services India is Not Just About Technical Things, It’s More Content Driven
Optimizing keywords, meta-descriptions, link building and some other on-page optimization techniques certainly helps, but can help you only to a certain extent. If an SEO India process is not driven by content and link building, the results would not be sustainable. There is no such thing as SEO without content. Though both are different, but a good SEO process always demands a good content that is geared towards creating a long term authority.

So Let’s Understand It with a Real Case Study
John Maxwell (name changed due to non-disclosure agreement) had a website for software maintenance. In spite of being 5-6 years old, the website hardly had any significant number of visitors per day and leads were virtually non-existent. This was primarily due to a non-responsive website. The layout and design were also unappealing. There were also no landing pages on the website.

Since the website was not mobile responsive, it was losing a majority of mobile customers. We were sure that by simply resolving this issue, we would improve the performance of the website. Another big problem was the page load speed. The website had a lot of unwarranted CSS and JavaScripts, which resulted in a very slow page load speed.

How We Did This—With a 100% Safe White Hat SEO India Strategy
After analyzing the website thoroughly, we focused on bringing about improvement in many areas. We improved the navigation of the website which was a critical aspect of the overall user experience. We had separate categories so that users had no confusion. All navigational elements were converted into clickable links. The overall content of the website was changed by keeping in mind what visitors would find when they clicked the navigational link. We also ensured every clickable image had ALT text. In the second stage, we created a fresh landing page with customer testimonials, a proper CTA button and a short form. After that, we tried improving the page load speed of the website by optimizing CSS and JavaScript. The focus was on aligning the website according to the guidelines of Google. Once all this was over, we started the link building process.


Once the changes were done, the results were apparent. The website now ranks on 3 important keywords and it registered progress on all the following parameters. There was 10 times increase in the traffic and leads increased by 5 times.

How We Can Help You Achieve No # 1 Rank in Google Search Result
We focus on improving user experience which automatically helps your website rank No #1 in Google search results. Google AMP and Responsive Mobile Websites play an important role in enhancing the experience of users. “User Experience” has been used 23 times in the Google quality raters’ guidelines. Out of these 23 times, the phrase “poor user experience” was used 9 times. The user experience is about clutter free website, high page load speed, user friendly font size, and logical navigation, etc.

These are the major quality rating guidelines underline the importance of focusing on user experience, which makes a user experience strategy as a practical and pragmatic approach toward ranking better in the SERPs. The simple logic is that you make the task of users easier and Google will love it. Apart from that, there are various other factors that contribute in getting top spot in the Google search results.

Building Backlinks is Extremely Important
It contributes 40 percent in the top spot. A webpage ranking number one has on average 168 percent more backlinks than website at number # 5 spot.

More Backlinks = Higher Rankings
Link building has the power to propel your website at number #1 spot in Google and that is why we pay a lot of attention on link building process.

As you can see in the above chart, as the number of backlinks of a webpage increases, the position in the Google search goes up. Most people believe that just having a great content is enough, this is not true. If your content does not have backlinks from other authority websites, your webpage is not going to rank. That is why we analyze your website, find out the pages which are not performing well in the organic search. You should also remember that there should be substantial amount of diversity in domains linking to your website.

A link from a social channel can serve some other purposes. They can help you draw more traffic and enhance your online visibility. Tapping into this opportunity is not difficult at all. You just have to ensure that your profiles and content on social channels have links that bring user to your main website. This link can be inserted anywhere. You can have one in your Twitter profile or a YouTube video.

Anchor Texts Matters
Many SEO India experts believe that anchor text relevance has come down which is not true. It is still a huge factor in the SEO India ranking. Using the right way it can play a big role in the search engine ranking. A study of more than 100 Hubspot blogs revealed that 80% blogs focused on anchor text than the rest.

Webpages Having Target Keyword in Their URL Tended to Rank Higher In Search Result
The page title and URL structure have a huge impact on click-through rate from the SERPs. There is a direct correlation of SEO ranking with this factor. Though Google official line does not support this, but it certainly matters.

Building Trust and Authority

To build trust and be authoritative, you can have links on your site that take users to other relevant and trusted websites. You can indulge in guest posting too but you have to see that you are closer to your target audience, which basically means that you must upload your posts in those places where those who could link to you or buy from you hang around. So, you see that the task of making a comprehensive SEO strategy becomes a lot simpler when you break it up into different parts and focus on each constituent separately.

Search Engine Optimization process begins way before your website becomes accessible on the internet. SEO is to be considered when you are working on the design of the website. Most web designers concentrate on the graphics but ignore optimization. Therefore, it should be made sure that the design is user-friendly and search engine friendly as well. This is the broader process we follow to push you on the top of the search result:

  1. Optimize the Permalink Structure
    A permalink is a permanent link of your page and posts, and does not change with time. It plays an important role in the SEO aspect of any site and also in the overall optimization. One of the major on-page SEO factors is having the keyword in your permalink. Using simple permalinks, preferring dashes over underscores, removing stop words like ‘is’ or ‘are’.
    Never change permalinks after publishing and even if you decide to do so, set up a 301 redirection from the old URL to the new URL. Also prefer using non-www in your site name. This gives you more space in the permalink. But make sure that the www version of site is properly redirected to the non-www version to avoid a WordPress duplicate issue.

  2. Give Alt Tags to Images
    Never forget to give images good alt attributes i.e., alt tags and title tags. They strengthen search engine visibility and accessibility of your website. The alt tag describes what is on the image and the function of the image on the page. Not only for SEO purposes, has alt text also helped blind and visually impaired people know what the image is for. Even Google places a relatively high value on alt texts to determine what is on the image, but also to determine the topic of surrounding text. Keep in mind as a general rule: if a keyword would be useful for finding something that is on the image, include it in the alt tag if you can.

  3. Page loading speed for SEO
    Page loading speed is one of the signals used by Google’s algorithms to rank pages. It’s also important to user experience. Pages with longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time on page. So to improve upon page loading speed, we take the following measures:

    1. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
      Optimize your code by removing spaces, commas and other unnecessary characters. Also remove code comments, formatting and unused code. This can dramatically increase your page speed. Google recommends using YUI Compressor for both CSS and JavaScript.

    2. Use a Content Delivery Network You can save up to 60% bandwidth and half the number of requests your website makes by hosting your media files on a content delivery network. CDNs work by hosting your files across a large network of servers around the world. So when a user visits your website, they are downloading files from the server that is closest to them. And because the bandwidth is spread across so many different servers, it reduces the load on any single server.

    3. Use a Caching Plugin
      If you are using WordPress, one of the easiest ways to cut your page loading speed is to install a caching plugin like WP Total Cache or WP Super Cache. Though they do a lot beyond browser caching, but it remains their primary function.

    4. Optimize Images
      Using images is a great way to enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of the website. Many people only optimize the text and forget to do the same for the images. If you optimize the images, you can improve your search engine’s rank considerably.

      You can also use a free tool like WP Smush which strips bulky information from your images, reducing the file size without compromising on quality. It systematically scans every image you upload or have already added to your site and cuts all the unnecessary data. The faster your site loads, the more Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines will like it.

      There are other tools for image optimization like Image Optimizer, Imsanity, Gimp (an alternative to Photoshop), etc. So use these to have lighter images which cut down on your site’s load time and give a better experience to users also.

  4. Implement Google AMP
    AMP is Google’s open-source program that allows webmasters the ability to create super-quick, stripped-down, instantly loading versions of web-pages for mobile users.AMP isn’t a ranking signal yet, but if you’re appearing in Top Stories than having AMP pages will help improve user experience. Here’s a tutorial on how to implement AMP successfully.

  5. Creating an Keywords Optimized Content
    When you are creating content for your website, you must ensure that you meet the baseline specifications for a good optimized content. These specifications are as follows:
    • It must have one primary keyword and one or two secondary keywords.
    • If it is an article or blog post, it should contain 500 words but a 1000 word article is recommended.
    • It must be unique, well-researched and provide value to your readers.

  6. Optimizing Content For Keywords
    If you wish to optimize keywords only to rank your website for search, you may miss out on several ways to get more visibility amongst your target audience. Let’s check out the best proven ways to use keywords for your comprehensive online marketing strategy. Webpage Optimization techniques we use to rank your content. In order to start with, there are various avenues that can be utilized effectively when it comes to target keyword phrase on each page of your website that you'd like to optimize for search. In the SEO title tag of your page (or just the main title of the page if your CMS does not permit you to edit SEO fields).

    This is a requirement for the on-page optimization of a keyword.
    • In the meta description of your page. Even though it may not be realized for optimization purposes, it will get highlighted when a visitor sees your webpage in search results for that keyword.
    • In at least one image's filename and ALT text.
    • In the first paragraph on the page.
    • Regular use of similar meaning keywords throughout the content

Content Ideation and Marketing

If you’re involved in development of content pieces like blogs, articles, podcasts or videos etc. to seek more visibility in search, you must need to create content that is backed by keyword phrases that target audiences searching for their desired product. There are basically two ways to achieve this.

First, you can choose to develop attractive pieces of content keeping just your readers in mind. Once you've developed your content, you can look back, get the keyword phrases that match best, and enhance that content appropriately using the webpage optimization steps mentioned above.

Second, you can research keywords for your specific industry type, regulate which ones would lead to great content, and employ them as a foundation for your topic concepts. For instance, let's say you wanted to develop a website about pet training. If you search this on Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you can download various suggested keyword phrases, all with projected search volume.

Get your downloaded excel sheet and convert it into a topic idea source employing the keywords that match best to your content objectives. Inflate your spreadsheet to make space for additional notes related to your topic idea, the content type you wish to create (blog post, podcast, video, etc.), the best resource to develop that content, and much more. You can then refer to this spreadsheet to develop content that you understand your audience looks for.

This allows you to use keywords for designing your content strategy, a cross benefit of which will be developing content that has the power to drive lots of organic search traffic to your website.

Online Branding

If you wish to create strong brand for your business, it is necessary that you come up with one keyword phrase that sums up your central offering and make sure you can use it everywhere you go, online and offline. This strategy is going to help you brand yourself or your business for what you’re primarily known for. Whenever people ask about you and your business offerings, you'll be ready with a reliable answer, averting any confusion.

Social Media Profile Optimization

It always seems fine when people can easily find you by browsing through your social profiles and Social Media Networks. And for this, keywords are the best arrows. If you aren't involved into optimizing your social media profiles and pages for your target keyword phrase, you may be missing out on the individuals who search for you within each social network.

While you can't optimize the "SEO title" field for your social profiles and social pages, you can choose to optimize other important things related to your profiles and pages by using your target keywords and phrases. These include:

  • For Twitter profiles, try to include your keyword phrase in your bio.
  • For Facebook pages, make sure your keyword phrase is in your page's "Category," "Short Description," and "Long Description," that can be edited on your page's "About" tab.
  • For Pinterest profiles, make sure your keyword phrase is in your profile's "About You" box.
  • For Instagram profiles, make sure your keyword phrase is in your bio.
  • For LinkedIn profiles, make sure your keyword phrase is in your professional headline, current job title, summary, skills, and other applicable sections throughout your profile.
  • For LinkedIn company pages, ensure that your keyword phrase remains in your company description, company fortes, and company industry (if possible).
  • For Google+ profiles, make sure your keyword phrase is in your tagline, introduction, occupation, and skills.
  • For Google+ pages, make sure your keyword phrase is in your introduction (story) and category (if possible).

Similar to a typical web page, it is not recommended to overload your social profiles and pages with targeted keywords. Any such move would make visitors precept it like a spam. However including your primary keywords and phrases in an organic way to the above mentioned elements is sure to help you rank better in searches on each individual network.

If you’re not sure about this aspect of keyword optimization, you can choose to examine your competitors. Check each of their top social profiles to find out what keyword phrase they use primarily.

Leveraging Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posting to achieve your SEO India objectives using low-quality content may be obsolete these days, but with better focused content to achieve the aim of getting more exposure amongst your target audience is a worth implementable idea. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended not to use keywords for an over-optimized anchor text link in your author bio. Instead, choose to use keywords to explore the best opportunities for guest posting.

By using premium tools such as BuzzSumo and Impactana, we get the keywords you wish to write on, and you search for them using these tools. BuzzSumo will show the sites that contain the highest number of socially-shared posts related to those keywords. Impactana is meant to carry out deeper research and allows marketers to search for sites that have posts matching those keywords with a plethora of comments, views, backlinks, and other metrics.

Both tools would amazingly let people know the sites they can submit content to that will attract lots of attention from their target audience, either via social shares, views, or comments. They will disperse the top guest posting opportunities from those that have little benefit beyond a low-quality backlinks.

Social Media Update Optimization

Besides your social profiles and pages, you can make the most out of your social media updates by optimizing them with your targeted keywords. While the major benefit will be visible on social search within each respective network, it never repels to consider keyword optimization so that your social updates can be found on Google search. The key to promoting your social media updates with particular keywords and phrases is to use them early in your primary status update

The main point here is that each text component of your social media update includes your logical utilization of target keyword phrase as soon as possible. This will lend your updates great chances to be featured in search results on both the respective social network and possibly even Google.

Directory Listing Discovery

Directing listing is one of the most widely used ways to obtain easy links from the web, preferably with some keyword-optimized anchor text. Using keywords this way is still a great strategy in many aspects.

A new approach is to look for your target keywords and phrases on Google to check if a general, niche, or local directory emerges on the first page of search results. For instance, a local business in California that offers pet grooming as their main offering should get listed in relevant categories on Yelp.

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