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Content Marketing Services in India

As per a research held by Kapost, it was found out that per dollar Content Marketing generates thrice the amount of leads in comparison to the leads generated as an outcome of conventional online marketing, for example paid search. It reflects that a well defined Content Marketing Strategy can actually act as a mile stone for your business.

We specialize in helping brands prepare ROI oriented Content Marketing Strategies.

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About SEO Corporation Content Marketing Services

We are the eyes and ears of content marketing
In the age of post digital revolution for the sake of marketing a brand, the conventional techniques of marketing won’t suffice and serve the purpose. The virtually aware customer of today doesn’t need to stay in tune with the television or newspaper or radio to learn about new offerings by businesses when the massive virtual world is just a click away to acquire information of any kind, any time. Stepping ahead of the traditional techniques, Marketing has taken a big leap to cope with the digital audience. In the language of web masters it’s called ‘Content Marketing’ and every business must understand and start living with the fact that it’s imperatively indispensable to incorporate content marketing in their Marketing strategy if they wish to stay in the competition in the first place and dream to win it once they are in the battle field with the competitors, who are already there. SEO Corporation is the one step solution for dealing with all your content marketing issues and acquiring excellent Content Strategy Agency is a must if you wish to succeed.

Understanding the term Content Marketing
Content Marketing is an arrangement of implementing marketing techniques by making media and web content as the medium for the purpose of attracting customers and prospects, converting prospects into dedicated customers and existing customers into profitable ones. There are a lot of formats in which the information relevant to a brand is shared and promoted ranging from news, images, videos, jingles, whitepapers, Q&A articles, comprehensive guides how to guides, e-books etc.
Like the aim of conventional Marketing, content marketing is not synonymous to selling a product or a service and is focussed more on broadening the arena of communication between the buyers and the sellers. The aim is not pushing services to customers, rather making them fall in love with the offerings and maintaining a mutually profitable relationship with them. As a matter of fact, web has opened great avenues for approaching customers and prospects and making associations with them.

What makes content marketing a dire need for the marketing strategy of your business
As per a research held by Kapost, it was found out that per dollar content marketing generates thrice the amount of leads in comparison to the leads generated as an outcome of conventional online marketing, for example paid search. It reflects that a well defined content marketing strategy can actually act as a mile stone for your business. Following are some productive benefits of content marketing:

Attracting traffic to your website
Making traffic inbound to your website is a very impactful way of expressing your area of expertise, your core competencies and highlighting your USP’s. All you need to understand is what your customer values or wishes to seek information about. Once you get to the point, your visitors will definitely increase the frequency of paying visits to your website which will help you in making to the good books of Google and the wisest way of implementing it is educating your audiences.

  • Solve the queries of your audiences and make them feel important.
  • Dedicate a section in your website to interact with your visitors and responding to their feedback.
  • Reflect your thoughtfulness as a brand leader by publishing content that will act as a guide to them, give expert opinions on whatever your niche is.
  • If you are able to generate inbound traffic from such articles, this lead holds a great potential of being a profitable conversion.

Generates awareness for your brand by engaging your audiences
Attracting audiences is the first step and if you have successfully implemented it, the next very important issue to deal with is engaging your audiences and making them aware about your brand and content marketing facilitates it like a cake walk. All you need to do is show some innovativeness and creativity in the content you are posting but never divert from the niche and target audiences in the flow of creativity and just for the sake of lengthening the content.

  • Media in the form of images, videos, shocking and surprising facts through info-graphics, witty cartoons and images are great mediums for engaging the target audience.
  • Videos are great for the purpose of communicating and interacting with the customers and prospects and when optimised for search engine visibility, scope of content marketing booms in a big way.
  • The web is the fastest medium of making anything go viral and when content is made viral creatively, brand awareness spreads like wild fire.

Raising popularity of your brand with the help of creating link popularity for search engine optimisation
The platform of social media provides a business innumerable perks and one of the best one among them is making your content go viral. Authenticity of content is enhanced when its links are popular among the audiences and they link to it. Google’s page ranking of your website reflects the authenticity of your website and it is enhanced with the help of generating link popularity. An intelligent and esprit content marketing plan makes all the good difference because it’s your excellent content only that acts as your link resource for search engine optimization. The outbound links coming out from a website having a high page rank are simply herculean.

  • Any form of content- text, images, videos or info graphics can help you build back links to your website.
  • Once you successfully create an aura of your website and audiences are intrigued about your content, link popularity is generated.
  • Thus the SEO link value is strengthened and your popularity rises phenomenally.

Types of content marketing
Among the following forms of content marketing, some are conventional and some are new. It’s always great to create a balance between the conventional and innovative forms of content marketing in order surprise your audience, but at the same time make them feel at home. Content marketing is originally incepted from inbound marketing which focuses on making the customers and prospects feel important and building relation with them and that must be kept in mind while implementing the various forms of content marketing. Let’s see a few examples of content marketing and understand its types.

  1. Content Marketing Blogs: Blogs are conventional tools of Inbound Marketing but they are effective and great drivers of traffic. Blogs do not only help in attracting traffic to your website, they help in building your image as a very thoughtful brand leader because mostly blogs are very descriptive and act as guides for problem solving. The comments readers leave and the feedback authors give make them interactive. They help improve Google page ranking of a website as well as add to generating natural link popularity. Tumblr, Wordpress, Percussion, Livejournal are some examples of web CMS and famous blogging platforms on the web.
  2. Slide share: Presentations are different from simple text and images just by a very fine line- They are presentable and classified. They are found interesting by the audiences and sharing slide presentations can also be used for displaying a speech by an industry expert in a conference, reflecting facts and figures, even showcasing e-books in a fun and user friendly manner. Create, upload and share. It’s an easy three step process and a great tool of content marketing.
  3. Content Generated by the users: Tweets and social media content written by the customers and prospects holds great significance, but there is another dimension to the content generated by the users and it’s more than testimonials written by them. If a business wishes that its audiences provide them with valuable content in the form images or videos etc, they must give them some perks in return. For example contests organised on pinterest and instagram to upload pictures representing the theme designated by a company and the winner is given a prize or an opportunity in return. Another example can be of a point or marking system given as reward to the users for submitting high quality content. This is an excellent tool of content marketing and attracts massive traffic as well.
  4. Podcasts: Podcasts are often under estimated as a tool of content marketing but they are actually very effective tools of content marketing specifically for the B2B content marketing. The busy professionals and businessmen do not get much time to be in touch with news and podcasts solve the purpose brilliantly. Pod castings are contagious and construct fanatic following by making subscribers their base. Most commonly hosted on iTunes but there are numerous other pod casting websites available that are serving the same purpose. It’s also possible to link a podcast straight from your website or your blog and the content range from social media sharing clues to how to generate lead offers.
  5. White papers: White papers are one of the conventional content marketing tools and have been in use since early 90’s. They are also nicknamed as grey literature. Use of white papers is basically in the arena of B2B marketing. Their best advantage is the generation of sales leads and business development. White papers also reflect thoughtfulness of businesses and help them building image as a thoughtful leader. It can contain anything ranging from findings of a research, Q&A on important topics, tips, a guide etc.

Some facts and figures
The chart below reflects the correlation of number of website pages and traffic index. Length of the content of a website affects the traffic in a very big way and holds a great responsibility in terms of inbound marketing.

  • Companies that have around 50 to 100 pages attract around 50% more traffic than the ones having web pages in the range of 1 to 50.
  • If landing pages are incremented in number by 10 to 15 almost 55% increase in leads is witnessed.
  • Businesses that are small witness large gains in traffic when they increase the frequency and number of articles posted.
  • Reluctance in blogging mustn’t be there because companies that blog more than 15 times a month successfully attract almost 5 times more traffic than the non or less blogging ones.
  • A normal company witnesses 45% increment in traffic when the numbers of blog articles are increased from 10 to 20 to 21 to 50.
  • Social media can create wonders for the traffic of a website. Impact of increase in the number of twitter followers is more prominent comparatively on B2C companies than B2B companies.
  • Companies strive in acquiring followers because companies that have around 50 to 100 followers tend to generate almost a hundred and six percent more traffic than the ones that have mere 25 or lesser followers.
  • Facebook has a better grasp on traffic than twitter, once surpassing 1000 likes around 185% increase in traffic is witnessed.
  • The days of conventional key word stuffing is gone. Panda, Penguin and the latest humming bird algorithm is more focussed in answering the questions of users, which brings in vogue the usage of long tailed keywords. For example- “the best pancakes in the united states” or “blue tweed female large size blazer”. Usage of long tailed keywords enhances the traffic diversion phenomenally.

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SEO corporation is a well established brand name and the proof of our excellence is the pedestal we stand today in the very little time since our inception. We are thankful to our clients and their support because without it our success rate won’t have been almost 98%. Our clients include names like Walt Disney, IBM, HCL, Walmart, DELL and many more U.S, U.K and Australia based MNC’s. We cater to all forms online business requirements right from the scratch and our services are flawless and world class.

Our SEO Services have helped companies not only come out of problems but flourish and grow as successful brand names. The idea isn’t just building and working on different aspects of a website but nurturing it. We believe in keeping close to our customers and our brilliant SEO analytics keep our customers well informed and updated with the industry trends. Size, genre, type of industry is never a constraint for us in providing excellent services to our clients. Please feel to contact us 24X7: Contact details

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SEO Corporation- Your one stop solution to all Content Marketing related issues The pool of sophisticated technical know-how and super talented manpower makes us the best content marketing firm in the industry. The testimonials and complimentary word of mouth from our satisfied clients stand witness to it. Our philosophy on content marketing is simple yet very in depth. We believe in attracting the customers and prospects with the use of right marketing tools at the right places and optimising it for the social media and search engines. We strive hard and successfully craft content marketing plans that convert the traffic into profitable offers. Customer Relationship Management is our belief and that’s what helps us delight our customers and give them the WOW experience. If you are looking for a Content Strategy Agency choose SEO Corporation and not only you won’t regret the decision, you will thank us later.

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