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    Mobile Responsive Website

    Creating a responsive website or a separate mobile portal is a contentious issue. The argument seems to have no end. In the current scheme of things, every business needs a website for better revenue, quick expansion, and good customer relations. The battle for internet users is raging. In an effort to trounce the rivals, the companies are not shying away to adopt any possible measure to register a clear win.


    As the number of mobile internet surfers mushrooms, creating a website adaptable to all platforms makes a lot of sense. Not just the idea appeals, it is a low-cost and effective measure to connect and serve the different users. Therefore, the concept of ‘one-size-fits-all’ holds water.


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    Our Responsive Web Design Service Pricing Plans

    Here are our standard pricing plans. We can also customize the package as per your requirement.


    $399 /
    • Upto 5 Pages
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Standard CMS
    • Basic Optimization
    • Speed Optimization
    • Landing Page
    • Google Insights Score


    $599 /
    • Upto 10 Pages
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Standard CMS
    • Basic Optimization
    • Speed Optimization
    • Landing Page
    • Google Insights Score


    $999 /
    • Upto 20 Pages
    • Mobile Responsive
    • Standard CMS
    • Basic Optimization
    • Speed Optimization
    • 1 Landing Page*
    • Google Insights Score

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    What is a Responsive Website Design?

    Responsive website design is one of the most lucrative measures. This means creating a website that responds to user commands irrespective of the device they use. It talks about a grouping of various web elements, such as content, photos, and graphics, in a way that makes browsing a laudable experience.

    Responsive website design is a process where a website automatically works in tune with the size and type of the device that a user uses. It’s easier to operate a responsive site as there is a complete absence of unnecessary scrolling, resizing, zooming and panning. Other advantages of a mobile-compatible site are low loading speed and improved usability.

    Why Responsive Website Design?

    The customers are becoming increasingly demanding. The priority list is getting complicated where the best quality and price occupies the top spot. It is enough to understand that customers seek a complete package of quality, strength, and affordability.

    While surfing a portal on mobiles or tablets, customers hope for a desktop-like experience. However, if they don’t get so in the next 5 seconds, they end up in canceling the web page and start looking for better options. A responsive site opens quickly, fits the small screens and provides desired information to the end-users. Thus, behind every mobile optimization, the motive is the same – 100% user satisfaction. A customer well-satisfied is a customer well-retained.

    The new crop of people demands higher flexibility and convenience in everything. Responsive website design is designed and optimized after seamless integration of various web components so that it can work fluently on multiple platforms. This flexibility has many fans.

    An RWD site improves customer engagement and boosts ROI, giving every reason to be upbeat about the splendid success.

    No Responsive – Know What are the Losses?

    There is a growing clamor for the responsive web design, but despite the sheer pitch, the noise has failed to hit the eardrums of many. Still, many websites are designed keeping the desktop screens in mind. This can be due to poor awareness or perhaps the companies are audacious.

    Almost ninety percent of global users use their smartphones for surfing and mailing. If a user encounters a problem while navigating a site online, he may get turned away instantly. Once a company starts losing its potential customers, there cannot be any reverse in the trend soon. This is when the growth rate falls, denting the company’s image and weakening its position in the markets.

    A company that doesn’t acknowledge the responsive web design trend is likely to present the content in the same conventional manner, while its rivals must be making millions out of it. If the content is poorly visible on mini-screens, the customers are likely to switch tracks and may land upon the rival’s website. So, a ‘no’ to responsive web designing can kick a company out of the competition.

    Designing various websites for various platforms is too expensive. Responsive web design is a money-saving practice.

    As mobile surfing is on the rise, Google takes into account the mobile traffic to choose a website’s ranking on the search engine. A website will fail to get better ranks on Google in spite of good desktop traffic if it is performing poorly on the mobiles.

    What is the Process?

    For a responsive site, you can either contact a professional website designer or can use the facilities of several online tools available free of cost. Here, we mentioned some tips to create a cross-platform website.

    Hire Professionals:

    Hire professionals with specialization in the sphere of responsive web design service. This is important for the development of a robust, engaging and manageable website that offers an incredible browsing experience to the end-users. It is generally observed that small and medium scale businesses hire designers with no relevant experience, just for the sake of saving bucks. This approach is absolutely wrong. While selecting the webmasters, do not forget to view their portfolio. Know what others say about them. Better contact the people for whom they have worked before.

    Check the mobile statistics:

    Check what segments of your website are drawing maximum audiences, learn about the user surfing behaviors and know what are your target audiences. Hold brainstorming sessions to decide on the feasibility of responsive web design.

    Keep a tight vigil on competitors:

    Keep the URLs of your competitors and regularly monitor their performances on various platforms, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This will guide your choices.

    Wait For The Right Moment:

    Responsive Website Designing is profitable, but it is highly difficult to bring the necessary changes to a conventional website. It is a time-taking process. Forcing the changes can spoil the aesthetics of your website. Thus, wait until you go for redesigning your existing website. If you wish to create a new website, the time is ripe to introduce the shift.

    Google Update

    Taking a cue from the escalating trend, Google has decided to rank websites on the basis of their mobile-friendliness. Here is what Google plans.

    • The search giant has decided to accommodate the mobile traffic of the websites into its ranking mechanism.
    • Seen as an attempt to reward the site with a good mobile turnover, Google will mark such sites as ‘mobile-friendly’.
    • This is beneficial in terms of traffic and conversion rates.

    Till now, websites with poor mobile optimization were doing reasonably good. However, the recent announcement by Google is likely to upset the apple cart.

    According to the recent blog, Google will soon come out with a structured algorithm that would take into consideration the mobile-usability of a site to decide the ranks. The twist in the ranking system is a setback for those who haven’t bothered about becoming mobile-friendly. This new algorithm will highly influence the working of the search engines.

    How SEO Corporation can Help?

    SEO Corporation is a fast-evolving Responsive Web Design Service Company in the United States. Based out of New Delhi, the company has massive experience in developing websites that can be browsed easily on all devices. While working for you, we aim for enhancing site navigability and functionality, while eliminating all the troubles to the hilt. Customer satisfaction is our only mission. We offer websites that are highly easier to access and structure processes as per user’s requirements.

    Responsive Web Design is the Need of the Hour!

    When the Internet was born in the early 90’s, no one actually realizes its potential to revolutionize human life. A few decades down the line, we can’t imagine our life without it. Every living soul in the world is presently connected to the web, and the remaining ones are on the verge of joining the bandwagon. So, the scenario opens ups both opportunities and challenges for small and big businesses. And a rightful SEO strategy is a must in the present cut-throat competitive environment.

    It would be safe to claim that glitz and glamour around SEO consultants will are set for an upward spiral. Anyway, if you’re serious about getting your business to survive; an efficient SEO consultant should accompany you. But, myriads of things go into the making of a successful SEO professional. You must consider all these aspects before hiring one for your site.

    Is Responsive Design Necessary?

    Your prospective consumer could be anywhere, in the office, sitting in a park or relaxing at home. Further, his choice of devices varies from laptops, personal computers to smartphones. He is also not shy to try out new devices, and shun sites with poor optimization for his favorable device. Can you afford to upset him? Actually no site owner can make such a grave mistake.

    Some Benefits of Responsive Web Design Service

    Augmentation in Sales:

    Nothing is more dangerous than an annoyed user. A responsive design adjusts your site for a flawless viewing experience. As the user is bound to be content with the viewing experience, the prospects of sales are obviously improved.

    Increase Your Reach:

    It amplifies your reach to devices with varying screen sizes. It should be noted that this fragmentation will further escalate in the near future. So, you must embrace a responsive design without any further delay.

    Responsive Web Design for Mobile Save Time:

    As you’re not required to optimize a separate mobile site, a significant amount of time and effort are saved. And in the present cut-throat competition, this means more revenues and a more focused approach.

    Future Ready:

    Responsive web design service prepares your business for future. As more and more users progress towards portable computing devices, you need to adopt this design approach.

    Great for SEO:

    Even Google loves responsive web design, especially for localized search results. As there is a need for a separate mobile site, your Search Engine Optimization efforts will be focused on a single channel. So, the results will obviously please your business targets. Even analytics tools have acquired new features to deal with the rise of responsive designs.

    More than just Smartphones:

    Many businesses are targeting smartphones with mobile sites. There is no denying that smartphones control a huge proportion of market share. But, tablet computers also command users’ loyalty. Interestingly, tablets are also not immune to fragmentation in terms of screen sizes. So, responsive design rules this concern as well.

    Is It Better than Having a Dedicated Mobile site?

    In reality, it is way better than having a separate mobile site. First, a mobile site involves further headache for maintenance and updating. On the other hand, responsive designs are future-proof, require lesser updates. You also don’t require any separate domain with this approach.

    Responsive Website Design

    It should be noted that running a mobile site tends to be more expensive. On the other hand, responsive web design is comparatively affordable, offering a superior returns to your investments.

    Thus, there is no denying the superiority of Responsive Web Design over mobile sites.

    Why You Should Choose Seo Corporation?

    Gorgeous Design, Seamless Branding, and Flexible Approach – These attributes define our Responsive web design services. We don’t just create beautiful sites, but our designed sites work in a similar beautiful manner. So, we allow practicality to merge with aesthetics. The end results are obviously marvelous.

    Responsive Web Design Services

    We believe that great relations depend on better understandings. Our professionals will spend considerable time understanding even the minutest need of our client. So, with SEO Corporation, you’re with a professional and passionate Responsive web designing service provider.

    We make sure that your visitors get the best possible experience. Our prime focus is on three crucial factors: creating brand loyalty, higher conversion and maintaining the interest of users.

    Our Innovative Design Philosophy

    It is true that numerous web designing firms adorn the online landscape. But, how many of them are actually usable? The purpose is not to create functional sites, but develop sites that influence visitor’s minds and choices. We, SEO Corporation, took pride in our professionals who are passionate about what they do.

    Our design approach is unique, uncluttered and always ahead of our peers. And for responsive design, each step is towards making the customer experience better. We firmly believe that creating a flawless site for different screen sizes is an art, and pushing the set boundaries is essential for desired results.


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    We’re a friendly bunch of professionals, eager to talk to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. In fact, our practices remain considerably far-off from corporate formalities. We believe in establishing life-long relationships. And for that, we bring forth numerous ideas, along with ample room for flexibility. So, contact us now!


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