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    Did you know, that a search for “dentist in NY” yields 196,000,000 results! That explains two things. Firstly, the term is widely used one, which demonstrates that people use web search to find dentists in their city. Secondly, there is a lot of competition among dentist websites in NY.


    To make sure that your dentist websites feature on the first page when someone does a search for a dentist in your area, you need Dental SEO Service. You’ll need a mix of all kinds of SEO to beat the competition, whether it’s on-site SEO, backlinks building, local search, or even voice search.

    The big question – how do you find the time to invest in your SEO strategy? The answer – hire a professional SEO service for dentists. SEO Corporation has helped several dentist services in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia grow their web traffic by 5X, and multiple their queries, clinic visits, and revenues many times.

    All our SEO services are focused on your dentist business, whether you’re an individual practitioner or the owner of a large chain of dental care services. Remember, your business is unique, and your business goals are unique. You don’t need ‘any SEO service’; you need a business-oriented dentist SEO service, and that’s what you get with SEO Corporation.

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    Why Choose SEO Corporation’s SEO Service for Dentists Over Others?

    Let’s tell you some of the most persuasive elements of our dedicated SEO services for dentists, and then let you decide for yourself.


    Assuming you already have a dentist website (if not, we can help you with our website building and content service as well), you’ll need a detailed walkthrough of the SEO process. Our Dental SEO Services make sure that our consultants spend adequate time to help you understand all steps of the process so that you know when you can expect results.


    We begin with a detailed audit of your dentist website, with a focus on content quality, keyword optimization, backlinks profile, site navigation structure, mobile-friendliness, page speed, etc. All these are key elements for successful SEO for your dentist websites.

    Next up, we devise a long term content marketing strategy, with the aim of getting high-quality backlinks from reputed medical niche websites. Plus, we conduct detailed keyword research and optimize your web content for the selected keywords.

    Local SEO and voice search are crucial if you wish to appear at the top in a ‘dentist near me’ or equivalent search. To achieve this, we invest a lot of effort in securing and optimizing your Google My Business listing. This is followed by a campaign to list your business in as many directories as possible, with consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number).

    All this while, you get insightful progress reports from us, which keeps you well in sync with our SEO teams. Also, we make sure our SEO activities for your dentist websites remain aligned with Google-approved whitehat SEO methods. We guarantee that your website will get many times more traffic, and your clinics will hence get many times more footfall, because of our dental SEO services.

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    Our SEO Services Pricing Plans

    Here are our standard pricing plans. We can also customize the package as per your requirement.


    $399 /Mon
    • Number of Keywords 20
    • On Page Optimization
    • Local Search Engine Submission
    • GMB Creation
    • 20 Social Bookmarking
    • 4 Article Submission
    • 10 Article Social Bookmarking
    • 1 Blog Submission
    • 1 Video Submission
    • Business Page Creation
    • Press Release Submission
    • Local Listing Optimization
    • Web Content Writing
    • Directory Submission
    • 1 Additional One Way Links
    • 15 Photo Sharing*
    • Profile Content Writing
    • 1 Hour Consultation with SEO Corporation
    • Facebook Sharing


    $599 /Mon
    • Number of Keywords 30
    • On Page Optimization
    • Local Search Engine Submission
    • GMB Creation
    • 30 Social Bookmarking
    • 6 Article Submission
    • 20 Article Social Bookmarking
    • 2 Blog Submission
    • 2 Video Submission
    • Business Page Creation
    • 1 Press Release Submission
    • Local Listing Optimization
    • Web Content Writing
    • Directory Submission
    • Additional One Way Links
    • Photo Sharing*
    • Profile Content Writing
    • 1 Hour Consultation with SEO Corporation
    • Facebook Sharing


    $999 /Mon
    • Number of Keywords 50
    • On Page Optimization
    • Local Search Engine Submission
    • GMB Listing Optimization
    • 60 Social Bookmarking
    • 8 Article Submission
    • 40 Article Social Bookmarking
    • 4 Blog Submission
    • 4 Video Submission*
    • Business Page Creation
    • 2 Press Release Submission
    • Local Listing Optimization
    • Web Content Writing(upto 700 words)
    • 20 Directory Submission
    • 1 Additional One Way Links
    • 15 Photo Sharing*
    • Profile Content Writing
    • 1 Hour Consultation with SEO Corporation
    • Facebook Sharing

    Our Search Engine Optimization Process for Dental Websites

    Comprehensive Dentist Website SEO Audit

    The first step is a detailed SEO audit for your website because we need to know where to begin, to prepare the right roadmap for reaching the destination. The key components of our SEO audit process are:

    • Technical SEO problems
    • Website navigation structure analysis
    • On-page SEO health check
    • Backlink profile
    • Current UX
    • Content issues

    Our SEO audit for your dentist websites extends even beyond the basics. We don’t want to spend time repeating tasks that you’ve probably performed already (or maybe your previous Dental SEO service provider did that). Our approach while conducting the SEO audit is – let the good practices continue, eliminate the bad practices, and transform ordinary practices into great practices.

    Setting Up Google Analytics

    Your current Google rank is just a number unless we analyze it in the context of several other parameters such as:

    • Average time spent per page
    • Click-through rates
    • The monthly volume of traffic for keywords you rank the highest for
    • Cost per click for your target keywords
    • Number of unique website visitors
    • Bounce rate
    • Highest performing keywords
    • Competitiveness of the keywords

    With all these metrics, it becomes easy to prepare a business-focused SEO strategy, with the ultimate aim of getting you more business.

    Keyword Analysis for Your Dentist Website

    Your dentist business is a medical service, and people search for it in a very different way as compared to others. Here is the kind of search queries for which you’d want to feature on the SERPs.

    • ‘Dentist near me’ searches
    • Dentist service reviews
    • Dental health queries
    • Dental health best practices

    And whether your web pages rank high for such queries depends on the keywords you target. We begin with a brainstorming session so that we understand how you want to position your business. The first list of keywords then becomes a source for further analysis to find keywords that have:

    • High monthly traffic volumes
    • Low competition

    We also conduct keyword research with a focus on local SEO and voice search, to make sure your SEO strategy is future proof.

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    How can dental SEO services help me attract more clients in my city?

    Earlier, clients would look up dentists in the Yellow Pages but now a quick online search does the trick. However, most patients do not look beyond the first couple of results pages, so sites that do not rank high on search engines get ignored. So, whether you’re a longstanding clinic or just starting out, dental SEO service is key to getting new clients and retaining them over time.

    How long does SEO Corporation take to get first page rankings for my dental practice website?

    New dental websites take more than 9 to 12 months to rank for competitive keywords and over 1 to 4 months for non-competitive keywords. On the other hand, established dental clinics can rank within 3 to 6 months for competitive keywords, and in less than a month for non-competitive keywords.

    Why is local SEO necessary for dental websites?

    SEO Service has become a necessity for every local business, especially for dental practices. Dental clinics are service-based businesses that depend mainly on patients from the vicinity. Users must find your service when they require it, and local SEO is the best way to achieve that.

    Our Dental SEO Service will direct organic traffic to your site through higher search engine rankings. Popular phrases and keywords for your practice may be incorporated so the search engine can target those particular areas and show relevant results to your target patients.

    Local SEO connects you with patients who need your medical services instantly. For that reason, your practice needs to show up in searches for people interested in dental services on their laptops or smartphones. If the name of your practice shows up first, they are likely to contact you. Local SEO for dentists also lets you recommend your site to users who belong to your core demographic.

    Do dental websites require mobile optimization?

    Your dental practice must have a mobile-optimized website so that visitors accessing your site through their smartphones have a positive experience. Mobile optimization addresses the site design, structure, and page speed, and accounts for various screen sizes and load times.

    According to Neil Patel, 47 percent of consumers expect a business site to load in less than two seconds, and 40 percent will abandon a page that takes three seconds or more. For that reason, we recommend optimizing your dental practice’s website to prevent visitors from leaving due to inconvenience.

    What’s more, a mobile-optimized dental website can reformat itself entirely depending on the device. This leads to improved mobile web performance and engages your mobile audience.

    Will SEO Corporation help my dental practice rank on Google Maps?

    SEO Corporation understands that most dental clinics witness an average close rate of 18 percent via organic SEO leads. Thanks to SEO Corporation, they do not have to miss out on a further 18 percent more patients for their practice.

    SEO Corporation improves your business visibility on Google Maps, and can even help you appear in the local 3-pack by maximizing the search exposure of your business. They take an integrated approach to local SEO, combining GMB optimization, on-site optimization and review generation. SEO Corporation’s Google Maps marketing provides a multi-faceted approach to your dental practice.

    You can build your patient base by making your dental practice more visible on Google Maps and attract patients who are performing searches for nearby dentists. By putting your clinic front and center on Google Maps, the dental SEO services capture high brand awareness for your practice and benefit your practice with greater traffic, both offline and online.

    What does the Medic update mean for dental SEO?

    In fall 2018, Google introduced an update that disproportionately affected health, wellness, and medical websites. Dubbed the Google Medic update, most dental practice websites were hit by this update, both in attempts at fixing common search problems and its area of effect.

    If your website was one of them, you need to build trust with your patients, both offline and online, by showing Google that you are a trustworthy and reliable source of dental health information. You can start by providing evidence of your professional credentials and reputation, verification of dental health-related queries, and anything else that presents your website as a reputed and reliable source of information.

    Your website should have accurate profiles for each dentist practicing at your clinic, including their education, professional affiliations, credentials, and areas of expertise. Add links to online dental directories for every doctor profile on your website. Google indexes these links back to your practice’s website and provides further proof that these dentists are part of the professional associations they say they belong to.

    Always keep your dental affiliations current, and maintain the maximum number possible. Prioritize affiliations that provide backlinks to your practice’s site in their directories. When creating content for your site, include author credits for every blog post or informational page for your dentists. This is a great way for dentists in your practice to build up an authoritative body of work.

    Add links from your site to reputed, quality dental sources in service pages, blogs, and professional profiles. Also, pay attention to the reviews your clinic gets because they are indicative of quality.

    How is content marketing used in dental SEO?

    Good content is crucial for letting prospective patients know that your dental practice is reliable and offers more value for money than other dental clinics in the area. For that reason, you must implement a solid content marketing strategy so that patients make appointments.

    Content marketing improves visibility on social media platforms to create more opportunities so that clients can find you online. Correctly optimized blog posts and other content show up in search engine results when users search for information on dental health. When you upload helpful information, users can share it with family and friends, increasing the traffic to your content.

    Content marketing allows your content to reach the target audience. Take this to the next level by running ad campaigns that attract potential customers to your new dental content. Ensure your content offers accurate, valuable information to gain a reputation as a vital resource for dental health and an expert in the industry.

    Your clinic can also use content marketing to build relationships with potential patients. By publishing content on your website and sharing it on social media, users get the opportunity to comment and engage with your practice. You can also build a rapport with patients by responding to their questions and comments, which is necessary to develop a loyal customer base.

    You can make your dental practice stand out from the competition through content marketing. If a prospective customer remembers how your practice offered useful content in the past, you will stand out in a positive way.

    Should I worry about user reviews and ratings for my dentist business from an SEO perspective?

    According to a Moz study on local ranking factors, reviews are vital for local SEO. You must educate yourself during your practice’s sales process and throughout the engagement. Stop thinking in a siloed manner; consider your marketing and practice in a holistic fashion.

    The online reviews and ratings received by your dental practice affect the initial opinion of potential customers. Apart from that, reviews can impact the rankings of your clinic in the local search results. When a consumer performs a search on Google, the local results show up in a separate space at the top of the search section before the proper results.

    This local search ranking is dependent on various factors, one of them being online reviews. When Google notices how your dental practice is highly rated and reviews by consumers, it will reward your business by ranking it higher in the local search area.

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