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Just like Google, YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. However, unlike Google its potential is largely untapped. If you want to give your online business the edge it needs then SEO Corporation can help you achieve that goal through its YouTube SEO and video optimization services.

SEO Corporation is amongst the very few internet marketing companies that provide client premium video SEO services and help them take their business to new heights. Our YouTube SEO services will help your business by increasing product awareness, increasing traffic, increasing sales, profits or just launching a new product or video. Our services will help your business become a brand.

A pioneer in field of Video SEO aka video optimization SEO Corporation, the #1 SEO Company India has been doing "SEO for YouTube Videos" or Video SEO for years.

Our Approach

Keyword Analysis

We perform extensive research to come up with keywords that are competitive and can help you reach your targeted audience in your niche. Once we have researched the keywords we adopt a fairly simple approach afterwards for optimization of Title and description for Video SEO.

Creating Title & Description

Our premium SEO copywriters with the magic in their fingers will write crisp, succinct and interesting descriptions and titles so that people are compelled to click on your links. Links to your site in description is debatable and it is handled on the case to case basis. What we do? We find keywords related to you primary keywords and then write a beautiful description to get the maximum number of click of the page. We have noticed the highest number of CTR for videos optimized by us.

Creating Tags

You must be familiar with tags. Just like any blog, you can add tags to your videos. We recommend five to ten tags. For targeting more keywords or tags, we recommend another video.

Link Partners for Video SEO

Finding links partner is the most important part of Video SEO. Optimizing a website need high quality contextual do follow links, similarly Video SEO needs high quality links too. Our link building experts intensively and extensively search for linking opportunities for Video SEO.

With our efforts and your trust in our work can help take your business to the top ranks in search results.

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