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    Why Hire Our YouTube Video Marketing and Video SEO Services

    If an image is equal to 100 words, a video would be worth 10,000 words or more. With more audiences preferring video over text, it becomes imperative for you to use videos to promote your business and reach out to your prospects.


    A set of well thought out videos would be quite effective in wooing your audiences. Blending audio and visual elements, videos appeal to multiple senses. They get a real insight into how your product/service would benefit them, boosting the chances of you getting conversions.


    No surprise that videos are today the flag bearer of online marketing strategies. In fact, they have become an integral part of marketing strategies and you would hardly find anyone who is not putting videos to good use.


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    Here is how YouTube video marketing plays a positive role in content strategy

    Videos in emails enhance click-through rate by 200-300%
    Websites with videos have users spend 88% time
    73% of B2B marketers vouch for the positive outcome of using videos
    Traffic from search engines increases by 157%
    Videos boost conversion on landing pages by 80%
    Videos in content arsenal help grow revenue 49% faster compared to a content strategy without videos


    SEO Corporation’s video marketing services will help meet your goals.


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    Take Full Advantage YouTube Video Marketing Benefits

    Here are 6 strong reasons to choose our Video marketing services.

    Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

    Video boosts traffic from search
    engines 157%.

    Landing pages with videos increase conversions 80%.

    Videos in emails increase click-through rates 200-300%.

    Users spend 88% more time on websites with video.

    73% of B2B marketers report positive video ROI.


    How We Can Help You With Our YouTube SEO Services

    With our proven excellence in video marketing, we multiply the chances of you obtaining the objectives. Well-versed with nuances of video marketing, our YouTube Video SEO experts handle the challenges ahead efficiently and meet the marketing goals with aplomb.

    Taking on board professional YouTube Video SEO experts for taking the videos to your audiences is sure to bear fruits.

    Thanks to the effort of our video SEO services, your brand will be able to inform and engage experts. Eventually, it will translate into more conversions.

    Our Video Services

    YouTube Video Marketing

    Tailored to nurture your brand, our YouTube video marketing services are focused on helping you carve out a niche. Your prospects are more likely to view the videos, rather than read the long text. At SEO Corporation, our professionals have an excellent record of marketing videos that win the hearts of your target audiences.

    YouTube Video Optimization

    A strong YouTube presence is a sort of mandatory for penetrative brand reach. Our YouTube video optimization services take your brand reach to a completely new level. We focus on making your content appear on the top of search results on this platform. Getting a prominent display on YouTube searches will enable you to draw in even more traffic.

    YouTube Advertising

    Use YouTube advertising to connect to your buyers and convince them to take action. We create effective YouTube ads to introduce your business to prospects who may be interested in what you are offering. Our skilled professionals optimize your campaign while keeping to your budget.

    YouTube SEO

    Trust us to promote your product/service on a platform visited by hundreds of millions of users every month. Our YouTube optimization services have introduced a long list of businesses to success.

    Video SEO Services

    Placing your videos in no man’s land won’t get you anywhere. Our strategy-backed video SEO services will take the audiences to your content. It is high time you use our comprehensive video SEO services to take your content to where your prospects are.

    Music Video Promotion

    If you want your music to reach its full potential, trust us to execute your wish using our in-depth knowledge of the field. We know how to handhold music lovers to your content. We study your audiences to get into their what they aspire for before making a strategy for music video promotion.

    Video Blogs

    Eager to maximize your reach with video blogs? We would create impeccable video blogs that would take your message to audiences.

    Vimeo Videos

    If you desire to use Vimeo videos to expand your audience base, we may assist you to attain your objectives with our cutting edge services.

    YouTube Promotion

    Outsource your YouTube Promotion to SEO Corporation. Reach out to your prospects right onto their smartphones and laptops. Trust us to do YouTube marketing with clinical efficiency.

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    Our Video SEO Services Pricing Plans

    Here are our standard pricing plans. We can also customize the package as per your requirement.


    $249 /Mon
    • Video Meta Tags(Title,Keywords,Desc)
    • Analysis System Installation (Google Analytics)
    • Video Page Optimization
    • Video Tagging Option Code
    • Video Submission Sites(You Tube,My Space, Meta Cafe,Daily Motion, Atom Etc)
    • 20 Social Bookmarking Submissions
    • Video Sharing In Social Media Site
    • Traffic Report


    $399 /Mon
    • Video Meta Tags(Title,Keywords,Desc)
    • Analysis System Installation (Google Analytics)
    • Video Page Optimization
    • Video Tagging Option Code
    • Video Submission Sites(You Tube,My Space, Meta Cafe,Daily Motion, Atom Etc)
    • 50 Social Bookmarking Submissions
    • Video Sharing In Social Media Site
    • Traffic Report


    $499 /Mon
    • Video Landing Page Creation
    • Video Meta Tags(Title,Keywords,Desc)
    • Analysis System Installation (Google Analytics)
    • Video Page Optimization
    • Video Tagging Option Code
    • Video Submission Sites(You Tube,My Space, Meta Cafe,Daily Motion, Atom Etc)
    • 100 Social Bookmarking Submissions
    • Video Sharing In Social Media Site
    • Traffic Report

    Our Video Marketing Process

    At SEO Corporation, we have put in place a robust video marketing process:


    Every video marketing campaign should be based on a solid foundation. Right at the onset of a project, we analyze your requirements in detail and create a campaign that perfectly fits in with your goals. It is important to know what you regard the most important to chalk out a corresponding video marketing campaign. Offering video editing services in the United states, we do not assume anything and base every bit of the campaign on pure facts shared by you with us.

    Keywords Research

    Picking the right keywords is as important as creating a high-quality video. It is of practically no use if you upload an outstanding video only to discover that nobody is able to find the video. Our Video SEO experts are adept at doing adequate research and determining the keywords that will help in your video getting found out by the audiences.

    Competitor Analysis

    The second step is to write a competitor analysis that would take into account the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Knowing exactly what your competitors are doing helps us to derive the right strategy. We may even pick cues from their strategy and use it to your advantage. Thorough competitor analysis helps in the offensive and defensive formation of marketing strategy.

    On-page Optimization

    We implement all sorts of techniques for on-page video optimization. These include inserting a video transcript, using an engaging thumbnail image, paying attention to the title and description of the video, and embedding the video you want ranked first on the page. Adhering to our status as the best video marketing company, we also ensure the whole page is optimized for SEO along with the video. On the specific page, the focus is on the video and not other content elements.

    Our Additional Services That Will Boost Your Business online

    Social Media optimization

    Target your customers where they are. Our Social Media Optimization Service will boost your social presence and make your business a brand.

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    GMB Optimization Service

    Be on the top when your customers search your company name on Google. Our Google My Business Optimization service will help you discover on search results.

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    Website Designing Services

    Our Web Designing experts will provide you a professional and user-friendly website. Take your business online with our website designing service.

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    Content Writing Services

    Your website content decides your position on search engines results. Our Content Writers will provide you content with good readability.

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    Digital Marketing Services

    Make your business digital and boost your online presence. Reach your targeted audience easily with our digital marketing services.

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    Link Building Services

    Boost your website domain authority with high-quality links and increase your possibility to rank on your desired key-phrases.

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    What is YouTube SEO?

    YouTube SEO refers to the optimization of videos, channels, playlists, metadata, and descriptions on the video-sharing platform with the goal of getting a high search ranking for your audio-visual content.

    It uses slightly different techniques from regular SEO by focusing on video-related text such as subtitles and closed captions to optimize the content.


    However, the basic principles and motives underlying YouTube video marketing and regular SEO are one and the same as both these techniques are aimed at enhancing the discoverability of your content.

    Why Should You Do YouTube SEO?

    Few people realize that, apart from being a video sharing platform, YouTube is also the world’s second-largest search engine next only to Google.

    It returns 3 billion searches a month beating Bing and Yahoo combined.

    Its massive collection of videos, enormous user base, and highly efficient search engine merge to create a highly desirable platform from the point of video marketing.

    Proper YouTube optimization can help your content reach a potential user base of 2 billion active monthly users opening up a large opportunity to disseminate your story and brand narrative.

    What are the steps of a YouTube SEO?

    Performing YouTubevideo SEO entails a number of steps similar to regular SEO such as keyword research, optimizing your title and tags, link-building, competitor analysis, and so on.

    Asking viewers to comment, requesting them for subscriptions, adding closed captions, optimizing your file name and thumbnails, creating well-scripted, high-quality videos and efficient content promotion are some of the other techniques employed by YouTube SEO service providers with respect to video optimization.

    What are the YouTube SEO ranking factors?

    Here is a list of major YouTube ranking factors every business owner and digital marketer should be aware of:

    • Video title and description
    • Video quality
    • Watch time
    • View count
    • Channel keywords
    • Social signals (comments, likes, shares etc.)
    • Thumbnails
    • Subtitles and captions.


    How to Search the Best Tags for YouTube Videos?

    In order to generate tags for YouTube, you can use some free tags tools online. These are good but you have to apply your common sense as well. and are good free tools online.

    How to Find Long Tail Keywords For YouTube?

    Long-tail keywords are very important for YouTube and they can drive a lot of traffic if used properly.

    There are a lot of free and paid tools where you can find relevant keywords for YouTube videos. SEMrush, Tubebuddy and a host of other tools.  YouTube autocomplete is another good source of long-tail keywords. See the example:


    How to Find Most Searched Words In YouTube

    Google Keywords Planner is a good tool and there are other paid tools as well to find out what keywords or phrases are most searched by users. Using those keywords will help your videos garner more views.
    How to find the most popular keywords on YouTube?

    Use any of the above-mentioned tools to know the search volume of different keywords for YouTube.
    How to find country-specific keywords on YouTube.

    What is the Best Way to Get Organic YouTube Followers?

    There are a number of YouTube SEO marketing methods and techniques to increase your followers organically. Begin with adding a smart profile photo and cover photo on your page. Fill in your complete details. Add a snappy trailer that provides an eye-catching introduction to your brand and tells visitors why they should subscribe to your channel.

    Second, don’t forget to add links to your channel wherever possible. Some places where you could do this are your website, your social media handles, your newsletters and your email signatures.

    You could also brand your videos with a watermark using YouTube’s Branding settings. This will take viewers to the subscription page each time they click on it.

    Finally, never neglect the quality of your content. It a key YouTube video promotion parameter that will get you, maximum subscribers, in the long run.

    How to Rank My YouTube Video Higher?

    The focused and strategic use of keywords, video optimization including things like renaming the video as per your major keywords, the correct usage of tags, leaning toward longer videos (these tend to rank higher on YouTube) and of course, churning out high-quality content are some of the major YouTube video marketing hacks you could use to help your content rank on the platform.

    You should also use social media to draw more traffic to your videos and increase the number of views.

    Finally, don’t forget to add custom thumbnails rather than allow Google to choose a thumbnail for you. The right thumbnail plays an important role in pushing the user to click on your link.

    How to Rank My YouTube Video Quickly?

    Like regular SEO, YouTube SEO also takes a long time to show results. But are a few hacks you could try if are in a hurry to see outcomes.

    1. Titles:

    Include keywords and try and place them at the beginning of your title if possible. Keep the title simple and direct so that people can make out what the video is about. A great title immediately tells the viewer what they stand to gain by watching your video.

    2. Tags:

    Tags are a key ranking factor when it comes to YouTube. One way to hone in on the right tags is through Ubersuggest. Select the YouTube option and feed in your keywords to get a list of useful tags.

    3. Closed captioning and descriptions:

    Closed captioning can provide a boost to your rankings. There are several companies that can do this for you at affordable rates. As for descriptions, they should be at least 250 words long. It should contain all essential details including a brief introduction to your company, a call to action, your social media links and, if possible, a transcription of your video.


    Try and make your description keyword-rich, inserting your keywords at least once in the first sentence and 3-4 times thereafter.

    If you want your video to rank quickly, a good YouTube video promotion service like SEO Corporation could help you get there with guaranteed results.

    Top 10 Tips to Promote YouTube SEO

    It is possible to get your video to rank higher on searches and also attract more views through appropriate YouTube marketing strategies.

    Here is a list of the Top 10 tips to help you promote your video:

    1. Ensure that your title and descriptions are keyword-optimized.
    2. Use a short, descriptive title.
    3. Tag your videos appropriately.
    4. Focus on the quality of your video.
    5. Fill out your complete profile.
    6. Use your videos to cater to important customer needs/address their pain points.
    7. Customize your thumbnails.
    8. Respond to comments on your videos.
    9. Add video transcripts and closed captioning.
    10. Add a call to action.

    Bonus Tip: Use YouTube playlists.

    Top 5 YouTube SEO Companies in the US

    Looking for a good video promotion service?

    Here is a list of the Top 5 SEO companies in the United States (in no particular order):

    1. SEO Corporation
    2. Voy Media
    3. Digital Marketing Agency
    5. Working Media Group

    Top 5 Most Affordable Video SEO Companies

    1. The cost of YouTube video marketing is an important factor for small businesses. If you run a small business, you should be on the lookout for affordable SEO companies which can deliver on your objectives without costing the earth. Some of the affordable YouTube video marketing services you could try out are SEO Corporation and Indigo Productions.

    8 Questions to Ask a Video Optimization Expert or a Video Company

    If you are in the process of hiring a YouTube video promotion company for your business, you need to assess whether they will be able to deliver the results you want.

    Here are some questions to ask shortlisted companies during the selection process:

    1. What do you specialize in—video production or video marketing?
    2. What are the major projects you have handled?
    3. How do you assess a client’s video marketing needs?
    4. What is the process you follow during
      (i) the creation of a new video; and
      (ii) video optimization and marketing.
    5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?
    6. Who are the people who will be working on my project? What is their track record?
    7. How soon can I expect to see results?
    8. Do you offer guaranteed video optimization services? Why not?

    Top 5 Techniques Apart from YouTube SEO to Get More Video Views

    While YouTube SEO is a key part of any video promotion service, there are several other methods that are available to boost viewership and engagement with your content.

    Here are five key techniques:

    1. Add video content to your web pages and other video sharing platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion. This is an effective way to boost your video views.
    2. Promote your videos on social media.
    3. Add links to your video channel on emails and newsletters.
    4. Enable other people to share your videos.
    5. Create high quality videos that address specific pain points of your customers.

    Top 5 Tools to Do Keyword Research for YouTube SEO

    YouTube autocomplete, Keyword ToolKeyword Tool DominatorvidIQ,and Ubersuggest are some of the top tools that can be used for YouTube keyword research.

    Do Backlinks Still Work for YouTube Videos?

    There is no definite word on whether backlinks actually help YouTube videos garner high rankings.

    Since YouTube is owned by Google, and the latter relies heavily on backlinks to order its search results, it is reasonable to assume that the ranking of videos both on Google and YouTube takes backlinks into account.

    However, some video SEO experts are of the view that backlinks are not an important factor for YouTube rankings.

    Given this ambiguity, it is prudent to build your backlinks to eliminate any risk to your ranking stemming from this factor

    The Bounce Rate of My Video on YouTube is Very High. Will it Affect My Rankings?

    Bounce rates (also called ‘audience retention’) is a key ranking factor and a high bounce rate will definitely impact your rankings in a negative manner.

    One of the key ways in which a professional YouTube video promotion service will boost your SEO is improving your audience retention numbers.

    Can I Hire a YouTube SEO Expert to Do Keyword Research for Me for Video SEO?

    Yes, it is possible to hire a YouTube video SEO expert to handle the entire project or a part of the project (such as keyword research) depending on your needs. You could get in touch with SEO Corporation for high-quality YouTube video marketing services and discuss your requirements.

    Does Embedding a Video in Website Boost its Ranking on YouTube?

    Embedding a video in your website could indirectly boost its YouTube ranking by increasing the number of views and having a favorable effect on audience retention.

    Does Adding the Link of My Website in the Description Help My Website Rank Higher on Google?

    It depends on which description you are talking about—the video description or the channel description. Adding your link on video descriptions doesn’t help your Google SEO significantly because links from video descriptions are “no-follow” links. However, links from your channel description are “do-follow” links which pass on link juice to your site.

    A good YouTube search engine optimization company understands these nuances and performs appropriate modifications on your page.

    Do social signals matter in YouTube SEO?

    Social signals such as likes and shares are a key ranking factor on YouTube and favorable social signals can give a significant boost to the ranking of your video. A good video SEO company will always try and boost your social signals to improve your rankings.

    Does the Video File Name Affect a YouTube Video’s Performance?

    Video file names are extremely important from the point of view of video performance for two reasons—they convey to viewers what the video is about, and they tell YouTube crawlers about the subject matter of your video, helping in ranking and indexing. A professional YouTube video marketing agency will always pay a lot of attention to your titles.

    How Much Does a Writer Charge to Create an SEO Optimized Meta Title and Description for YouTube?

    Rates for YouTube SEO writers differ based on experience, location, the difficulty of the task, etc. At SEO Corporation, we can connect you to the best YouTube SEO writers who work at affordable rates and deliver high-quality content.

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    Why Hire Us

    As an affordable video service, SEO Corporation has earned the trust of our mentors, riding on our ethical work approach and track record. Here are major reasons why you should hire us for the job of video marketing:

    Data-Driven Strategy

    Our strategy is driven by hard data, so there is no guesswork and the outcome is more predictable. We know exactly who your customers are, what they require, and how to market your product/service to them.

    Custom Packages

    Discuss your marketing objectives with us and we will come up with a custom YouTube marketing package that would address your specific needs. Our affordable custom packages perfectly meet your business requirements and budget, enabling you to attain the targets.

    Transparent Reporting

    When working with SEO Corporation, you can be assured of transparent project reporting. Whether it is video creation or video marketing campaigns, we will send you accurate reports. You will get all the insights needed to make precise decisions about your campaigns.

    Result-oriented service

    Every single action that we take regarding YouTube video marketing campaigns for you is focussed on attaining pre-determined outcomes. We believe that if goals and methods are carefully chosen, the goals can certainly be met.

    Proven Strategy

    Our proven Video marketing strategy ensures that you always stand out from the digital noise surrounding you. That is why we are regarded among the top Video marketing firms in the United states.

    Industry Expertise

    Our professionals have relevant industry expertise and have honed their skillset solving real-life problems on the job. This makes them prepared to handle problems relevant to any industry niche.

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