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SEO Services for Doctors

Doctor SEO – Free Digital Marketing and SEO Audit


SEO Services Plan
/ MO

12 Keywords

  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • No Minimum Contract Period
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Places Listing Optimization
  • 1 Article Writing & Submission
  • 40 Directory Submission
  • 20 Social Bookmarking
  • 2 One Way Links
  • Blog Setup


SEO Services Plan
/ MO

20 Keywords

  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • No Minimum Contract Period
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Places Listing Optimization
  • 2 Article Writing & Submission
  • 60 Directory Submission
  • 30 Social Bookmarking
  • 5 One Way Links
  • Blog Setup


SEO Services Plan
/ MO

35 Keywords

  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • No Minimum Contract Period
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Places Listing Optimization
  • 5 Article Writing & Submission
  • 80 Directory Submission
  • 50 Social Bookmarking
  • 10 One Way Links
  • Blog Setup

Have you ever considered the amount of business that you may be losing because you didn’t get SEO for Doctors?

In a world where online marketing is at an all time high, you can’t ignore the possible number of leads on the internet.

But having a website won’t cut it.

You need to make bigger and more strategic efforts to earn a decent funnel of leads.

If you have a website and would like to amass higher leads online, then you are making a grim mistake by not investing in professional SEO services.

Local SEO has been around for some time and the competition is getting quite high for medical service providers.
Consider the number of doctors in Los Angeles to imagine the competition. Let’s assume that the minimum number is 100. So what’s your chance of generating better business when facing stiff competition from 99 other medical service providers?

What’s special about your services that will make patients flock to you instead of the other 99 doctors/dentists/medical service providers?
To stand out in a group of hundreds or even thousands, you really need to be special or be on top. And, 100 here is a assumed number…There must be more than thousands of doctors in Los Angeles alone!

Doctor SEO Services: The edge you need

You may be one in a million but there is a strong chance that you will get buried in a heap of websites if you don’t pursue SEO proactively. You need to be clear about the heights you want your business to reach. And, that’s not possible unless you decide a good optimization strategy for your business.

Even the optimization is not good enough if it’s not targeted well!
What doctors and medical services providers should know about SEO for their business is that

  • Local residents are their best bet for potential customers/clients/patients
  • They should focus more on being available online locally
  • They should rank top on the first page
  • They should be available easily and on top on local directories and Google My business

Anybody can get a website made, up and running but it’s hard to find your market and develop your base.
This is where we enter the picture.

Having a website online is like having a business address offline. It’s kind of a necessity. And, if you don’t have one, we won’t mind making a specialized medical website design for you.

If you already have one, we will be happy to design a personalized SEO Strategy for you.

Being a doctor or other medical service provider, you should understand that local patients should be your priority. We have emphasized this point before and let’s elaborate it again. When people fall sick, they either seek their family physician who usually practices nearby or any other general physician who practices in proximity.

Proximity is the factor that makes people decide if they want to see a particular doctor or not.
It’s possible that you may be fairly famous online but unless you are attracting the right leads from your focused area, it’s not enough. If you practice in Los Angeles, being famous in Miami won’t do you any good. So, you need to focus on factors that will help you establish yourself better in Los Angeles.

Local Doctor SEO is one of the factors.

Doctor SEO Services with Proven Result

The whole point behind Local Doctor SEO is to grow your website a loyal following online. We target a specific area based on your prefered audience/market (Los Angeles) and push our efforts into one geographical direction to gain you a following.

Medical internet marketing isn’t about figuring out bunch of keywords and focusing link building efforts into the website. Instead, it’s a diverse, wide area that needs expertise. As part of our doctor/medical SEO package, we design an exclusive content strategy to foster visitors’ interest on the website. We help your website appear frequently online in different directories and also help your visitors get the information they need the simplest way.

Take a look at our medical seo services tactics:

Google My Business Listing

In the Inside Local’s Survey, 76% of SMBs mentioned that Google My Business delivered excellent or somewhat good ROI.

We will give you all the help you need claiming or adding your business to Google My Business. Or we’ll do it for you. After that, we will add high quality image of your business to the listing to attract more viewers/patients.

Consistent Personal Details About Business: Think what information is most useful for a visitor looking for a doctor online? Name, Address and phone number. They might also want to visit a website so let’s throw that one in too.

A lot of local businesses including doctors make this mistake. They forget to update their NAP (acronym for Name, address and phone number) online in different directories. Sometimes, the information is not consistent/same through different directories. Mismatched NAP information is what keeps you from ranking on top and discourages new customers/patients by providing confusing information.

Bonus tip: We recommend that you use your own business domain when mentioning email address in directory listing details instead of a generic one like Gmail.

Google Posts in Google My business Account

We will further devise a strategy regarding what content needs to be out through Google Posts on Google My Business. We recommend this step because Google Posts help you appear in SERP directly and connect with patients easily.


For local businesses, especially doctors, credibility is significant. Claiming the listing on Google my Business is the first step towards building credibility. Next is online reviews.

Get active on significant review websites

Other than Google, there are some review websites that you’d like to be on. Here’s a definitive list:

  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor
  • White Pages
  • Foursquare
  • Urbanspoon
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yahoo Local
  • Google+ Local
  • Angie’s List

Negative Reviews: The tiny issue is that nobody likes looking at negative reviews so you need to take extra care while managing online reputation for your business. Start with apologising for poor service if you come across a review complaining about the service. If possible, initiate a recovery process online and finish it offline. Finally, if you see a defamatory review, contact the listing website to take it off.

Content Strategy for better links

Here’s something we want you to know: Backlinks make a huge difference when it comes to local search rankings. And, social media can work in place of your website.

For better backlinks, you need more local content that helps you find a following on social platforms. Your content needs to be locally relevant and that means not just inserting a local phrase or a keyword followed by a city.

We help you post useful, relevant content online that helps you build a better following. We use technical and advanced tools to check what topics are trending and design a content marketing strategy around that.

For Doctor SEO/Medical SEO India, it’s fairly easy to design a decent content strategy since there is no shortage of content ideas and material. For Los Angeles, you can start blogging on ailments that most affect residents in Los Angeles, what issues are likely to arise in what areas, what diseases have a history in Los Angeles, what silent killers in Los Angeles should the residents be wary of, etc. If you can’t find the time to contribute, we will have our in house writing experts drafting the best blogs and articles for your website/social profiles.

With content, we try to tell a story and retain attention. Our aim with local content is to maximize dwell time and minimize bounce rate.

Optimizing URL, Tags and Content

Other than the content strategy, we will help you optimize everything else on your website like your title tags, meta description, URL, image tags, headings and content. It’s important that you utilize keywords well and make your website a decent representative of what you do. Optimizing the website will help you get found well locally.

Our Process

You are a doctor or medical practitioner and we know you don’t have a lot of time but our process is simple and brief. Once you tell us about what areas you want to target for your practice and what results you have in mind, we will get started.

We will send you a website audit and tell you the reasons why you are not ranking but your competitors are. Once we are clear on your objectives, we will discuss keywords with you and begin working on the website. Throughout the project, we will send you weekly reports on Fridays and keep you posted on the developments.

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