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WordPress Web Development

WordPress Website Development Service Company

We have designed and delivered more than 30,000 WordPress based websites, applications, themes, plugins to clients spread across 30+ nations in the last 7 years.

See how SEO Corporation can assist your business quadruple its growth and revenue in the digital marketplace.

SEO Corporation is a leading WordPress Development Company in Waco, Texas that caters to a global marketplace.

We offer the best WordPress Development services without compromising with the creative aspect. Our designs are seamlessly integrated into the WordPress CMS and give you full control over the content as well as design.

The website is your online address. It is your digital home. If you believe in the power of persuasion and hospitality then you’d understand how important it is to be able to exhibit one’s own work.

You want your website to best reflect your business and a WordPress website offers just what you need.

  • WordPress websites are favoured by search engines so you can expect really amazing SEO results.
  • Moreover, it gives you full control over the CMS so you can make as many updates as you want to keep your website ranking.
  • Another commendable feature of WordPress websites is that its intuitive interface offers a certain ease of use. Besides, there is no need for HTML or an FTP software.
  • What makes WordPress so perfect is that it comes with 100% customizable design and if you fancy blogging, it has a blog ready to go.
  • WordPress lets you extend the functionality by adding a number of plugins.
  • And, the site grows with your business, giving you the option to expand and add thousand more pages or perhaps even more.
WordPress Web Development

WordPress Web Development Solutions we offer:

WordPress Template Design

We aren’t just designers. We are WordPress magicians. We know how to work our magic and design the perfect templates for your websites.

We, as a team, strive to offer you the best possible solution in a scenario. We consider it our job to find you the unique and special look and feel you want for your website.

So, whether you need a theme or a template, drop in a message and we will get to back to you with everything you need.

Custom Wordpress Website Design

We have a whole team of WordPress professionals who have been at it for more than 10 years!

We have the finest selection of designers and developers who know how to bring your wildest dreams and craziest imagination to life.

Our designers breathe life into simple animations and we design not just for the present but also for future, staying ahead of the competition.

Our designs are practical and optimization worthy.

WordPress Web Development

We have a platoon of designers working on vibrant and beautiful designs all day long. Not a second goes by when our design team is not brainstorming and designing dynamic and brilliant designs.

There is nothing static or boring about our designs. Our process is a joyride and we promise much more than just a website. We promise an experience that you will cherish all your life.

Want awesome websites? Let us know anytime!

Installation and configuration

Our job isn’t just about PSD designs and migrating websites to WordPress. It’s about leaving no stone unturned when dealing with your WordPress hassles.

We finish up the complete installation and configuration for your WordPress and only handle the full control to you once everything has been taken care of.

WordPress Migration

You may not be satisfied with other content management systems so if you want your website to be migrated to WordPress, we are right here.

We will make the process super-smooth and keep it really simple so you can scale all the changes and see how the process works.

We perform the migration with such ease that the process doesn’t pose any technical difficulties to any party involved.

WordPress Theme Customization and Development

Like you treat yourself with luxurious jewellery and sophisticated clothes to make yourself feel special and look your best, your website needs a shower of luxury too.

We say, aim for the best. Aim to stun and shock people with awe-inspiring designs and we will make it possible for you to sweep the world off its feet with our classy, elegant themes and attractive design.

And, if you’ve already bought yourself a theme or set your eyes on one, we’ll customise it for you.

In addition to making beautiful, dynamic and amazingly vibrant websites, we design and customize the perfect themes for your WordPress websites.

Custom Plugin Development

Why limit your desires to a WordPress website when you can get much more with feature-rich plugins!

We design exactly what you need and with our seamless designs that integrate into your website with zero disturbance, we promise plugins that you’d have never seen before!

We focus on maximising your website’s functionality by designing feature-rich plugins.

Responsive WordPress Web Development

Now, Google is all about “Mobile-First”. In fact, Mobile-first websites rank better than websites designed for desktops.

If you want a good chance at ranking on top position on Google, you better keep ‘Responsive Design’ a priority.
The last thing you want is your viewer/visitor to shake his/her mobile screen and zoom in and out to make the website fit into the screen.

According to experts, mobile internet usage is supposed to reach 80% by the end of 2018.

So, if you are ditching responsive design, you are missing out on huge opportunities to attract a gigantic amount of traffic to your websites.

We have website design and development experts who know responsive design like the back of their hand.

WordPress Template Design

We aren’t just designers. We are WordPress magicians. We know how to work our magic and design the perfect templates for your websites.

We, as a team, strive to offer you the best possible solution in a scenario. We consider it our job to find you the unique and special look and feel you want for your website.

So, whether you need a theme or a template, drop in a message and we will get to back to you with everything you need.

Why Us?

1. Endless Website Functionality

Whether you want a video gallery or video feed from Youtube added to your website or a twitter feed, we do it all and we do it with customizable plugins. From event calendars to social media feeds, yes, we handle everything.
We make sure that you get the right plugin for the right price. But mostly, we try to keep things as open source for you as possible.

2. 100% Customizable Website

Our team of WordPress magicians knows how to design a website and make it as hot and happening as possible.
Our designers and developers utilize WordPress as the engine that powers your website. Our focus stays on the fact that the website should be fully customizable so any changes can be made easily in future.
We don’t just do custom WordPress development but instead design a unique, innovative experience for the visitors.

3. Fully Responsive Website

We keep in touch with the world and we know what’s trending.
We know that it’s your priority to rank and that you really want to attract enormous traffic and that’s possible with a responsive website.
In fact, 57% of internet users said that they wouldn’t ever recommend a business with a bad mobile website.
Basically, responsive websites are pretty much a priority for businesses.
We understand the significance of ‘responsive’ which is why we make sure that even if our clients are not aware of it, we make sure that they find out about it and it’s importance from us.
Need a responsive website or want to customize your responsive website or theme? Call our team right away!

4. 24*7 Technical Support

We don’t offer ‘okay’ solutions for website development and our job isn’t done just when the web design and development process is over.
We offer 24*7 technical support for all of our projects and ensure that you receive full manual, remote, telephonic and other support through our highly talented team.
We see everything all the way through and make sure that you encounter zero trouble when dealing with the website. Even if you do come across a hurdle or an issue, we are right here to troubleshoot it for you.

5. Flexibility

As really dextrous website designers and developers, flexibility is a word that we throw around a lot but for all the right reasons.
We offer the type of flexibility that most don’t.
What we really mean is that WordPress offers a certain amount of agility and lets you design everything from an e-commerce website to a personal blog or a business website or an enterprise website or a photo blog and whatnot.
So, it’s not just the agility that WordPress as a platform offers. We have trained ourselves to offer the same amount of flexibility with quite a level of competitiveness.
Whatever you need, we will do it for you and you wouldn’t even have to stress your point more than once. We know what you need and we deliver for real and we are really flexible so don’t be shy, let your imagination run wild and we will bring it to life!

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