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    White Label SEO Reseller Program

    White label reselling is a business model where companies license products from the original manufacturers and sell them under their own brand name. It is a great option for businesses that want to add an additional revenue stream or cater to more clients but cannot afford to invest extra man-hours or take on additional responsibility.


    If you’re a digital marketing agency that is new to the business, or if you have more clients than you can handle, our white label SEO reseller program can provide a great solution. It could help you cater to your customers without having to worry about investing additional time or manpower.


    SEO Corporation is among the best white label SEO reseller companies in the United States and we can help you meet your challenges and expand your business. We are a leading search engine optimization company with tried-and-tested solutions that have been honed over the past 10 years.


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    Benefits of Our White Label SEO Reseller Program

    Our white label reseller program comes with several benefits including

    OfferingServices Under Your Own Brand Name

    The program allows you to use our platform while marketing the services under your own brand name. In other words, we do all the hard work for you and you sell it to customers saying it’s yours! And there’s no need to worry about the quality. Our services come with guaranteed results plus a money-back guarantee.

    Quick Deployment

    Our white label reseller model guarantees high-quality services and timely deliverables. That’s because when you opt for the program, you enjoy the benefits of a readymade platform with tried-and-tested outcomes. Never miss a deadline again by partnering with us as a white label reseller. Cut down on development and testing time and provide quick and efficient service to the satisfaction of your customers.

    Increasing Revenue

    Boost your revenue by adding more clients and services with our white-label reselling program. No more turning down customers because of scale or technology issues. We are well equipped to handle all your needs so that your customers go back happy. Our white label reseller program also helps you save costs on things like development and testing.

    Win Customer Loyalty

    The benefits of white labelling include helping you gain a loyal customer base. As each new customer walks away happy with your service, it is likely they will return to you again. Apart from securing a loyal customer following, you will have the opportunity of cross-selling or up-selling your services to drive your revenue and increase your company’s profit margins.

    Our SEO Reseller Approach

    Our approach to work is marked by a holistic attitude where we engage with our clients in a systematic manner characterized by a rigorous process and commitment to excellence.


    We start with identifying the specific needs of the user and track them all the way as they go about trying to fulfill that need. We also depend on extensive interviews with clients and carry out thorough analyses of their business to help us understand their challenges.


    You will never find us taking shortcuts or adopting black hat practices. Our website search optimization services are focused on those areas which benefit businesses in the long-term. We are a fully ethical SEO Agency whose objective is to make a real difference to businesses through sustainable and genuine digital marketing solutions.



    Why SEO Corporation

    We are an affordable SEO company in the United States with a rigorous work ethic and a proven ability to resolve difficult problems.


    When it comes to SEO, achieving a high SERP ranking is only half the battle won. The next task is to convert leads into paying customers. Our result-oriented approach focuses not just on SEO but also on your ROI. Apart from driving traffic to your website, we emphasize conversions which are the key to driving revenue for a company.


    We have been industry leaders for the past 10 years and our employees have over 150 years of cumulative experience in the field. We have a satisfied customer base in 57 countries over 4 different continents and our retention rate of 95% is a testimony to our quality of service and standards of excellence.


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    Our 12-Step SEO Process

    To make sure that your business ranks in that first page of Google search results, we make a 12 –step comprehensive SEO strategy

    Evaluating SEO Goals

    We start our projects by acquiring an understanding of the client’s business and trying to find out what their SEO objectives are. Each company wants to achieve something different from SEO and we will try and understand what those needs are before creating our strategy. Our SEO and digital marketing proposal for the business will factor in many key aspects such as the location for which they want to rank, local or non-local SEO, customer segmentation etc. Our result-oriented approach pays special attention to conversion rates and ROI.

    Performing an SEO Audit

    The next key step involves performing an SEO audit where each and every aspect of the client’s website is carefully evaluated. This includes the performance of individual pages, measuring inbound traffic, bounce rates, crawling and indexing, accessibility, link analysis, keyword analysis, content evaluation, on-site optimization and so on to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website and understand what needs to be done to optimize it. We use highly sophisticated tools which give us a detailed and authentic picture of the client’s existing website.

    Competition Analysis

    Competition analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s competitor sites and may also reveal important trends prevailing in that industry. It enables us to strengthen your clients’ SEO strategy by drawing lessons from their rivals. We make use of hi-tech custom analysis tools to understand the strategy of their competitors. We analyze factors like domain rating, find out about their organic keywords, estimated keyword rankings, identify popular content, study backlink growth, assess traffic breakdown by location, all of which is then used to improve the client’s website.<

    Creating a Suitable SEO Strategy

    The most important objective of SEO is to make it easier for Google’s bots to crawl through a website. There are three main components of SEO—on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO. The first helps optimize individual pages for better SERP ranking, the second focuses on backlinks that connect to the website, and the third is centred around technical adjustments made with the objective of leading to higher rankings. The nature of the client’s business and their objective from SEO will remain the basis of our SEO strategy.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords act as a guide and reveal the direction which SEO should take. It is one of the most important steps of the optimization process. We use highly sophisticated tools combined with our own in-house expertise to get accurate results while performing keyword research. We identify both high- and low-competition keywords through an analysis of their search volume. We derive long-tail keywords from seed keywords and concentrate on those that will benefit your client the most. We also factor in those keywords which competitors are using so that your clients can benefit from them.

    On-Page Optimization

    On-page optimization refers to changes that are carried on the pages of a website to boost its ranking. It is a crucial part of the overall SEO strategy. As part of the on-page optimization process, we will optimize your HTML tags, meta description, loading time, links, URL and redirects, website structure, content, etc. We will address all the gaps revealed during the SEO audit and optimize each element of the page for better ranking. Our on-page optimization techniques have been honed through years of experience we are among the leaders in this domain.

    Off-Page Optimization and Link-Building

    The next stage is off-page optimization and it is carried out through means such as link-building. Off-page optimization is related to the domain authority (DA) of a website and affects your SERP ranking. Our off-page optimization process involves methods like promoting positive social signals such as likes and retweets, link-building (generating backlinks to your pages from credible external websites), garnering positive reviews, and online reputation management. Along with our on-page optimization strategy and technical SEO, off-page optimization is used to boost website credibility in the eyes of Google bots and obtain better rankings.

    Technical SEO

    All technical- and server-related optimizations that help Google’s bots crawl more effectively come under the ambit of technical SEO. This is a dynamic area since Google is constantly making changes to its search algorithm. We will conduct a proper analysis to identify and fix all the technical problems that are hampering good rankings for your client’s website. As part of our technical SEO process, we will ensure that duplicate pages are removed and the genuine pages are properly indexed. We will also tackle the issue of XML sitemaps as per the best sitemap practices.

    SEO Content Optimization

    Even great content can’t get high SERP rankings unless a website is properly optimized. In order to ensure that the content on a website complies to Google’s norms and ranks favourably with respect to important keywords, we work backwards starting with user intent research. Our content gap analysis checks for faults in the existing content vis-à-vis what people are searching for in the context of the client’s industry. The next step is to create a website that will get the best rankings.

    Optimizing the Google My Business Page

    Local optimization is the most important SEO element for neighbourhood businesses. If your client runs a business that caters to the local population, it is necessary to claim the Google My Business page for the business and optimize it so that it makes it to the three-pack listings that appear just below the ads and above the organic search results. Our local SEO services can help your client get more business leads and conversions since their website will enjoy a prominent position on relevant Google SERPs.

    Optimizing Google Maps

    Along with local optimization, we will help your client optimize Google Maps so that customers can locate them easily. Our Google Maps and SEO optimization services can help your customers meet their business requirements by enhancing their online visibility and ensuring their presence in the three-pack listings. We help businesses market themselves better through the use of Google Maps. Our best local SEO services include Google Map optimization, Google My Business optimization, helping garner positive reviews and so on.

    Mobile Optimization

    With mobile traffic officially surpassing desktop traffic in 2016, websites that aren’t mobile-optimized stand to lose out on traffic and leads. Google has been favouring mobile-friendly pages for the past four years. On 1 July 2019, it took this initiative a step further by introducing mobile-first indexing where the mobile version of a page (and not the desktop version)would be used for indexing by Google’s crawlers for new websites. We will help your clients make their website mobile-friendly so that they do not lose out on their ranking.

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      Our SEO Services

      We offer the full range of SEO services including

      Local SEO

      If your client’s business focuses on the local market, we can optimize their website for local area searches. We offer the best local SEO services for Google My Business pages.

      Link-Building Services

      We understand the importance of quality backlinks. We are the best link-building company in the United States and we will help you get backlinks from high DA websites.

      E-commerce SEO

      We offer the best e-commerce SEO services for clients so that they can boost their revenue and get better ROI on their SEO investments.

      Insurance SEO

      The complexity of the insurance business drives most people online to read up on different products. We can help your clients build a strong online presence.

      On-Page Optimization

      Our on-page optimization services will help your clients customize their webpages using on-page techniques so that Google likes your website and ranks it consistently high.

      Enterprise SEO

      Does your client deal in many different products across geographies and require a comprehensive website? Our enterprise SEO services are perfect for them.

      Doctor SEO

      We have worked with several medical and healthcare clients in the past and understand the sector quite well. We can help you with your medical clients.

      Plumber SEO

      Local SEO is critical for the plumbing business. We are a reputed plumber SEO company in the United States that can help websites garner high rankings and drive more leads.

      Our Additional Services That Will Boost Your Business online

      Social Media optimization

      Target your customers where they are. Our Social Media Optimization Service will boost your social presence and make your business a brand.

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      GMB Optimization Service

      Be on the top when your customers search your company name on Google. Our Google My Business Optimization service will help you discover on search results.

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      Website Designing Services

      Our Web Designing experts will provide you a professional and user-friendly website. Take your business online with our website designing service.

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      Content Writing Services

      Your website content decides your position on search engines results. Our Content Writers will provide you content with good readability.

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      Digital Marketing Services

      Make your business digital and boost your online presence. Reach your targeted audience easily with our digital marketing services.

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      Link Building Services

      Boost your website domain authority with high-quality links and increase your possibility to rank on your desired key-phrases.

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      Why Choose Us

      Here are five key reasons why we outperform other companies when it comes to SEO and digital marketing

      Data-driven strategies

      We don’t go by fads and guesswork. We follow solid, data-driven processes based on proven strategies and analytics to get the best results for you.

      SEO Audit and Competitor Research

      Processes like SEO audit and competition analysis are performed using sophisticated tools designed to give you valuable insights into your or your competitor websites.

      Result-Driven Approach

      We understand the value of your money. That’s why our every action is geared towards boosting your ROI. We are always focused on the results.

      Long-term sustainable results

      We rely on 100% white hat processesto get sustainable results for your company so that you can reap the benefits of SEO for a longerperiod of time.

      Strong International Experience

      Our portfolio of nearly 600 clients from 55+ different countriesgives us vast international experience and enables us to understand the specific needs of customers across industries and geographies.

      No Long-term Contract

      Unlike many other SEO companies, we don’t bind you in a long-term binding contract for 6-months or 1-year. You can cancel the contract in a month if you are not happy with our services.

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