8 Amazing Facebook Lead Generation Strategies That Can Increase Your Revenue By 200%


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8 Amazing Facebook Lead Generation Strategies That Can Increase Your Revenue By 200% - SEO Corporation

8 Amazing Facebook Lead Generation Strategies That Can Increase Your Revenue By 200%

Every business, whether it’s big or small in whatever industry or sector they’re operating have just one goal.

What is it that?

All of them want to sell more. And to do that they need to generate more leads. They try hard to reach every place wherever their prospects are. Facebook, where more than 1.5 billion people talk and share becomes an excellent ground for generating leads.

It has some great lead generating features that can be harnessed for your business. This is why Facebook becomes a favourite hunting ground for marketers.

Below are some Facebook lead generation tips that you can use in your campaigns. The beauty is that they have worked well in past in real campaigns. That doesn’t mean every tip or strategy will work for you, but surely it will give you a solid framework to understand.

Basic Information About Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns 

You can create lead through the Facebook with its Power Editor feature. It allows you to create and edit lead ads. If you have not used Power Editor, get hang of it by observing the dashboard. Download your existing ad account to Power Editor and click on the Create Campaign button.

Many marketers don’t understand this simple fact that easier the process of sign ups of the lead generation form, better will be the chance of conversion. So using the auto fill feature would make it easier for people to fill forms. The probability of filling forms goes up much higher with this simple feature.

# 1 Create Contest

Competitions have always been found to bring great result because of their ability to stir human emotions.  Using Short Stack tool you can gather extra information on potential customers such as email id which will allow you to access them again. You can collect leads, boost engagement and drive sales using their contact forms. They have some ready templates to collect leads, boost engagement and drive sales using landing pages, contests, and forms.

Bonus Tip: Another thing to keep in minds that choose a prize that will attract them enough to fill out the form. Offering your product or service would be an ideal choice, but you can also think about some other prizes such as offering ticket to any sporting event or a free dining ticket can be an ideal choice.

Keeping a cash prize or some unrelated product will certainly help you get more leads, but they will unsubscribe you once the contest is over. So you have to decide whether you need 500 leads with 40 percent conversion rate or 1000 leads with a 8% conversion rate. Just do a simple math! Common sense is that people engaged with the related product will remain far more engaged.

# 2 Use Offers to Direct People to Landing Page

Sending people directly on the landing page is a good idea for generating leads. Put your lead generation offer in the ad and when people click on that, they will go to websites landing pages to complete the desired action.  See how IBM uses this strategy to engage with people.

The role of images becomes extremely important in such a scenario. Use highly attractive images for that purpose. Running a split A/B testing campaign would give you an idea about which of the images is performing the best.

# 3 Use Videos For Lead Generation Campaigns

Facebook organic reach has dropped drastically in the last couple of years, but videos are still performing well. It still has tremendous reach and influence. According to a Hubspot study, video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. So you can think of lead generation strategies through videos.

# 4 Post the Most Popular Blog Post

A tested experiment can always be a good idea to implement.  That’s why you can think of using a blog post which has performed well in the past. Those posts have a high probability of performing well in the future lead generation strategy. Since such post has already demonstrated high CTA than the average posts on your blog, there is a good probability of doing it well again. Hubspot study has revealed that such blog posts have generated more leads containing anchor text CTAs.

8 Facebook Lead Generation Strategies That Really Work

(Source: Hubspot.com)

#5 Add Call to Action Button to Your Facebook Page

That sounds simple, but it’s a dead simple strategy that should not be ignored by any marketer. Facebook has given an option to choose a CTA button at your Facebook page. The button seems simple yet it’s powerful. It can drive more traffic to your website, landing page, and lead generation forms.

As of now there’re seven available button options: “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” “Book Now,” “Use App,” Watch Video,” and “Play Game.” After you choose your required button, it will show up at a fixed place below your Facebook cover page.

# 6 Ignite Conversation

Social media is all about conversation. Nothing works better than igniting a conversation that sparks conversation. Just pose a question about a particular topic and see its magic. Here a realtor got a great response by simply asking a question: Love them or hate them?

# 7 Save Paid Ads for the Best

Chris Smith, co-founder of Curyator, has a good piece of advice:  “Don’t use Facebook ads for all listings; use them for the special ones. And if an ad is doing well, push the foot to the pedal and increase its exposure. Don’t set it and forget it.”

# 8 Use Whisper Code

This is especially useful for retailers, more footfalls in the store mean more sales. So it’s important to gather more information about people so that you can directly contact them.  You can physically cause customers to walk in the door using “whisper codes.”It’s a phrase when your customer shares on the Facebook, they become entitled to avail a discount or a special offer.

Summing up…

This isn’t the most comprehensive list of lead generation ideas and we would love to hear your voice if you have tried any idea which worked for you.



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