Frustrated of Not Getting Enough Traffic? Try These 14 Great SEO Tools


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Frustrated of Not Getting Enough Traffic? Try These 14 Great SEO Tools - SEO Corporation

Frustrated of Not Getting Enough Traffic? Try These 14 Great SEO Tools

Do you run your own blog? However, traffic is still an elusive dream for you. The good news is that internet has so many free tools that can help in SEO is no different. These programs are easy to download or can be used free. These can work wonders for your blog. Below are 10 tools that you can use and most of them are free.


Getting a nice article idea is a challenge for you. It is not easy for anybody either. Buzzsumo can help you with the task. You just have to type related keywords and it will index articles most shared on the social media. Buzzsumo will do it all for you. This helps you as you will have idea that which type of content has performed well in the past.


This is simply addictive. Though, Buzzsumo is most popular, but I personally like this tool very much for the idea generation. It can give you next title of the blog or presentation. Some of them are really funny. But, it is worth trying.

Quick Sprout

Neil Patel has become something like a brand. His popular site is There is a very good free content marketing tool on the site. You just have to enter URL of the site. You will get complete analysis of the site.

Google AdWords

This is needless to say that Google keyword planner is still most useful free SEO tool. It will give you complete idea of the competition in keywords. This is one of the most useful, free SEO tools available. This is important tool for you when you are trying to search proper keywords on your webpage.

SEO for Firefox Toolbar

This is a great tool and in fact it is a complete SEO tool, but very few people know about it. This shows the PageRank, site and page links. This also mentions how many times mentions of your site twitter.

Google Trends

You should know what is trending on the web. This can be good source of potential traffic. It is a good tool to compare search terms and we can also see when words have seen peak performances.

SEO Site Checkup

It is a wonderful tool to keep track of your website statistics. This tool allows users to monitor their webpage loading speed, visitor’s breakdown and common keywords. No wonder! All top bloggers love this very much.

Yoast SEO

Before starting to write a blog post, you should know whether the blog is optimized for search engines. The best thing is that Yoast SEO plugin has answer to all of your SEO needs. From helping you to adjust your meta tags to creating an XML sitemap, it does everything for you.

WP Engine or Rankspace

It is important to know that faster your website loads, the more traffic you get. You can increase the more traffic by improving upon this aspect. One of the thing you can do to pick a good host such as WP Engine or Rackspace.

There is also a technology CDN which can be of great help. It is a kind of technology that helps in replicating the website from multiple servers across the world.

Hello Bar

It is lesser known wonderful tool. It performs various functions such as helping user to give you their email addresses to creating brand awareness. There are numerous possibilities with this tool.


As a blogger You are always brimming with more ideas. You can keep track of your ideas with this free Android app. I am really in love with this tool.


Do you have any idea that when is your website up or down ? You probably reply in negative. Pingdom will help you to jot down things like that. Unlike other stuffs mentioned in the article, it is a paid stuff. But it is quite important to mention about this tool. Just imagine that you visit a doctor’s clinic and you saw on the gate: Doctor is out of town. Will you enter in the gate? Your website is the same thing. Pingdom helps to keep the doors always open for your users.


If you’ve a video channel on your website, it has to be everywhere such as at YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Yahoo Video andSevenload. But, you don’t need to upload individually at each channel. You can do it once and it booms. That saves your lot of time. The only bad thing about this tool is its name!


If you want to use social media effectively, you have always to be there. You can’t afford to be mechanical. With Sendible you can schedule your social media posts. Just plan your tweets in advance. And rest leave it on Sendible. But, you need to be little engazing with your followers.

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