Google Penalty Recovery and Link Removal Services

  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • For someone who is into online business, receiving an email from Google like the one given below is like your worst nightmare coming true.

    Well something like this bad enough to spoil not just a week or a month but one whole business year for you.
    You may not want to consider this happening to your business but you need to remember that unfortunate things do happen.

    Don’t Panic

    If you do find yourself in a situation like this, the first thing that you need to do is to calm down and remember that panic can cause even the most intelligent people do stupid things.

    Remember that you only have one chance to make the right impression on the spam team – so don’t blow it and let us help you get back into business with our professional Google Penalty Recovery and Link Removal Services.
    SEO Corporation provides you in-depth analysis of your site through competent Google penalty removal services. We give you a microscopic view of what is exactly wrong with your site and the probable causes why you have been hit with the penalty.

  • Google Panda and Penguin
  • Some of the major causes of a Google penalty are:

    Hidden Tags/Text
    Cheap articles to create links
    Duplicate content
    On Page content not fitting Google guidelines
    Link Farm
    Gateway pages for keywords
    (treated as spam pages)
    Spam of link on pages
    Un-necessary text on any page

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Our Action Plan

SEO Corporation provides you a two phase Google penalty removal action plan which is guaranteed to get your online site out of the sticky mess that has been caused by the latest Google Panda and Penguin attack.

First Phase

The first phase includes the identification of the core problem areas and rectifying the issues through a well structured plan that includes:

  • Determining and then eradicating black hat instances
  • Removing poor quality, un-natural links
  • Getting rid of spam permanently
  • Identifying issues like the cupcake effect and over optimization that are possible Google Penguin related issues
  • Getting into the good books of Google Panda by removing low quality or duplicate content
  • Administer proper link and anchor text analysis
  • And much more

Second Phase

Our second phase is where we aim for reconsideration. Here we carefully analyze and report the weak and negative issues and how we have worked out on them. We then send the report to Google for reconsideration. The fact that we have in-depth knowledge of removing spam and know very well how to get rid of Black hat SEO services and poor quality links is what makes our reconsideration report watertight and impressive.
We also help you get your business back on track by implementing genuine, white hat SEO Services as per Google Guidelines so that you achieve rankings that are not just high but also long lasting as well.

Link Removal Services
Link Removal Services

Why You need to get your un-natural /Toxic Links removed:

  • You have been penalized by Google and received a warning notification from Google.

  • Your website is not performing well on Google.

  • Someone did negative SEO for your website.

  • Although you have confirmed that there is no manual spam penalty on your website yet you want to remove bad links which might get your website penalized in future.

How Does Our Link removal Service Work

  • Either you provide a list of toxic links which you want to be removed or you provide your website URL and we will find out all the toxic links pointing your website. Currently we are offering a discount on link audit so you need to pay $99 instead of $600. You can send us a request on
  • We charge $5 per successful link removal. We do provide you screenshot of mail sent to web-masters for link removal too for free.
  • To get started you make a payment of minimum $299 on our Paypal account: and mail us the detail of transaction id and the list of links to be removed or url of your website. You can expect an acknowledgment mail within 12 hours or instantly via our live chat ( if we are online).

Why should you choose us for Link Removal Services

Talk to us now and get your website out of Google Penalty. Cheers!!

Our Google Penalty Recovery and Link Removal Services experts are sharp and quick at identifying the causes for your problems and rectifying them in the best possible manner so that your website is up for consideration in the best possible manner.

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