Here’s A Quick Way To Content Marketing You need to know


Here’s A Quick Way To Content Marketing You need to know

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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Alice came up with a very powerful idea to start with an online flower shop. However, she was at ……Alas! She was ignorant of content and content marketing. What to do now? A website with no content seems to be like a cake with no icing. On the other hand a website with related content

Alice came up with a very powerful idea to start with an online flower shop. However, she was at ……Alas! She was ignorant of content and content marketing. What to do now? A website with no content seems to be like a cake with no icing. On the other hand a website with related content can do wonder in marketing of your products. However, if a website lacks an appropriate content, then what are you offering to your visitors? Therefore, the first ladder of your success in an online business is an appropriate content and marketing of the content.

Content Is Present – Future of Marketing

No doubt, we must have seen content about a particular product, when we search on Google search engine. There is a magic in it, because when we search for any services, product or information on Google, we stop at the first page and we always read title, indexed on the top of the Google rank. This is not so easy and not a one-day magic, this needs continuous updates followed everyday to improve the ranking of the websites. One of the most important work is the marketing of the content because content is the king and without King, no Kingdom (existence of the website)

Content is king
Content is king

So, what is content marketing, and how to use suggestion from Google to improve our content marketing strategy?

What is Content Marketing?

Marketing, as we all know is the promotion and branding of anything that a seller wants to sell, so in the virtual world, we can define content marketing as the marketing methods that simply depends upon the production, optimization and creation of content for branding efforts. It is not just like an old traditional method of marketing, but a planned and strategic method that focuses on creating, and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain valuable and clearly defined audience.

Content Marketing Services
Content Marketing Services

Simply creation of the content will not do wonders; there are some challenges that can create hassle in the content marketing strategy.

What are the Challenges of Content Marketing?

Success is not a one-day effort. Problem always runs in parallel along with the success. So, there are some problems that can be faced during content marketing. One of the biggest challenges is the rate of effectiveness. We can easily track the ROI (Rate on Investment) when we see the numbers of people who have visited our websites and clicked on it and then completed the purchase, but it is impossible to measure the impact of an informational blog post.

Another challenge is the deep understanding of the target audience, to be familiar with the other brands and companies, which are in the field of content marketing.

We can adopt a proper and effective strategy in content marketing by following certain easy and adaptable guidelines.

Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy

Anyone can tell you to build traffic, but might fail to mention you the needed groundwork in places, which you probably did not consider, can pay dividends over time in a passive manner. The proper use of Google search engine can help you to improve your content marketing. Google search is used instantly when it comes to boosting traffic. It is not just to improve the page ranking, but is to promote your content, to the place where it is impossible to think. But how to exploit it?

Basic Principle of Content Marketing

  • Use keywords literally.
  • Try to deliver more value apart from your audience expectation.
  • Do it often, consistently and without any delay.
  • Try to refresh your old content.
  • Remember to share it on social media.

Why Google?

Google is the world’s largest primary search engine, and there is no bigger than Google. It also sends more traffic to the websites Google drives 70% of more organic traffic to the websites. You can see the evidence, on the Google analytics that how Google sends more than 70% of traffic to your websites. But, how to get more traffic from the Google. It can only be done, if you have quality content on the website. Google will only give you a best search traffic, if you have high – quality content, and then only you can be 100% successful in your content marketing.

Google Traffic
Google Traffic

Therefore, there are several strategies and guidelines revised by the Google, in content marketing and websites trafficking. Lets’ know some of the most crucial suggestion that can help you to build a successful content marketing for your website.

Search Tools to Generate Suggestions

1 ) Long Tail Keywords Based On Traffic – Long tail keywords generate more traffic on a website. With the help of long tail keywords, you can also see the latest trend on industry and try to corner it, but keep in mind that it is more competitive. Always try to use your strategy and innovativeness and then explore the globe. Too much imitation from other can bring loss to you.

2) Avoid Keyword Stuffing
There is always a word of caution – Too much can spill the beans. So avoid stuffing too many keywords to your content. Keyword stuffing looks very annoying, and Google will pick it up, this will in turn hurt your result.

Always try to focus on valuable keywords and well- crafted content for your website and make it a goal to improve ranking or traffic secondary.

3 ) Use Literal Meaning Words – Try to use words that have literal meaning in your article. You can use funny headlines, to entertain your audience, but if you are writing content to be found in search, you need, then use deliberate, literal, language.

4) Use Keyword Synonym Throughout Your Articles and Websites – Try to avoid same keyword and word repeatedly. The Penguin and Panda updates from Google have removed the necessity of keyword stuffing. Google looks for natural keywords density, written with a purpose of delivering some meaningful value. Always try to make variations while writing. Try to avoid using “New Delhi Workers Insurance,” 15 times in a 450-word article.

Use variations like “Delhi work comp,” “Work Compensation in New Delhi,” “Work Comp Insurance,” where these variations make sense.

5) Build your successful articles and pages – if your blog or article is doing well, then try to refresh it by adding article and more newer content into it. Research upon the subject and try to make it more valuable.

This will add two features to your blog. First, it will refresh the post letting Google know that you keep information up – to date.

Second, it will add depth to your article and will increase the weight age to the quality of the content from the view point of Google.

6 ) Do not focus on only one keyword or keyword phrase throughout your website – Avoid repeating the same keyword in your site and try to use Primary, Supporting and Orbiting keyword in your content.

  • Primary Keyword – These are the core keywords of your websites. These are the trigger words for the consumers looking for your products.
  • Supporting Keyword – These are long tail phrases, which often add to your primary keywords. These are addressed through the blog post.
  • Orbiting Keywords – These keywords have nothing to do with the primary keywords of your website. These words outside the specific industry attract the same kind of customers.
Keywords Selection
Keywords Selection

7) Internal Linking is evidence that tells Google that your old content is still important – Internal Linking may not give the same” Google Juice,” as external linking. But by using a consistent internal linking strategy is important for Google to patrol deep into your website to older posts, which is still valuable, as well as describing those specific internal pages and the keywords, that should be associated with them.

8 ) Build a natural external links into highest converting content – Try to take external links from the targeted site, which has a deep content structure. These can be a little bit harder to get as everyone targets website of high quality. So, along with websites with deep content, targeting sites with lower entry barrier will also so well.

9) Focus on Google’s algorithm updates – Google’s updates frequently designed to improve the search’s engine ability to rank sites. One of the biggest updates is Panda. Google has more panda updates than actually known by the public. Earlier in 2015, 27 Panda updates have been recorded so far. The main features of Panda updates, which is essential to keep in mind while content marketing is

  • Scarped content
  • Content with too many keywords
  • Automatic generated content
  • Duplicate or Copied content
  • Guests post
  • Misleading content – Content that is different from the given topic

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